cover the burn with a sterile bandage

Fic 455: Turnabout

A little brain break for me today, so here’s a little fluffy Burn Ward!

“This… is somewhat embarrassing.”

Pyro didn’t even bother to hold back their smile. With their mask, it wasn’t needed, although they had a sneaking suspicion that Medic knew. The doctor shifted on his seat and looked in every direction except for theirs as they gently tugged his hands back into their lap. Medic let out a small huff, but held his hands still as they continued their work.

It wasn’t often that Medic needed anyone in quite this fashion. Haphazard injuries were hardly uncommon at 2Fort, and he generally approached them - even his own - with a sort of morbid glee, not at all unlike that of a child finding a jellyfish washed up on the shore and poking at it with a stick to watch as it jiggled around. Having not only his Medi-gun, but respawn did tend to make one a little more cavalier with the concepts of “personal responsibility” and “workplace safety”. And that did make things awkward when you managed to get yourself singed as you flailed to catch a falling Bunsen burner knocked off by a flock of wayward pigeons at the same time as Engineer had the entire Medi-System down for maintenance.  

But if there was one thing Pyro knew about, it was burns.

Pyro hadn’t even batted an eye when he arrived at their door. Instead they’d steered him inside and onto a char as they’d pulled out a small box from underneath their bed. It had been covered in dust from disuse, but inside were the sterile dressings and bandages that Medic hadn’t had the manual dexterity to grab from his own cabinets after shoving his hands beneath the infirmary sink to stop the burning.

“It should not be too bad, I think. Perhaps second degree. It just needs to be clean until I can reactivate the lab’s Medi-gun.”

They glanced up as they carefully finished dabbing Medic’s skin dry with a swab. He was rambling. Nervous. Something that that they couldn’t ever recall seeing before. Of course, maybe that had to do with the blisters that were already forming on his palms. They remembered burns like that. They always hurt something fierce.

“Ach, but that experiment. Utterly ruined! And I will need to have a requisition put in for a new set of burners. Spy will no doubt give me grief for that.”

“Mnnn” Pyro nodded. The rambling seemed to be helping. They supposed Medic didn’t much care for being a patient instead of the doctor. But that they could understand. Before they had had Medic as their doctor, they hadn’t much cared for being a patient either. Most other doctors did things like ask how you managed to get ahold of napalm for recreational use. Quite bothersome.

The blisters on Medic’s hands hadn’t broken, which was good, but his scramble to save his experiment had left him with some cuts that would need to be covered until he could get the Medi-gun back on. Reaching into their burn box, they pulled out gauze pads that fit neatly in his palms and carefully wrapped a bandage loosely to hold them in place. They tied the bandage with a loose bow that sat on the back of his hands, and nodded happily as they began to pack the box back up.

“Well. I suppose that is that. Quite efficient, if I must say. ” Medic started to pull away.

“Muh-muh.” They rested one hand across Medic’s wrists, keeping his hands lightly pinned to their lap.

Medic blinked. “Vas?”

With one hand occupied, they used the other to unzip the upper collar of their suit before tugging up the edge of their mask. They pulled it up until it sat over the bridge of their nose and then reached back down to Medic’s hands. Taking one wrist into each hand, they pulled them up to press a featherlight kiss onto the bare fingers of first the right, then the left before laying them back down again.

Medic was still for a moment, but as Pyro’s hands kept his own held loosely in theirs, a smile slowly started to cross his face for the first time since he’d entered the room. Pyro returned it with one of their own, happily turning their head up as Medic leaned down to repay their two kisses with one of his own.

“All better?” Pyro asked as Medic pulled away.

“Much better, Meine Liebste. Much better, indeed.”

hello beans!! the year just started so the first thing i thought of doing is making a lil contribution to help everyone and here it is! i know this isn’t all of it but i guess you could say these are the basics so here you go:

Animal Bites

1. wash the wound at once under running tap water to wash out the animal’s saliva
2. bathe it for five minutes with gauze and plenty of clean water
3. rinse with more water and cover with a dressing
4. see a doctor IMMEDIATELY

Ant and Mosquito Bites

1. wash the bites with soap and water
2. put a paste made of baking soda and a little water on them OR put calamine lotion on them
3. if there is a swelling, cover with a cold-water bandage


place a cold compress (a cotton wool or a towel soaked in cold water and wrung out will do) over the bruise

Cuts And Scratches

1. wash your hands always
2. wash the skin around the wound with soap and running tap water (wash away from and not towards the wound)
3. when the surrounding skin is clean, wash the wound with soap and running tap water, using a fresh sterile gauze
4. put a mild antiseptic on the wound and when dry, cover with a sterile gauze and a bandage

Hiccups (not really an injury but it does feel a bit annoying sometimes)

1. take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can
2. slowly sip several glasses of cold water

Minor Burns and Scalds

1. wash your hands
2. run cold tap water over the burn to ease the pain
3. (i) if the skin is not blistered put on petroleum jelly and cover with several layers of sterile dressing
(ii) if the skin is blistered just apply dressing and keep out the air
4. don’t apply ointment, oil or antiseptic
5. if the burn is large, see a doctor

Nose Bleed

1. sit quietly with head bent forward
2. press nostrils together for five minutes OR lie down with a cold wet towel across the face


1. wash round the splinter with soap and water
2. sterilize a needle and tweezers by boiling them for five minutes
3. loosen the skin round the splinter with the needle
4. remove it with the tweezers
5. cover the skin with a dressing


(i) if the skin is red but not blistered put calamine lotion freely on it

(ii) 1. if there are blisters or there is a severe burn, make a weak solution of baking soda (two tablespoonfuls of soda to one quart of water)
2. wet a sterile dressing with it
3. put on the burn
4. do not use anything greasy and do not expose skin to the sun until burn is healed

Wasp and Bee Stings

1. remove the sting if visible
2. run cold water over the sting to ease the pain
3. bathe in water in which baking soda has been dissolved
4. leave on a wet bandage

happy new year and stay safe buds!