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Artist Commission - Book Cover

Hey, I’m looking to commission someone for a BOOK COVER, looking for an artist who is comfortable drawing a more realistic comic book style, think Ms. Marvel and the like. It’s a superhero novel and we need the cover illustration, preferably also in color. This is a PAID commission that we have a budget for. Please signal boost this and have artists get in touch with portfolios and rates. Thank you!

I’ve finally started adding my custom cover illustrated sketchbooks to my store! These bad boys are 80 page moleskin a with 16 perforated pages in the back, one of which will contain random sketches from me!
You can purchase these as I make them on my store (

I current have two sketchbooks up now!

*cat butt not included

ALSO! If you’re an artist and purchase one of my sketch books, I would love to feature your work in my sketchbooks on my website as a fun little project for spreading exposure to other well deserved creatives!
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I’ve been neglecting tumblr recently, but for good reason! Not only is my coursework incredibly intensive, (2 papers due EVERY week!) but it’s been a big week for me! Above Water, The literary anthology whose cover I helped to illustrate was launched last Friday, and I participated in the biggest student arts festival in Australia, Mudfest! I created a series of paintings titled Luminous Beings that was exhibited in the university art gallery, with the accompanying blurb:

Light, the visible reminder of invisible light.-T.S. Eliot

This series of paintings is a study of light, the intangible substance that forms the backdrop of our collective existence. These vignettes record my observations of Melburnian life as an international student and serve as reminders of the beauty in mundane, everyday occurrences.

Prints of most of these paintings are up on my INPRNT store, so check them out!!


More illustration for the Swedish table-top RPG Järn (”Iron” in Swedish). It was (very) successfully crowdfunded so I was commissioned to do more work for it and it’s been a blast.

The first picture is the cover illustration for the book that’ll be sold in stores. The second and third pictures are the front and back of the limited edition cover. The rest are chapter heads. 

Facebook page is here (Swedish)

This piece is dedicated to the game Dark Souls. I thought this boss sequence was a really interesting addition to the game. It’s based on Crossbreed Priscilla in the Painted World of Ariamis. I thought it would have been interesting if it had been snowing during the fight. It would have made it more difficult to see her foot prints. 

Prints can be bought here