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(from your local sky pirate)

  • Trials of the Fury - ilvl 220 is required for entry, lvl 60. This is the version of Diadem strictly for Disciples of War/Magic.
  • Trials of the Matron - ilvl 179 is required for entry, lvl 60. This is the version of Diadem for Gatherers, but a endgame PvE class is required for entry. 
  • Both trials are accessed with a Mission Ceruleum Voucher, attainable from Jaquoinie, the Mission Quartermaster located at the Airship Landing, near the Astrologian’s Guild aetheryte in Ishgard. 

While I haven’t done Trial of the Matron, Trials of the Fury is done as follows: 

Missions Objectives > Fate Grinding for Loot > Praying for Emergency Mission to spawn.

3 Mission Objectives are given to the queued party upon spawn, marked by orange circles upon the map and are very specific fates or quest mobs that you have to kill to progress your group’s rating. Completing all of them will put you a percentage of completion and reward you with Loot when they are all done. Afterwards, you will be left alone in Diadem with your group with no clear objective. DO NOT DROP PARTY!

You’ll notice there’s a lot of time left in your duty instance and that doing your objectives takes only minutes to complete. That is because once you complete your objectives, you are left to wait for hyperelectricity weather! To pass the time, you’re to do fates for their lockbox rewards, to trade them in for new i265 gear. This is the part where you Fate Grind for Loot. (i280 weapons drop from Emergency Missions.)

Similar to Palace of the Dead, Lockboxes can be traded in at a Lockpicking Vendor for random items! 40 Damaged Lockboxes are required for 1 piece of loot, whereas 1 regular Lockbox can issue 1 piece of loot.

Now is the tricky part. “Kharn! You mentioned waiting for hyperelectricity weather? Why!?” 

That’s because hyperelectricity unlocks the super secret boss fate we all saw in the trailer at the center of the map. It’s random, and the Haillenarte NPC will extend the timer on the duty by 15 Minutes and alert everyone of an EMERGENCY MISSION to complete it. Weather progresses over time, which is why I recommend Fate Grinding for your new i265/280 gear until the instance boots you itself.

House Haillenarte Pilot: Pray do proceed with caution. The energies of the Diadem have become ever more volatile, and the cause is said to lie in the drifting arrival of that Mhachi ruin…
House Haillenarte Pilot: This isle, this…missing gem, has anchored itself near the Crown Jewel. ‘Twould seem that the ruins themselves are impenetrable until a path is forced upon by a storm of hyperelectricity.
House Haillenarte Pilot: Such weather is rare, but I shall be certain to alert you via linkpearl should a window of opportunity present itself. We must not waste any chance we have at divining the isle’s secrets…not to mention claiming its treasures!

Also, if you wish to get to the lower level of Diadem (beneath the purple mist) you must look for AETHERIAL GAPS! Clicking on them will shoot you below the mist to do special fates and hunt Notorious Monsters. 

Aetherial Gaps can also be found near caves, which’ll send you inside. I haven’t found them all, so I can’t tell you where they all lead, so happy hunting!

[A final note!] If you see Mirage Snails (aka Pure White Crystals) or Pure Black Crystals/Dark Crystals, they offer buffs when charged and will sometimes charge in the middle of FATES happening upon or around them. Touching them will take all their aether and siphon it into a buff for the person that touched them. Only a finite amount of people can grab it and must wait for it to recharge at random. 

If you guys have any additional info, feel free to reblog and tack it on!

Scaring Fun

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! FOOOOOOOOoooooohhhh… It’s just you.” His smile was quickly replaced with a frown. His would be victim was none other than the very pesky Hat Kid smiling smugly at him.

“Is that anyway to treat your BFF?”

Snatcher groaned, dropping his little dimension. “Seriously Kiddo! Why do you even BOTHER coming here all the time? You’ve collected all those Time Pieces and fished all my contracts. Why do you keep coming BACK?!

Hat Kid shrugged, rocking on her heels. “Cause I find Subcon fun?” She batted her eyelashes and oh-h-h-h-ho, he could see the mischief gleaming in those teal eyes of hers.

What are you planning kid?

“Me? Nooooothiiiiinnnnnng.”

Yep. She planning something.

You’re not very good at lying kid. I can sense mischief all around you.” Her smile vanished and replaced with a pout.

“I knew it only worked on the Mafia.” He raised an eyebrow but said nothing as she sighed. “Alright, so, um, funny thing to ask, but, can I borrow some of your minions?”


“Okay, so.” Hat Kid started to pace. “See it’s getting close to Halloween and I got this BRILLIANT plan to scare the Mafia and I just need some of your—”

Whoa whoa whoa waaaaiiit a moment kid.” He placed a hand in front of her, stopping her in her tracks. “First off, WHY would you think I would give you any of my minions? Just because we’re contractually obligated BF’s it DOESN’T MEAN you can take any of my stuff!

“Not even if I ask nicely?”

Especially if you ask nicely!


Secondly, what’s ‘Halloween’?

The kid stared at him.

… Uh, kid? You’re staring at me in a very odd way… kiiiiid? Are you there? You-who? Did your brain stop wor—


Snatcher practically jumped. For such a small body that girl sure had big lungs to scream that loud.

“You don’t know what—?! How can you not—?! It’s—!  You don’t know—?! Halloween—!”

Snatcher wasn’t sure if he should be worried as the small child ran in circles in front of him clutching her hat tightly and pulling her hair. “Kid, what’s so important about Halloween?

She stopped, spinning around to face him with shock. “What’s so important?! Halloween is the best time of the year! You get to dress up in spooky costumes, go trick-or-treating, tell ghost stories, scare people, and eat all sorts of candy—”

Wait. Scare people?

“Yeah! You know, when you dress up like a scary monster and scare someone for fun! Everybody does it back on my planet! It’s supper fun AND scares the soul right out of someone!”

Hat Kid continued to ramble on about Halloween activities, but Snatcher had tuned her out. Scare people? For fun? And it was legal back on her planet? His grin grew wide. “You know kiddo.” He stopped her in her rambling. “I might be able to spare a few of a minions after all. IF.




Snatcher cackled with glee as Mafia men ran away in fear as ‘slimy space aliens’ chased after them. Who knew Mafias were so easy to scare when you covered your minions in muddy gunk? Had he known about this sooner, he would have done this more often!

You were right kid! This was a great idea!” Snatcher spoke between laughs as he watched the Mafia scatter about.

Hat Kid smiled, kicking her legs out over the edge. “I told you Halloween is the best time of the year!”


[Soulmate AU: Whatever mark you get on your skin, your soulmate gets it too.]

Word count: 1.826

Originally posted by fawnave

You were sitting in class, when suddenly, a smiley written in blue sharpie appeared on your skin. “Y/n, are you drawing on yourself?” Your seatmate, Jinwoo, asked. “No? Where did you get that idea?” You replied, having no idea what he was even talking about.

Grabbing your wrist, he held up your right arm so you could see too. “Oh. That’s… weird.” Was all you said, resulting in a face palm next to you. “Y/n, don’t you get what this means? Everything that your soulmate writes on his skin, will appear on yours too! That means your soulmate is also having this on their skin!” He excitedly told you.

“Y/n! Don’t talk when I am teaching you something!” Your biology teacher yelled through the classroom. “Yes, sir…” You said, pissed because you technically did nothing wrong.

“This always happens. Can’t you shut up during classes once?” You asked Jinwoo when the lesson had ended. “Sorry, but I just had to say it.” He grinned, seeming content with himself. You rolled your eyes at the sight of it.

“But anyways what were you saying again?” You questioned, interested in what he was talking about. It was something about soulmates, after all. “Well, if your soulmate gets injured of writes on his skin or does anything that leaves a mark basically, it shows on your skin, too. Simple as that.” He shrugged.

Interesting. That meant your soulmate was currently drawing happy faces on his arm? Reaching in your backpack, you grabbed a black sharpie and drew a sad face just beneath his happy one. “What are you doing?” Jinwoo asked, confused by your behaviour.

“Well, if what you just told me is correct, he will be able to see this one too, right? Let’s see if he can!” You sang and started walking home.

“Hey, Y/n! Wait for me!” Jinwoo yelled while running behind you.

That night, just before going to sleep, you felt something itching on your arm. Looking down, you saw there was being written beneath your sad face.

“Not feeling well?”

Well, you did write it while being in your least favourite class, so you were anything but happy.

“Just bored. What about you? Why that happy face?”

You wrote back. It took some time, but a while later you finally got a reply back.

“I won something… important to me. But that aside, do you know why this keeps showing up on my skin?”

“Well one of my friends recently told me if we were connected like this, we are soulmates.”

Again, there was this kind of… awkward silence almost hanging between you two. Maybe it had to do with the fact that you both didn’t know who you were talking to, you figured.

You looked down again, and you still hadn’t gotten any reply. “Well, let’s just go to sleep then.” You concluded, and started getting ready for the night.

You stepped in the shower, and started washing off all the marks that were spread across both of your arms from the previous conversation. Your writings washed off almost immediately, but his… no matter with how much pressure you rubbed over it, they just wouldn’t leave.

Turning the shower off, you quickly grabbed anything that could write and was within reach in the bathroom. You ended up getting eye liner. “This will do for now.” You shrugged, and started writing angrily.

“Hey! Use a non-permanent sharpie next time! Thanks in advance.”

After that, you slipped on your pyjama and went to sleep, not willing to think more about it.

It was now a week later, and you were always looking forward to class now. “Y/n, you seem happy to be visiting biology. It’s creepy, stop it.” Jinwoo said, a bit scared by your 360 turn in behaviour. You just chuckled, looking forward to the conversation.

The past days, you had been occupied by talking to your soulmate. You both agreed that if you were indeed soulmates, it couldn’t hurt to get to know each other better, so that was what you were going to do.

Five minutes in the lesson, and you were already bored as hell. Could this teacher make it any more sleep-inducing? Yawning, you wished for the hour to be over. Suddenly, you got this feeling of a funny itch on your arm again.

Grcs @ 4p”

Weirded out by the letters on your hand, you tried to make sense of it, but to no avail. “What’s that?” Jinwoo whispered. Or at least, tried to whisper, because your teacher shot you an angry glance again.

“No idea, it must be something my soulmate didn’t want to forget or something.” You shrugged. To be honest, you were really curious what it could possibly mean. So, the only option was to ask him.

What’s this?” You wrote, with an arrow pointing to the weird text. It wasn’t long before you got a reply back.

“I need to remember going to do some shopping this afternoon, otherwise my band members will totally kill me”

“Band mates? You’re in a band?”

“Yeah, but we’re not that big of a deal, really…” He answered. It was almost like he was shy talking about this subject. So, you decided to talk more about it.

My best friend is in a band! Maybe he knows you :)”

“Well, you don’t know which band I’m in, have fun explaining :)”

Great. After that, the conversation died a bit, resulting in just doodles you both received and altered. In your last lesson of that day, you looked down and saw a drawing of a minion on the inside of your left palm.

Chuckling quietly so the teacher wouldn’t hear, you gave him weird classes and a moustache.


“Wow all caps… you just don’t appreciate my beautiful art”

“Whatever, I’ll just draw more!”

Sure enough, before class was over that day, your whole arm was covered in drawings of minions. “Y/n did you really think math is that boring?” Jinwoo teased you. “Hey, I didn’t draw these! How would I even reach my elbow!” You yelled at him, covering them all up in a long sleeved jacket.

“That aside, do you want to join me and the boys for dance practice? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” The boy asked, setting up his puppy eyes. “You don’t have to beg silly, you know I can’t say no to that!”

So, there you were, in front of the Fantagio building. Out of nowhere, your right hand started hurting like crazy. “Shit! Jinwoo, I think I have to sit down for a bit, this really hurts.” You told him while you were dropping to the ground. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” He asked all worried. All you could do was point to your hand while trying not to scream your lungs our from the pain.

“I see… your soulmate must have touched something sharp. It’s a wound, but it isn’t that deep. Should I bandage it?” He asked, finally acting like a best friend to you. “I think I can handle it. I’ll walk there myself.” You answered, not wanting to rely on him for everything.

I’m sorry. It must hurt, I’m so sorry.” Appeared just after you went inside the building.

“It’s fine, really. Try to stay uninjured from now on! Are you alright?”

“Yea, don’t worry about me!”

Relieved, you put your sharpie back in your pocket. Yes, you always carried a non-permanent marker to write on your skin at all times. Dropping the subject, you went to look for some bandages. “Where do they store those things?” You muttered, starting a hunt for them.

Having bandaged your hand, you walked over to the practice room. Knocking three times, you opened the door. “Look who we have here!” MJ let out, happy to see you again after what must have been at least a year. Sanha came running from the other side of the room and engulfed you in a big bear hug. “Hey, looks like you will outgrow me if you keep growing like this!” He said, looking at you from head to toe. “Hey, If I’m older than you, I can be bigger too!” You said while ruffling his hair.

Greeting the rest of the band, you shook hands with Moonbin, fist bumped Rocky and arrived in front of Eunwoo. You two never interacted that much, so you went for just a normal handshake. Upon grabbing his hand, you noticed that he had pain. Looking down, you saw a wound on his hand.

The same wound you had before patching it up.

“Eunwoo, maybe you should bandage this, it looks like it might hurt!” You said to him. “Yeah, I’ll do that.” He answered, leaving the room.

You felt someone walking towards you, so you turned around, only to be met with a smirking Jinwoo. “Say, Y/n… didn’t you say your right hand also hurt just now?” He asked you, knowing he was right about this. All the other members looked at you, too shocked to say anything.

Right before you could answer, Eunwoo came walking back into the room again, this time without his jacket that had previously shielded his arms. Sure enough, on both of them, drawings of minions were visible. “What is this weird atmosphere hanging here? What happened when I was gone?” He asked, looking around from face to face, waiting until someone would explain him.

Faster than telling him, you figured showing him would be easier. You grabbed the zipper of the jacket and zipped it down, letting the jacket slip off of your shoulders. The confused boy was first looking at you with the most confusion you had ever seen. Why would you be taking off your jacket in this kind of situation?

Upon seeing his drawings on your arm, his mouth fell open. “Are you serious right now.” He uttered, walking over to you, examining the drawings on your and his arm. Meanwhile, the other boys where on the other side of the room, watching how all of these events were unfolding themselves.

“Let me… just do this real quick.” You said to him, grabbing your sharpie out of your back pocket. “You carry that around?” Eunwoo chuckled, still not believing the things that were happening right in front of his eyes. You nodded, and brought the sharpie closer to your skin.

Deciding on what to draw, you drew a little heart quickly on Eunwoo’s nose. After seeing his expression change, you were sure it was visible in your nose now too. “Believe it now, minion boy?” You teased him.

“Hey, I told you not to make fun of him!” He scolded you, offended. You just laughed and gave him a hug, which seemed to startle him a bit. After a few seconds, he eased into the hug and gripped you tightly, not wanting to let you go.

“I’m glad I found you, soulmate.”

Pranking Astro

I don’t really know much about pranks so yes, I’ll be using one prank for all of them- a prank involving airhorns. <3333


Originally posted by moonbinny

Installing an airhorn between MJ’s door handle and the wall was no easy feat, as it had to be done in such a way that he couldn’t see the airhorn. 

You had to sneak inside his dorm room and do it while he was sleeping. Luckily, your boyfriend slept soundly enough and you were able to install it without much difficulty (although you did have to send out the other five boys because you were worried their loud giggling would wake the eldest up).

When MJ woke up hours later, he had no idea what would soon happen to him. Groggily attempting to rub the sleep out of his eyes, he yawned hugely and went to his bathroom to get ready. 

You and the other members waited patiently outside. From your place barely a few meters from his bedroom door, the six of you held your breath as you heard the soft padding of MJ’s feet moving across his wooden floorboards.

The door handle was turned and you all braced yourself.

A sound equivalent to that of a small ferry’s foghorn ripped through the door, immediately followed by a high shriek and a scrambling noise. The other Astro members and you burst into uncontrollable laughter as your red faced and wide-eyed boyfriend came running. At seeing you all in hysterics, he put two and two together.

MJ practically collapsed into your arms, moaning and groaning about how much he hated you and the other members and how he didn’t deserve such a prank.

“Jagiyah~ why do you do this to me!?”


Originally posted by a-little-too-obsessed

You stopped by the Astro practice room everyday around lunchtime to bring your boyfriend and his members food. Everyday when you came in, JinJin was never in the room because he always spent an extra ten minutes with Rocky working on choreo, just to review everything they had done. 

Afterwards, JinJin always sat down in his particular chair while the other members and you congregated in front of him to hear what he had to say- it had become routine. Because you knew the schedule he followed so well, you knew exactly how to efficiently prank him.

You told Minhyuk about the prank beforehand, so he made sure to keep JinJin away for an extra five minutes as compared to everyday. Like every other day, you came in to see only MJ, Eunwoo, Moonbin, and Sanha waiting for lunch. This time, however, not only did you bring homemade food, you also carried a bag which had an airhorn and lot of black duct tape. 

The five of you set to work. 

MJ rolled JinJin’s chair to you, and you caught in and sat down in front of it. Moonbin carefully took the airhorn from the bag, making sure not to accidentally press it. Sanha went outside to keep lookout, while Eunwoo assisted you in duct taping the horn to the underside of your boyfriend’s chair. 

Just as you finished and set the chair back in its place, Sanha burst in saying that he heard his hyungs voices down the hallway.

You quickly handed out the food and the boys ate as much as they could, to make it look like they had been eating for a while. JinJin came in, and you had to stuff your mouth to withhold a smile. Minhyuk quirked up an eyebrow from behind JinJin, asking silently if everything had gone well. 

Nodding discreetly, you looked out of the corner of your eye to see JinJin wheeling his chair to the middle, like everyday. Muffled giggles came from the other boys, and they all shoveled food into their mouths to keep their laughter from bursting forth and ruining the prank. 

JinJin sat down.

The noise was deafening. 

The moment the chair sank with your boyfriend’s weight the airhorn sounded loudly, causing JinJin to shout and jump up, kicking the chair away, and everyone else to fall over laughing. You yourself erupted in a fit of soundless giggles, practically falling over at the bewildered expression on your boyfriend’s face. 

After a stunned second of silence from him, JinJin started smiling. He sighed, pulling you up to stand with him.He grinned again, his heart still beating fast from the scare.

“You’re lucky I love you and your pranks too.”


Originally posted by fairy-min

Attaching an airhorn to the underside of your boyfriend’s desk was no easy feat, especially since it was upside down.

While Dongmin was at practice, you went over to their dorm and attached a mini airhorn (smaller in size, not smaller in volume) upside down to the bottom of his desk. He had a habit of bouncing his leg up and down while he sat, and you knew his knee would hit the airhorn eventually.

You hoped so, for the sake of your prank.

Dongmin and the others got home at midnight, just like every night. Just like every night, the boys scarfed down the dinner laid out for them, and then went off separately. Dongmin went to shower, and, just like every night, sat down at his desk to study and do homework. 

Like most nights, you sat on his bed and watched him work as you had completed all of your schoolwork while he was practicing. You used your phone to cover your face and hide your growing smile. 

A long time went by as Dongmin finished his homework and brainstormed some ideas for lyrics. He eventually completed everything to his satisfaction without any disturbances.

Your smile had faded. Was your prank not going to work?

Suddenly, Dongmin stood up a little too quickly and accidentally hit his knee on the bottom of his desk.

Or, what would’ve been the bottom of his desk had there not been an airhorn there. The sound caused your boyfriend to shout out in surprise and fear and fall back into his chair, breathing loudly. You started laughing, tears running out of your eyes. Your prank hadn’t played out like you expected, but at least it worked.

“Wow, that was- was that you, jagi? What did I do to deserve that?” 

You looked at him and gestured at the minions posters covering his walls.

“Honestly, what didn’t you do?”


Originally posted by goodnitekitten

Moonbin slept like a brick, so sneaking into his room and placing an airhorn right by his alarm clock wasn’t difficult at all. You had told Sanha, Bin’s roommate, about what you were planning on doing so he wouldn’t give it away or be the one to hit the airhorn.

It took you several tries to actually get the airhorn into your boyfriend’s room- every time you saw his sleeping figure you erupted into giggles. Eventually, however, after the nth time, you steeled yourself and managed to tiptoe along the side of the bed and place the airhorn carefully in the place you had chosen earlier.

Now, you only had to wait thirty more minutes for Moonbin to wake up and groggily hit the alarm clock- or what he thought was the alarm clock.

The half hour felt like an eternity. The clock in the corner of the room ticked steadily, as if taunting you. Keeping your laughter in was already difficult, but as time passed it got even harder. 

It finally reached four in the morning, however, and the alarm blared. Moonbin sat up, shaken at the noise like he always did. In his sleepy just-woke-up state, he didn’t notice you crouched in the corner of his room. Sanha pretended to be asleep beside him, opening his eyes when he knew Bin wasn’t looking and winking at you. 

Moonbin sat up, stretched his arms, and let out a loud groan while scrunching up his nose. It took all you had to keep from squealing at how cute your boyfriend was.

He blindly reached towards his side table, patting it until he felt something.

Bin let his hand come down on it. Hard.

The blast from the airhorn caused your boyfriend to scream, and even Sanha, who was prepared for it, fell out of the bed flailing. You couldn’t hold your laughter in anymore, and stood up, doubled over laughing.

“Yah!” Bin yelled, groaning. He shook his head and looked at you.

“I’m only letting you off the hook because you’re cute.”


Originally posted by rockybin

It took a ridiculous amount of effort when it came to hiding an airhorn in your couch cushions without it going off randomly. In fact, in the end, you had to raise the other cushion on your loveseat by putting books under it to avoid suspicion. You set up your camera in the far corner of the room, in such a way that it caught everything that would happen on the couch.

Once you were finished, you walked around your living room, surveying the final product.

One couch cushion was raised, with books under it. 

The other one had books holding it up as well, but there was an airhorn placed strategically underneath the very center of it. 

The camera was set up.

And your two million YouTube subscribers were probably waiting anxiously for the video of your boyfriend you had promised them. 

You were ready. 

Moments after you had double checked and triple checked everything, Minhyuk showed up at your door. He wore his clothes from practice as you had told him to just bring spares and shower at your place.  After greeting him with a kiss and promising him a hug for when he got out of the shower sweat-free, Minhyuk went off to your bathroom.

This gave you time to turn on your camera and crouch down in front of it, talking softly.

“All right, so you guys wanted to meet my boyfriend and kpop idol, Park Minhyuk! I decided I’d prank him for his first video with me, and it took me forever to set it up. It’s a pretty basic prank, so don’t expect too much! Right now he’s in the shower, he came directly from practice.”

You settled yourself on the couch, giggling slightly to yourself as you imagined Rocky’s reaction to the airhorn. A few slow minutes later, your boyfriend came out and pressed his lips to your cheek, wrapping his arms around you from over the couch’s backboard. 

Motioning for him to sit down by you, you bit down on your lips to keep from laughing.

“I’m filming a get to know my boyfriend video for my channel, so sit!” You grinned, and he mirrored your smile.

“All right, then.” 

The moment Minhyuk’s body connected with the couch, the airhorn sounded, causing your boyfriend to yelp and jump up and sending you falling onto the floor laughing. He looked around, bewildered, until he realized it came from the couch.

“Wow, jagi.” He shook his head, now laughing with you.

“Can I still post it?” You asked. Minhyuk grinned and nodded.

“As long as we make a better, airhornless video for your channel together later.”


Originally posted by moonbinny

Your boyfriend was a fan of making short jokes about you, so you decided to get back at him for it. Once a week you got together with the boys at the Astro dorm to make food for the seven of you (granted, it was usually just bread or something else simple, but you were all together, which is what mattered).

Even though you were the one who always made the snacks, after all, the boys were often tired due to practice and incredibly hungry, you always had to get your boyfriend to open and close the cupboards for you.


This made you the butt of multitudinous jokes about your height (or lack thereof) and how Sanha could probably pick you up and fit you in the cupboard without you having much difficulty. 

It was all fun and games until he actually tried it.

You had cramps for days. 

That was why you duct taped an airhorn to the inside of your cupboard. 

The other members and you spent a long time creating an elaborate contraption which hit the airhorn button when anyone opened the cupboard while your boyfriend was asleep. When the victim opened the cupboard, it pulled on a string which pulled a piece of wood straight into the button of the airhorn you duct taped inside, away from the naked eye. You could hardly keep still when the unsuspecting Sanha woke up.

You loved him, yes, but you loved revenge as well. 

The moment came upon you, and you allowed the boys to sit idle on the couch while you rushed about the kitchen as usual. Half way through your activities, you called Sanha in.

“Can you open it for me?” You asked, referencing the cupboard. He laughed, patted the top of your head, and pulled it open.

The noise was deafening. 

Sanha stumbled back as though he had been hit, while you cackled. After he recovered, your boyfriend turned to you. 

“What was- was that revenge? I didn’t mean to get you stuck in it!” You just laughed again.

“Now you know to not cross me.”

I though I would compile a list of moments and memories from the Predebut era that I will miss

-Iteen boys

-To be continued

-Sanha’s braces

-Meet U project

-Little Yunho

-Sanha’s yellow hair

-All the covers they have done


-Cute school uniforms

Also I would like to leave a small message

The members of the Astro fandom who have been here since predebut, I feel as if we are a family, and I know this family will grow and as much as I don’t want that to happen because we all won’t be as close in still happy. I hope our boys receive lots of love and gain more followers.