cover dope lady gaga

Dope (chorus only) cover
Dope (chorus only) cover

this is no where near perfect and i know that 100%  but i felt like i owed you guys something since i always say i’m going to post another cover and i never do so i super quickly did this for you guys during my lunch. i hope you kinda like it, if not that’s cool too. i am in no way a singer so… yeah, also this was the first time i’d used garageband so i didn’t really know what i was doing but i tried. enjoy.

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Choreographer Blake McGrath takes the Mather Dance seniors to another level with this lyrical small group based on Lady Gaga’s “Dope” - cover by Hope Murphy

☆ Dancers ☆ Julia Franzese, Alexis Rosenstrauch, Chloe Wilson, Lonni Olson, Nicole Smith, Michelle Spang, and Simone Cameresi 

“Dope” by Hope -