cover up tattoo idea

Remember that flower shop next to a tattoo parlour AU idea?

So Erwin runs a flower shop and two shops down Levi has a tea shop and they’ve both been there for years. Pillars of the community they are well known at the local government offices and they work hard to keep the surburb pleasant. They often discuss the empty shop between them; it’s a bit of an eyesore to have a blank space, even if Erwin’s flowers and Levi’s tables often encroach onto the pavement at either side.

They both think a book shop would be nice. Erwin would be happy with a pet store; Levi says it would smell. Levi thinks a homewares store would be convenient; Erwin says that’s as boring as he is.

Neither of them are really happy to see the sign announcing a tattoo parlour. What will it do the to the tone of the neighbourhood, they wonder. They’ve actually drawn up tentative plans to get rid of it as soon as possible when Eren moves in.


Might not be so bad.

It’s a dragon, but it looks mechanical, industrial, made entirely of steel, and covered in crystal…no, covered in ice, a thin sheen of it, icicles dripping off its body, the tips sharp as daggers; wings, slightly bent, a little damaged, spreading out, breaking through chains; its head tilted up in the direction of the sky, looking forward to a taste of freedom.
Len never thought he’d ever want anything on his skin after those scars. Even when he showed up at Barry’s place, he was sure he was going to hate every idea Barry had. Getting a tattoo to cover up his marks, it’s a means to an end, a way to keep from having to fight off every thug he meets in prison from now on who’ll think he’s someone’s bitch. A way to avoid his sister’s non-stop teasing, which actually comes from a place of caring because she knows something’s there even though Len refuses to show her.
But this, this masterpiece that Barry came up with…Len wants it so badly.
“It’s…it’s perfect,” Len says.
“You’re not just saying that?”
“No,” Len says. “No, I…it’s amazing.”
“Is there anything you want different?” Barry asks. “Change the color, add a layer, take something away? Maybe the position of the head? The expression?”
But Len shakes his head through Barry’s entire question.
“No,” he says. “I wouldn’t change a thing.” Len watches as Barry enlarges the image, noticing in an area he had seen Barry working words scripted along the line of the dragon’s wing. “I saw you write that just now. What does it say?”
“It’s Latin,” Barry says with a sheepish grin. “It translates: Reign supreme in hell the knight who has been denied his chance to serve in heaven.”
Len side-eyes Barry, a sly smirk replacing his previously insecure grin. “Are you coming on to me, Mr. Allen?”
Barry winks. “I might just be.”
—  Cover Up (WIP - tattoo artist Barry Allen AU because why the f**k not? xD)