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he was so still inside [listen]

“He couldn’t tell if he was letting himself idolize this place or Ronan, and he wasn’t sure there was a difference. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Ronan was looking at him, as he had been looking at him for months. Adam looked back, as he had been looking back for months.”

a mix for a soft epilogue at the barns

Devil In Me (Cover)
Devil In Me (Cover)

so, i added a verse + a variation of the chorus at the end; i feel like this song ended on a note that needed to be developed, so i did! it’s the first time i’m uploading something that’s remotely mine on here, so please let me know what you think!!

lyrics of the last verse/last chorus:

you said I’m too weak for battles 

steal my pride

eye to eye, no time for tattle

I’m just mine

but I will take everyone down if I die tonight

and I’ll say fuck you all if I change in size

I won’t go tumbling down trying to reach your high

and if need be I’ll scream my mind

know you can always hmu if you want a link to download any of my covers!!

past covers

One Piece Chapter 869 Reaction

holy shit, Nami almost got turned into a smoothie!!

fuck the Vinsmokes and their lame ass transformation, ugh and what i fucking dreaded the most is actually happening… I DON’T WANT THE VINSMOKES ALLYING/WORKING TOGETHER WITH THE STRAW HATS TO TAKE DOWN BIG MOM, I DON’T EVEN FUCKING WANT THEM BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS THE STRAW HATS!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

while i don’t really care for the SanNami(?) ship/pairing, this was an undeniably cute moment between them, and also one of the few rare times where Sanji’s actually seen genuinely smiling during this arc so far

on a side note, Pudding has just completely faded into the background now… *SIGH*

and looks like the contents of the Tamatebako will forever remain a mystery, which might be for the best since there’s no need to aggravate Big Mom any further… seeing as she already has plenty of reasons to murder them all lmao

could this perhaps mean we might get to see a Smoothie vs. Reiju fight down this arc?? yo sign me the fuck up for that  👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀

a wild Pandaman spotted beside Panda Lady!

and man, sorry for doubting you Bege… like i was so certain he’d cut the Straw Hats loose the second the plan failed. and even though it was most likely a desperate measure, rather than a self-sacrificial act, it was still pretty admirable of Bege to let them all take shelter in his body while leaving only himself fully exposed and bearing the brunt of the enemies’ attacks

ALAS, of course, there just has to be a goddamn chapter break next week right before all hell breaks loose…

Tano and Kenobi: The Duchess of Mandalore

After an exciting adventure out on the Outer Rim, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with Master Sifo Dyas. Master Dyas believes the two have some kind of connection to the strange Force event that Ahsoka is convinced is related to Anakin Skywalker’s birth. Back at the Temple, life continued on for our duo but Tano and Kenobi are soon called back into action by the Jedi Council and receive a new mission: Protect the Duchess of Mandalore, Satine Kryze.Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

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They’re sending us to Mandalore.

Ahsoka felt her mind go blank and the world around her fall away for one brief and blinding moment of panic.

They couldn’t go to Mandalore now! Anakin was out there, somewhere. He needed to be found! He and his mother needed to be freed from slavery and he needed to be brought to the Temple where she and Obi-Wan could protect him from Palpatine and whatever other Sith Lords were running around the galaxy at the moment.

A brief memory flashed through Ahsoka’s mind, one where she, Rex, and Anakin were in a cantina waiting for an informant to make contact, back before the Battle of Mandalore.

“So who are we waiting for, Skyguy?” Ahsoka asked as she sipped at her Tarisian latte. “And when are they getting here?”

“I don’t know,” Anakin shrugged, finishing off his shot of Gingensu cactus liquor. “Obi-Wan just said that they would help us and to treat them as you would have the Duchess.”

“The Duchess?” Ahsoka frowned at that, exchanging a look with Rex. She glanced down at her hands, remembering how distraught Master Obi-Wan had been when he returned to the Temple. “Is he doing all right? I know he and the Duchess were very close.”

Anakin shrugged, his own gaze fixed on a distant point, his brows furrowed and eyes dark. “You know Obi-Wan. He could be bleeding to death and missing a limb and he would still insist that he was fine.”

Rex nodded, tossing back the last of his Dantooine beer. “Cody said the same thing. Said the General hasn’t mentioned it but he’s keeping a close eye on him all the same.”

Ahsoka sighed softly. “This must be so hard for him. To come back to Mandalore to face Maul? After everything that’s happened?”

There was silence between the three of them before Ahsoka spoke up. “How did Obi-Wan meet the Duchess? I don’t think I ever asked before. Do you know, Skyguy?”

“I don’t know much other than what Obi-Wan told me,” Anakin said, ordering a mug of caf. “He and Master Qui-Gon were assigned to protect the Duchess when Obi-Wan was a padawan and it was a year-long mission.”

“Wow!” Ahsoka murmured, almost unable to imagine being in one place for more than six weeks, let alone a year. “So what happened?”

Anakin thanked the bartender and paid for his caf before turning back to Ahsoka and Rex. “The Mandalorian Civil War ended and they went their separate ways.”

A year?

A year? We don’t have a year to spend on Mandalore! We have to find Anakin now!

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This is I, Hamlet the Dane.

a five-hour mix of songs reminiscent of Hamlet/songs Hamlet might listen to.

mostly alternative rock and indie, and then some.

(it’s also based on these two other mixes, but now with more tunes and updated cover art. yay!)


Send ‘Embrace’ + a number to give my muse a hug…

1…At a train station
2… At an airport
3… After a fight
4… To stop mine from leaving
5… To calm mine down
6… Covered in blood
7… From the back
8… That’s a surprise
9… That’s too tight
10… To help mine remember who your muse is
11… To cheer mine up
12… That lasts for minutes
13… To keep mine warm
14… As mine slowly dies
15… To distract mine
16… At the doorstep
17… After how many years
18… As they dance
19… Before carrying mine
20… That leads into a kiss 
21… That’s awkward
22… As mine cries
23… To stop mine from hurting themselves
24… To stop mine from hurting others
25… As my muse falls asleep in your muse’s arms
26… Before killing my muse
27… To steal my muse’s wallet/phone
28… To convince others that you two are getting along
29… Before giving mine a forehead kiss
30… Because your muse is scared
31… As our muses share a bed.
32… Knowing you’ll never see one another again
33… As your muse dies
34… Whilst your muse plants a hand behind mine’s neck, letting our muse’s foreheads touch
35… After a life threatening situation
36… As your muse cries
37… After thinking mine had died
38… As yours as drunk
39… To tease my muse
40… To try and snap mine out of a nightmare/from seeing hallucinations/ a spell/ a possession
41… To get my muse’s attention
42… After rescuing my muse

Good day, I really enjoyed the end of Fairy Tail!

I didn’t want to post anything before a decent translation was out, and I believe I was right in doing so. There’s only so much a panel can convey with no text to accompany it. By reading the translated version I got a better insight into what was happening, though I pretty much already got the gist from the spoilers.

Do keep in mind that the official release is next week, so my opinion is based on a fan translation. But no matter, I don’t think much will change when I read the official translation. Just some minor details, but it won’t change my mind drastically in any way.

Anyway, like a lot of fans, I’ve been emotional all day, listening to the Fairy Tail OST, rewatching the OPs and EDs and recalling some of my favorite scenes. And now I’ve calmed down a bit (but just a bit, I’m pretty much yelling everything I’m typing right now but I want to keep this post clean so I’m not using caps), and am finally able to properly talk about the final chapter, and my final thoughts. 

I don’t normally do reviews or anything, but I felt like I should make an exception this one time, since Fairy Tail has been a big part of my life since 2012, if I remember correctly. This post will be me trying to sort out my thoughts and let out all my feels, so it will be pretty personal, but I’ll try to look at things from different angles. Still, this is just my opinion, so I might get a bit biased talking about a few things, but of course, you are free to agree or disagree. So I’ll just be letting out all my thoughts on the conclusion of a series that has been dear to me for years.

Keep in mind though, if you’re willing to read this trough to the end: it is LONG AF! So just that down.

More babbling under the cut. 

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Yellowstone- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

Ok so when you said traveling, anon, I’m sure you meant something grand, but to me I like road trips, so you got a long road trip full of ups and downs! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I liked writing it!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Can you do a Auston one where him and his girlfriend go traveling together?? Thank you :)


              “Noooo we’ve already been there!”

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