cover girl tru match


I was shopping in the drug store and I saw the new Spring 2014 line of Cover Girl Tru Blend Collection. I saw there was Luminizer, Sun Kisser, and Mattifier. I really want to try the Sun Kisser but it was all sold out, and the Luminizer was the last one left! Grr. I’ll have to check other stores. I am obsessed with highlights and especially the MAC Mineralized Skinfinishes. So when I saw this I grabbed it. I LOVE the luminizer! It’s a highlight and can be used anywhere on the body for a glow. These swatch pictures are with a flash, and applied a lot on my hand so it’s not going to be like SUPER shiny on your face. But it gives a perfect highlight and glow to your skin. I LOVE the way it feels, like a creamy velvetty feel. It’s just gorgeous and I can’t wait to use it on my face and body. Can’t wait to try the rest of the line as well.