cover sketches


Top, The front cover of a sketch book, (interior page size, 3.25in. by 4.75in.) that I used on a trip from Oct. 1986 to Oct. 1987 on a trip to Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Korea. Above is a pencil sketch drawn across the first pages of the book just before leaving from Toronto Airport for Hong Kong on Oct. 9, 1986.


This started as a joke but then I kept drawing :’)

The Breath of the Wild/ Aladdin crossover that no one asked for, but that I needed. Sidon is Aladdin, Great Fairy is Genie, Riju is Sultan and Link is Jasmine.

I need a Prince Sidon cover of Prince Ali to exist NOW.

anonymous asked:

Ya know I don't think I've ever seen someone draw fanart of Kuroiro from class B before and I didn't know I needed it until now. You are a gift unto this fandom. Keep it up

!!! You have no clue how happy this made me anon oh boy I love Kuroiro SO MUCH I’m glad you liked that doodle!! have one more

I made an Otayuri playlist (and sketched some cover art for it) because these two are too cute to handle.

Click here to listen.