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Climb, climb. Tower of beloved corpses.

Thought I’d share my different concept sketches that were considered for the @notwithoutyoufanbook cover art! The process reminded me of my art school assignments… providing “discussion roughs” for critique… but this was a helluva lot more fun, lol, and @starandshield was great to get feedback from! :) We ended up choosing the top concept to go forward with and I’m pretty proud of the final design (x). It was a lot of work, but I would’ve absolutely regretted passing up such a commission!

(My Art /// My Marvel Art) *Please don’t repost(?) or use my art elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks!

There’s Only One For Me | A Thulaz Playlist [listen]

A chronological-ish, angsty playlist for Thulaz based on some headcanons and a great fanfic.

Lift Me Up - Mree ✧ Cave Me In - Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam ✧ One For Me - Laissez Fair Club ✧ Fading - Vallis Alps ✧ Gone Away - Safetysuit ✧ Chainsaw feat. Kyle Reynolds (cover) - Maddy Newton ✧ The Night We Met - Lord Huron ✧ All I Want - Kodaline ✧ Slow Dancing Forever (Stripped Ver.) - I The Mighty ✧ Aftermath - Vancouver Sleep Clinic

✧EDIT✧ - you can now listen to it on Playmoss

Unknown Pleasures

For the Joy Division fans out there. I’ve always found this album cover beautiful and wanted to take a stab at animating it. A lot of people did this well before but I didn’t see anything that had the exact feel I wanted so here is my attempt. If anything, it allowed me to dive deeper into understanding Noise functions. 

How To Shade

Like this: >.>

…juuuuust kidding let’s see what this is…who are we shading today huh huh huh

[before you move on to shading though, make sure you erase the super sketchy lines of your drawing so that you know exactly where to shade. Sometimes I’ll erase entire areas and redraw with one thin line but that’s probably weird and just personal preference (I like to always start with a “clean slate”, gosh that’s cheesy). I used 2H for drawing, so the lines don’t really show up well, but it’s easy to erase] Pencils used for shading: HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B

Whobody’s eye is this, and why didn’t I finish shading that eyebrow holy crap

[shading the eye should take quite a while, since it becomes the focal point later on - our eyes tend to gravitate to the eyes in the drawing. It looks quite creepy until step 3, so don’t worry if it’s really strange at first! Important tips to remember: try to draw in a pupil even when you can’t see it in the reference picture; completely shading in the iris without a pupil will make it look flat and awkward. Having a highlight would be nice too! Also, the whites of the eyeballs usually are not completely white. The important thing is to observe all the shadows that fall on the eyeball, as well as the surrounding area, so don’t forget shading around the eye, because it contributes greatly to the portrait’s likeness.]

And the other eye just magically appears. After the eyes it’s the nose, then lips, then Taeyang magically appears to warn me on copyright thingies of his song (what is wrong with me)

[Don’t stress too much about the other eye! As long as your proportions are right, the corners of the eyes line up, and the size of the pupils are the same, you should be okay. Perfect symmetry is not usually the case; the shape of his eyes are slightly different. Shading the other eye with the same techniques will give you “uniform-looking” eyes. For the nose, I find it easier to locate and shade the nostrils first (lmao), then expand my shading from the tip of the nose, and also from the corners of the eyes downwards. From the reference picture, Yixing’s nose highlights are kind of strange, so take your time to make sure you’re shading the right places according to the reference, and not just what you think it should look like. For lips, it’s pretty much the same process. I draw the dark crease line first, then expand my shading out from it. So far, it seems that my routine is to shade the darkest parts first, then base the lighter shading off of it. Don’t do this if you’re painting, especially with watercolours - it will smudge badly! …But that’s a totally different thing…]

Mr. Photographer, Xing Xing is ready for his closeup (what the heck)

[He has a deep crease down the middle of his lower lip (I’m not a creepy fangirl), so draw that in first. Make sure to leave strips of lip out - don’t shade it, that will be the highlights. Don’t forget to make use of your many different types of pencils to achieve those lights and darks! There’s no need to be super meticulous about how many creases there should be, etc. Spending more time on it doesn’t mean that it will turn out better, because sometimes if you overdo things, it’s hard to go back! The highlights will never be the same…What’s also super important is the shading around his lips. It would be weird if you have a very well shaded pair of lips floating on top of a blank face. Yeah.]

The longer you stare at it, the weirder it looks. Don’t look…( I have 192348719234 wips at around this step because necks are so boring, right)

[Finishing the face is like 90% of the drawing done, but that also depends on your style and what you chose to include. Neck shading… it’s the same thing as shading the face. A thing that happens often is that people only shade in the darkest areas, and don’t do anything with the intermediate values (wow math). So remember, once again: you have a range of pencils, try to use them all to create a range of values instead of just a light and a dark. Yixing needs to be the epitome of fifty shades of grey] sorry

next step, hair :DD

-except that’s for another tutorial which I’ve already done! [Here!] I hope this helped! 


Printmaker, Bookmaker, Graphic Designer and Artist:

Julia Chilcote


“This accordion fold intaglio book containing phases of the moon was printed with white ink on black Canson paper, then placed in a black velvet wrapped cover.”


The painting process of this work
I couldn’t resist recording because Jean

anonymous asked:

What kind of brushes should i buy if I am a complete beginner at painting? Should I buy expensive ones or cheap ones? Or a brand that I should try? I tried watercolours when I was in fourth or fifth grade and that was a disaster.😂😂😂. That was about 10 years ago. Now I want to give it a go again. Basically I want to do art again since i havent done any after i finished school and i kinda miss it. Just a heads up I might pop into your askbox again a lot after I am done with my exams.

I will always and forever recommend buying one expensive art supply than a bunch of cheaper ones. You can’t learn AND LOVE THE PROCESS when you have to fight with messy brushes or colourless watercolours.

Just get a medium round brush with soft synthetic hair and paint :) When you’ll be ready you can also try natural hair, like sable or squirrel.

What is also important is the right paper.

It HAS TO BE designed for water techniques so it won’t roll, shrink, rip or get damaged in any way while you put more and more water on it. Because you will put lots of water on it. Lots.

Look at its weight or purpose description on the block’s cover