Let me tell you, Sunset Overdrive has been one of my FAVORITE games since it came out, and it is everything that I could possibly describe what i want my art style to be; visually AND musically. It would have been my dream job to work on it but I feel so blessed that it exists in general and that I was able to play it on my xbox one! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve already created a SHITTON of fan art from the game, and I realized that there is so many pictures from school that I didn’t post. SO HERE is a wrap around cover that I did for a sunset overdrive comic I started working on back in 2017. I have a few pages done which I’ll post soon! But enjoy this! I worked really hard on it and PLEASE FULL VIEW the image to see all those nice details!! ;) I included some crops of the monsters and Player Character cause damn this file is HUGE (ive even had to shrink it down twice to fit on tumblr). 

Talk about Venom#8 cover

It makes no sence. I see this cover I assume the story is going to have something to do with the hell Mark…

Not even mentioned.

True the Hell mark story is mainly an Agent Venom thing, and flash did make a brief apperance back, but there wasn’t even a hint to the hell mark, or mania, or andy at all!.

The hell mark on the cover is currently on Andy A.K.A. Mania. As we saw most recently in Venom inc.

So will this cover be a hint at something further down the line? Or the cult that is bringing back Carnage? Really. Confused by this one…

P.s. I’d really like if they bring back Mania. Almost more than brining back flash.

Rowdyruff Boys - Cover fanfiction


I was seriously thinking of writing a fanfic in the PPG universe. Of course, involving my beloved boys. They are terrible, but I know there is something much better about them than others can not see. And meanwhile, I’m improving my English. And I thought my language was difficult.

That title I had with him in my head, so I’m not sure where it came from.


[JP] “Crow Song” ~ Afterglow

A preview of Afterglow’s cover of “Crow Song” has been uploaded! The song will be available on November, 16th (JST).