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Ok first of all, EVERYBODY BLAME @nifwrites for this, it’s all her fault and she knows it (jk ilu bb c:)

She wrote a breathtaking soulmate AU fic titled We Intertwined and I was inspired to say the least. This will be a multi-chapter (estimating 25-30 or so) Gladio soulmate AU, but if you think because it’s a soulmate fic there’s gonna be hella fluff, you’re dead wrong. Expect lots of hurt, angst, difficult situations and…there may be a death or two along the way. Either way, I hope you enjoy and are as excited as I am to take this little adventure.

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Bad Reputation- C.D. Imagine:

Wattpad: moonlitdazee🍒
Word Count: 918
Warning(s): language, smutty smut and a slightly angry Cameron 💕 (for imagine purposes pretend you are 21.)

I waltzed around my dorm, picking things up and making sure for the 5072 time my supplies were in order for my small study date with the Cameron Dallas. We were paired up for a class presentation and I was nervous because in the small town of Chino Hills, California, people talk, especially your neighbor.
I heard the knock at my door and padded over, peeking into the keyhole and opening the door.
“Hey Cameron.” I say politely
“Hi.” Cameron says short
I have a bad bad reputation around this town, and honestly it is lies. I’m still a virgin, contrary to popular belief, and I’m actually an AB student, but everyone believes what they hear. For example, Cameron’s ever so short ‘hello’ was due to the fact in high school we were an item and at a not so small house party I ended up playing truth or dare and one of the popular girls Maggie, pulled my shorts and panties down and Andrew, Chase, and Chris all saw my panties. And whoever didn’t witness the event, believed I had a threesome with the boys and know who else believed it: their best friend Cameron.
“So uhm a drink? Water? Juice?” I say
“A water would suffice.” he said and sat at the table
“Listen Cameron, I know you hate me, but this project is important so can we at least pretend.” I plead
“I’m only here because Dr. Carpè paired us up, so let’s complete this and we’ll be done.” Cameron says
“K.” I simply reply and hang my head
As we work, it is silent and still with the exception of the classical music I have playing lightly.
“Do you have a flash drive?” Cameron asks
“In the pencil case right there.” I say and jot down presentation notes
“Y/N why do you hate me?” Cameron asks after about 15 minutes of silence
“What? Why do I hate you?! You hate me.” I say
“Hate you, I have a very good reason to hate you, but on the other hand you have no right to hate me.” he says
“Cameron, I did not hook up with Andrew, Chris and Chase, Maggie lied and set me up. She pulled my panties down in front of them.” I say
“Likely story.” Cameron scoffs
“It is true! I’m still a virgin!” I scream
“A virgin? No way.” he laughs
“But I am.” I say
“You’re 21 y/n.” Cam says
“Yeah so.” I huff and furrow my brows
“I’ve already had sex.” he says
“Congratufrickinglations want a damn cookie.” I huff again
“Not exactly, but can I ask you a question.” Cam says
“Go ahead and grill me.” I say
“Why not yet? I mean you’re gorgeous and the whole ten yards.” he says
“I was kinda saving it for someone, but he doesn’t want me.” I say
“He would be crazy not to want someone like you.” he says
“Well he believed all the rumors.” I say
I watch as Cam picks me up and sits me on the table, he hands trailing up my shirt.
“I think we should be somewhere more comfortable.” I say
“How about your couch?” Cam says
He picks me up and walks me over to the couch, laying me back and kissing me softly.
“Cam, I’ve never done this.” I says
“I’ll be easy, but you have to relax.” Cam says
“Could you leave my shirt on though?” I say and cover my eyes
Cam pulls my jeans and panties off, baring me to the cool air.
“I’m sorry if it’s not what you imagined.” I say as he looks at my heat
“Just relax baby, it’ll be fine.” he says
I watch as his back muscles flex as he lifts my thighs around his head.
“Ohkay.” I moan and move a little
“Y/N stay still.” Cam says
He holds my thighs in place and nips at the sensitive bundle of nerves.
“What is that?” I say with a shaking voice
“I’m just eating you out.” Cam says between licks
His tongue darts in and out quickly as he holds my thighs steadier.
“C-a-am uhm.” I moan
“Am I hurting?” he asks
“Your teeth are pinching.” I say
“Maybe I should stop.” Cameron says
“Do you want to finish?” I ask and pull the cover over us from the couch
“Only if you say yes.” he says
“Yes, a thousand times yes.” I say
Cam gets off and pulls his jeans and boxers down, getting back between my legs, and jerking himself a bit.
“Breathe babe, it’s probably going to hurt.” Cam warns as he slips in
I feel him slip in and slowly thrust, stretching me.
“Ow.” I whimper and grip his biceps
“Breathe baby, if you want me to stop I will.” he says
“No keep going.” I say with my voice shaking
“You’re doing great. God you’re tight.” Cameron moans
His hips colliding into mine as he touches the deepest parts.
“Don’t stop Cam please don’t.” I moan
His body starts to tremble and I feel rubber bands snapping in my stomach.
“Cameron.” I moan quietly as warm liquid covers my thighs and lower stomach
He grunts and finishes jerking himself, pinching his tip and finishing on my body.
“You okay?” he asks
“Mhm.” I nod and hum quietly
“For the baddest reputation you sure were squirming.” Cam says
“My reputation is a lie, you were my first.” I say and rub his back


punkybroodster: Cam Avery covering Howlin’ Wolf last night 😍🙌🏻🔥😎 (House of Blues Chicago, July 27, 2016)

Something I’ve always Wanted - Cameron Dallas Imagine (requested)


The sound of the breeze whirling around the house brought me back from my imagination. The reality of today hits me, making a rather large smile appear on my face. I turn around, my back now to the kitchen, my bottom lip in between my teeth, trying to contain my smile as my mind was flooded with thoughts about my future. About our future.

Strong arms wrap around my waist, pulling me to their chest. Cameron’s nose tickles my neck as he snuggles into the crook of my neck. I sigh, leaning against him. The day had gotten me exhausted, moving heavy cardboard boxes was tough. My back ached, my feet hurting from moving back and forth from the truck. I lean further into Cam’s touch, letting him hold me. My eyes shutting, and my head rested against his shoulder.

“I love you, Mrs Dallas,” I could feel Cameron smiling on my skin.

“And I love you, Mr Dallas. Huh, it’s not as fun to call you that,” I say, turning around in his arms. I cup his face, softly kissing his plump lips.

I move from Cameron’s touch, towards the kitchen, jumping on the marble counter. My feet dangling off the edge as I slip my navy flats off, a small thump as they hit the ground. My neck cranes as my eyes wander across the house, a sea of boxes covering the open space. Cam begins walking towards me, gently spreading my legs, stepping into them. I smile at him bringing him in for another kiss.

“Those were the last boxes,” Cameron pointed towards the front door as we pulled away, his eyes not leaving mine.

“Good,” I peck him once more, “it means it’s time to unpack.” I slide off the smooth marble, my bare feet touching the cold tiled floor. Making my way over to the smaller boxes, I pick one up, my eyes scanning the white tag we had placed on the side.

Picture frames

“I personally want to put the photos up last, so then we’re able to decide where we want them,” I place the box down, moving to the other side of the room, “I also think we should get a head start on the IKEA furniture, but before that we should place out an inflatable mattress, and oh, oh, oh, what about th-” I was cut off my rambling, thankfully, by Cameron’s lips gently pecking mine.

“We have time,” he smiles at me, taking me in. I look around the house, our home, imagining what it’ll be.

There would be an area for the TV close to the stair case, the dark grey couch opposite it. There would be a rug in front of the TV, and underneath the couch, kind of showing it was a different part of the house.The kitchen island bench would have white chairs, ones that could spin.

But in all honestly, all I could imagine was hearing little feet hitting the soft floor of the stairs, as they run down to the kitchen. Little feet padding across the room into their fathers arms. Images of Cameron with children flooded my mind, and soon all I could think about was having kids with Cam.

“Y/n?” Cameron’s voice was faintly heard as I shook my head, the thoughts misting away.

“Sorry, did you say something?”

“No, just wondering where you went there,” his eyes showed concern, his voice a pitch higher than before. I smiled softly, Cameron would worry about every slight detail, no matter how small, he just cared.

I pull Cameron over to the mahogany door, sliding against it until I was sitting on the ground. I pat the area next to me, Cameron slumps into the position, leaning against the door. I place Cameron’s hand in my own, playing with his fingers, his golden ring seen easily against his tanned skin. Memories of the wedding coming back to me.

“Is it weird? I could already imagine our future. What we’ll be, what we’ll have. Everything, it’s all in my mind already. The future is so far away, and yet I can see us, together, already.

“The house, it was fully furnished, everything in place, where we wanted it to be. The TV was over there by the star case, the couch opposite it. There was a fluffy rug, one that you’ve always wanted,” I point in the direction of the furniture, showing him what my imagination showed me.

“I also imagined our future, not just the house, our personal future, one we’ll hopefully share. The sound of little feet running down the stairs. Children flying into your arms as you wrapped your arms around their small figures. I imagines staring ahead as you huddled up together on the couch, watching a movie, laughing at the onscreen characters. It-it was perfect.” My eyes got teary, imagining the future made me feel overwhelmed with the wanting, the need to have that with Cam. I couldn’t imagine sharing my life, my future, with anyone else. I didn’t want to.

“I want you to know, I want that with you Y/n. Nobody else would make the amazing wife and mother that you would. I thought it was pretty obvious with me marrying you and all,” we laugh as the tears escaped my eyes, Cameron wipes them away as they cascade down my cheeks, “I couldn’t imagine my life, without you. It’s not my life. I love you, and will always love you, unconditionally. I want children with you, ever since I laid eyes on you, I wanted a life with you, a future. Now I’m going to have it, as long as you let me.” My lips curve into a smile as I feel the tears already begin to dry. I pull Cameron in, our lips meeting in a desperate, salty kiss. I pull away, picking up his hand, placing a kiss on the back of his palm.

“Children, they’ve always been a part I wanted in my future. You walk in with your charm and whisk me away, now my dream of having a family, starting that with someone I am so madly in love with, is coming true. You are my future Cam, I will never let you go.”

We sat there, our leg outstretched and tangled together, talking about the future, what we want and need. My heart beat quickened at the realisation that I was going to have it, my dream, it’s beginning to look a lot like a reality.

A/N: Hope you liked it anon!

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