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Utapri Maji Love Live 5th Stage 2016-01-17 Day 2 Report - Part 1: Flower Displays and Drop Boxes

I’m going to split this in parts as it’ll be too long in one post.
This report as you might expect will mostly be focused on Shoutan, I will cover the other Seiyuus of course though!

Again, just like my Haruchika report this is VERY personal, I apologise for this.

*Please do not repost my photos!*

I arrived at the venue with @maenothanks a couple of hours early to buy some goods that she didn’t manage get on 15th, but the goods sold out so fast, we left the queue and headed to the arena entrance.

They had so many Flower Displays! They’re all so pretty and beautiful!
They kept bringing more and more out. These were free for the public to view even if you didn’t have a concert ticket ^^

This one was for Ai-chan and Shoutan (*^-^*)

I loved this one for Ai-chan, I really wish I could have it haha

Syo’s ones are so beautiful too!

Look at his hats!! (≧∇≦)they’re so cute 

Otoya’s guitar~ ^^


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