cover art and audio not mine

Part Of Your World
Darren Criss
Part Of Your World

Here’s the dope: I don’t know where this is from, but I really want to know. I cannot for the life of me find it in any masterpost, someone gave it to me (late 2010) on a USB with a heap of Maggiano’s (and some other) performances. Please help!! :)

Uptown Funk (Fall Out Boy Cover)
Fall Out Boy
Uptown Funk (Fall Out Boy Cover)

Here is the original album art I designed for Fall Out Boy’s cover of Uptown Funk on BBC Radio 1. I made it a while back, but I wasn’t on Tumblr then, so I couldn’t share it…. Until now!!!

So here you go! You can use it for your song in iTunes or for whatever purpose you so choose.

I also included their Uptown Funk cover audio so you can play it while scrolling through your dash.


i wanted to kiss her again;  — “i’ve never been so happy to see chloe in my life”

listen hereart by torifalls

i. miracle - paramore | ii. i know places - taylor swift | iii. girls like girls - hayley kiyoko | iv. come home - tonight alive | v. photograph - ed sheeran | vi. peace sign - lights | vii. kiss me again - we are the in crowd (feat. alex gaskarth) | viii. i will follow you into the dark - daniela andrade (death cab for cutie cover) | ix. girlfriend - icona pop | x. sweater weather - kina grannis (the neighbourhood cover)


Doctor Who - ‘Rose Tyler: Earth Defence - Series One’ Mock-Big Finish Cover Art

‘Rose Tyler: Earth Defence’ was a proposed Doctor Who spin-off way way back around the time of Series 4. When a good friend of mine suggested I create a Big Finish cover for if the series had been created for audio… well how could I resist?

Becoming Vampiric - The First in a Series of Vampire Mixes

A mix for a noxious infection that can lead to misery or rejuvenation, depending upon the newborn. 

The mix begins with a vicious encounter, leads to the creeping of semi-consciousness, begins to polish, and eventually ends with the new coursing of undead thrills - though this may be far from acceptance.

  1. Mood Indigo - Duke Ellington    2. Memories Fade - Tears For Fears   3. Nighty Night - Louise Dowd    4. Moldy Old World - Rik Schaffer    5. Another Dead Girl - The Changelings    6. 4 Pattern - Akira Yamaoka    7.  Saving Grace - Gustavo Santolalla    8. Rise Again - Wumpscut    9. Waltz In The 4th Dimension - Michael Andrews    10. Soliloquy - Midnight Syndicate   11. Said But True - Dioarama    12. Witchcraft - Akira Yamaoka    13. Waking Up To A Nightmare - Petri Alanko    14. The Supper - Bruno Coulais    15. Dark Palace - Ryo Nagamatsu/ Koji Kondo    16. The Killling Moon - Nouvelle Vague (cover)    17. Dracula - Kronos Quartet    18. In the Air Tonight - Kelly Sweet