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In the past two months I’ve had three days off.” 

I’m going to stab her in the face, I swear to God. 

update: She said this on June 5th

  • June 24th-27th: Holland with her family
  • June 17th-21st: She was in LA and only worked for a few hours (Ochirly) the morning of the 19th.
  • May 27th-31st: Monaco with Winnie and Fanny
  • May 20th: Yacht day with Jordan and Fanny
  • May 5th-9th: Bahamas with Kendall, Hailey, Justine, and Renell

But okay, Bella. Fucking three days off in two months. 

You poor thing. 

I mean, this definitely isn’t at least 2 ½ weeks off – just from what we saw since she has days where we have no idea where she is or what she’s doing. Not only that, but these aren’t even days off –they’re full on vacations with her friends and family.

But okay. Poor you, Bella, do you need a tissue?

Mobile Masterlist

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“Thank you for all your service”
“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it”

I love Eliza ❤ ❤ ❤

About my book:

Many people have been wondering which stories from my Masterlist will be published in my book. I was planning on keeping this information on the down low for a while but decided that, because these uploads will be edited drastically for the sake of publication, it’ll be very interesting to hear your opinions on this! :)

The list that I will be showing you is the exact order of which I plan on them being in my book (as of right now). I am still editing like crazy, spending hours creating the appropriate character names, editing my grammar, creating different lifestyle circumstances for the main characters, and even combining multiple part series to have lesser chapters. 

Please give me all the feedback you can, and you can always send me name suggestions (boy and girl), suggestions to add a specific imagine or series that aren’t on my list, or send me any questions about my book publication in my inbox!

Story 1: Stained Lips (listed as Pretty in Pink in my Masterlist)

- This one is being heavily updated, where Kendall and Harry are rather known as Amelia and Declan, who live completely normal lives. Declan and Ivy (who was originally Y/n) have always been in love, however, parted for college and work. When Declan returns back to their small hometown, he doesn’t tell Ivy about his return, since they hadn’t seen each other in a year. He ends up bringing his old acquaintance, Amelia, to his mother’s birthday party where Ivy feels very heartbroken.

Story 2: The Lover series (listed as Lover, Steele Rose, and Lonely Heart in my Masterlist)

- This one hasn’t been edited yet, however, is going to be much more heartwrenching. I don’t have names for Harry and Y/n picked out for this story yet (you can request names in my inbox), but just imagine if Y/n finds Harry’s new girlfriend wearing their Lover t-shirt when she decides to go to Harry’s apartment to try and work things out? Fuck the grocery store, that hurts more.

Story 3: Remorse (listed as I’m Sorry I Didn’t Fight in my Masterlist)

- Yeah, confusing, isn’t it? Why is the second part of a series going to be by itself? Well, I haven’t edited or picked names for this yet, either, but I need a heartbroken man in this book. I need him to be destroyed because the love of his life left him (with good reasoning) but still enough to get him breaking. He needs her, he really does, and no matter how hard he tries to move on, nothing can help him get through this devastating time. 

Story 4: The Dangerous series (listed as Even When Your Demons Become Too Strong, I’m a Monster, Stay Away From Me, and You Let Me Go in my Masterlist)

- Ahhh, one of the best series I’ve ever written. How could I not publish this?! It’s a must, truly. I’m going to try and condense at least two parts together, but we’ll see how that goes. But Ryker (Harry) has been hurt too many times in his life, so hurt that all he has are his four best friends from high school. Everybody else to him, although believed to be reversed, is a threat to him; another possible hurting, a potential damage to his already scarred heart. But Lola is different…Lola is the sweet little angel in his life that brings out who he really is. His terrifying and dangerous persona is hidden by this tender, loving man who only wants to protect Lola at all costs (only when he’s around her, though.) But what if he starts to doubt their relationship? Because after all, how can someone so sweet and pure love him the way she does? He doesn’t deserve her love, he doesn’t deserve to be treated so sweetly by her…or does he?

Story 5: Innocent Lips (listed as Lips of an Angel in my Masterlist)

- This will be heavily updated, as well, since I don’t want any lawsuits against me haha. I have no names picked either (again, you can suggest some), but Harry and Y/n are undeniably in love with each other, but it never works out. There’s always something coming between them, and after years of trying to make things work, their love truly isn’t enough. But Y/n won’t stop calling his damn phone when he’s sleeping next to his new girlfriend…and how can he deny her call? Especially when she has the most innocent lips he’s ever seen.