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So I’ve been thinking about that stupid tattoo…

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Yeah, that one… and can’t help but believe Mickey would absolutely get that covered up ASAP. I think it would still be a dedication to Ian though. What do you guys think he’d get?

Monsters Nearby

Night’s falling, bringing all the dangers of their world with it. After a big argument leaves them lost in the wilderness, bitter and broken up, Geoff and Gavin have some choices to make.

(prompt: 3 times they fucked up and the 1 time they didn’t, with a mild sense of enemies to lovers.)

a/n: for @love-geofffree, thank you so much for all your support! <3


i. lost

Even after everything, the break-up comes as a slam-dunk shock. Like a cave-in, like “Don’t you get sick of being scared of everything” and “You’re going to get us both killed” and “Maybe you should just go by yourself, then” are falling in around them like stones, making the mineshaft claustrophobic. Geoff’s used to the underground, its dark womb warmth and buried treasures. He’s used to Gavin trailing after him like a second shadow, green eyes glowing in the mine’s dark.

He’s not used to this.

“Are you breaking up with me?”

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by popular demand, here is (as best as i can translate it into a fluid post) the ze’ev tattoo and drunk scarlet headcanon/au-thing

I already kinda explained Ze’ev’s tattoo in an answer which is here, but I’ll sum it up just to make life easier. Basically, after the revolution etc, Ze’ev wants to disconnect himself from any of the terrible memories he has from being a lunar soldier, and his tattoo (LSOP962) is a very visible and very permanent reminder. So, he’d either want to have it removed or covered up, and because @scarlet-benoit-is-my-rolemodel and I love the idea of Ze’ev with tattoos, covering it up seemed like a good option.

Now, flashback to the end of Winter, Ze’ev brings Scarlet some blue daisies from Maha’s house (the only reminder of his childhood/mother that he could find), and we thought it would be realistic for him to cover up the Bad Tattoo with something that holds positive memories for him (the blue daisies). And just to make it cuter, Wolf probably has a terrible fear of needles and made Scarlet get a matching tattoo with him, so she also has a blue flower somewhere on one of her arms (wrist, probably).

Alright, now to the fun stuff. I dunno if this counts as an AU, but its basically the Lunar Chronicles universe, except Ze’ev escaped from Luna somehow and never became a soldier, made it to France, and works as a bouncer at a bar/club somewhere in Rieux, which is how he meets Scarlet- he goes to the local community college to get his GED (because let’s face it he probably didn’t graduate from high school), and Scarlet is there getting a degree in business and agriculture & they’re in business class together.

Ok, now here are some random drunk Scarlet headcaonons:

- She gets very warm when she drinks and often takes off her shirt because of it

-She also often stands up on chairs/tables/counters and starts yelling out her political opinions when she’s drunk

-She’s probably been kicked out of too many bars to count (mostly because people have called the police on her for conspiring or something (since she supports lunar immigrants etc.))

-Gets super flirty and stupid (much to Ze’ev’s embarrassment? annoyance? pleasure? He doesn’t know and neither do we)

-After a few times of her coming to the bar he finally recognizes her: “Aren’t you in my business class?” “Hmmmm… Yes! You’re the hot guy with the tattoos and the eyes…” “You need to stop” “Your mom needs to stop.” “I’m calling you a cab.”

-Ze’ev threatens to throw her out if she doesn’t calm down:

     Z: I really don’t want to use force, but please leave the premises

     S: /keeps yelling about politics and evil corporations/

     Z: /sighs and throws her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes/

     S: /is slightly disoriented and A Little Bit Turned On/

-Emilie has to pick her up and she keeps trying to run past Ze’ev into the building so he literally has to gently push her into the back seat and buckle her up like a toddler while she half yells obscenities at him and half yells about “how freaking gorgeous your eyes are”

- ALSO: since there’s a history of alcoholism in her family, she’s definitely super cautious about making sure she doesn’t have Too Much, so she has like. a set measurement of how much she can have in one night (it’s 15 shots)

-Ze’ev makes sure the bartenders give her no more and no less than those 15 shots

Some random snippets:

Z: Please drink some water.

S: But I’m thirsty for other things… ;)

Z: I swear to God I will lock you in my car if you don’t stop.

Ze’ev as a new employee:


Z: Please, sit down.


Z, to his manager: Do we stop her??

Manager: Nah, that’s Scarlet, she’s just loud.

S: /starts taking her shirt off/

Z, gently tugging her shirt back on: Please, stop it.


(when he eventually calls her a cab/calls Emilie, he puts his # in her phone, and a week later, Emilie texts him as Scarlet asking him over for dinner- and doesn’t tell her until the night of the date)


E: Well, you wouldn’t go out with him on your own, soooo….

S: I’ll kill you later, but right now, help me make spaghetti real quick

I’ll never listen when people tell me to cover up my tattoos; for work, for school, for formal events. My tattoos are a permanent part of my skin. Just like a freckle or a scar or a birth mark. And the whole idea that I need to cover up my tattoos so that I don’t “offend” or “distract” others is insane. It’s the same ridiculous concept that schools use when saying girls need to cover their shoulders because it is distracting to boys. The problem isn’t girls shoulders, the problem is immature boys. And all the same, the problem isn’t my tattoos, the problem is people who don’t know how to mind their own fucking business.
—  A lesson of self expression, McKenna Kaelin.

Remember that flower shop next to a tattoo parlour AU idea?

So Erwin runs a flower shop and two shops down Levi has a tea shop and they’ve both been there for years. Pillars of the community they are well known at the local government offices and they work hard to keep the surburb pleasant. They often discuss the empty shop between them; it’s a bit of an eyesore to have a blank space, even if Erwin’s flowers and Levi’s tables often encroach onto the pavement at either side.

They both think a book shop would be nice. Erwin would be happy with a pet store; Levi says it would smell. Levi thinks a homewares store would be convenient; Erwin says that’s as boring as he is.

Neither of them are really happy to see the sign announcing a tattoo parlour. What will it do the to the tone of the neighbourhood, they wonder. They’ve actually drawn up tentative plans to get rid of it as soon as possible when Eren moves in.


Might not be so bad.

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Submitter Comment: This lovely piece was done at a run down shop in Arizona called Tattoo 151. PLEASE I AM WARNING YOU, DON’T EVER GO HERE. Unless you are willing to pay a crap ton of money for cover ups. The place is completely unsanitary and reeks of weed. An ex friend of mine recommended me to go to this shop and this tattoo, plus many more, are the reasons I will never, ever step foot in there.

What is wrong: the birds look terrible, the grammar and spelling are completely off. It should say “Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.” Instead it says “Buildings burn People die but real love is forver. HOW DOES SOMEONE MANAGE TO SPELL FOREVER WRONG? HOLY CRAP. 

How it can be fixed: I have no idea. Cover up, perhaps? 

I just had the WEIRDEST realization. I’ve always wanted tattoos, always wanted piercings, always thought that body mods were cool as fuck but I never felt like I could do that to my own body. That phrase “this is permeant, it’ll be there forever” rings through my head every time I think about it. It makes me feel like my body isn’t my own and because it’s not mine I’m. It allowed to desecrate it- because that’s what marking it without permission would be. Desecration. It’s one of the things that’s been keeping me from starting HRT because I’m afraid of changing my body. It’s not like I want to be this way but these thought are engrained into me, but they don’t feel like they’re my thoughts they feel like they’re things I was told when I was growing up. It goes along with my fear of decision making.

But anyway I was just looking at some pictures of post-op trans guys and looking at their scars thinking “medical scars are ugly, I really like the idea of getting tattoos to cover them up” and I had this clear, vivid image of myself post op with tattoos along my ribcage and the feeling gave me so much confidence and I just REALIZED that HRT, getting operations, all of that might be the key to me finally feeling like I own my body and not like I’m stuck with an instrument I didn’t pay for. The thought “this will last forever, this is permanent” suddenly didn’t seem so

It’s a dragon, but it looks mechanical, industrial, made entirely of steel, and covered in crystal…no, covered in ice, a thin sheen of it, icicles dripping off its body, the tips sharp as daggers; wings, slightly bent, a little damaged, spreading out, breaking through chains; its head tilted up in the direction of the sky, looking forward to a taste of freedom.
Len never thought he’d ever want anything on his skin after those scars. Even when he showed up at Barry’s place, he was sure he was going to hate every idea Barry had. Getting a tattoo to cover up his marks, it’s a means to an end, a way to keep from having to fight off every thug he meets in prison from now on who’ll think he’s someone’s bitch. A way to avoid his sister’s non-stop teasing, which actually comes from a place of caring because she knows something’s there even though Len refuses to show her.
But this, this masterpiece that Barry came up with…Len wants it so badly.
“It’s…it’s perfect,” Len says.
“You’re not just saying that?”
“No,” Len says. “No, I…it’s amazing.”
“Is there anything you want different?” Barry asks. “Change the color, add a layer, take something away? Maybe the position of the head? The expression?”
But Len shakes his head through Barry’s entire question.
“No,” he says. “I wouldn’t change a thing.” Len watches as Barry enlarges the image, noticing in an area he had seen Barry working words scripted along the line of the dragon’s wing. “I saw you write that just now. What does it say?”
“It’s Latin,” Barry says with a sheepish grin. “It translates: Reign supreme in hell the knight who has been denied his chance to serve in heaven.”
Len side-eyes Barry, a sly smirk replacing his previously insecure grin. “Are you coming on to me, Mr. Allen?”
Barry winks. “I might just be.”
—  Cover Up (WIP - tattoo artist Barry Allen AU because why the f**k not? xD)