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When Art and Music Collide: 10 of the best album covers designed by famous artists

I recently met one of my favourite contemporary artists, the American painter Walton Ford, who was in London for the opening of the new Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Despite being a huge fan of Ford’s work, I had no idea that he’d designed the cover of the band’s greatest hits album GRRR!. Putting together a post dedicated to album art has always been on my ArtMastered to-do list, and this discovery felt like the final push I needed. So here is a selection of ten iconic pieces of music artwork, dating from 1967 to 2013, that have been designed by major visual artists. Read on to find out more about these inspiring collaborative projects, and please do message me details of your own personal favourites.

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Okay I got a little story, yesterday I went to Paris on my own to try to meet Troye (ahahahahhaahahhaah) I ended up not meeting him (I thought he’d take the train to see zoe). 

So instead I decided to take myself to this art gallery, where the view was just wow and the Jeff Koons exhibition was amazing (he worked on Artpop’s cover album//down right pic). And then I went for a bit of shopping and walked back to the train station. I easily get anxiety and panic attacks when I’m out, but weirdly, I felt so good and “free” to do whatever I want. I just pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone and take this 2 hours train on my own to Paris. I think you should try. Go out. Maybe not in Paris but just go explore outside on your own, you will see, it feels so good !

This wouldn’t have been possible without troyesivan and tyleroakley, they gave me so much confidence, self esteem and envy to accomplish things, without them I don’t think I would have been able to to do this, thank you so much. <3