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You mentioned on one of your gallagher girls posts that joe is the biggest zammie shipper ever and I'm literally laughing so hard because ITS SO TRU

I am approximately 3002% sure that Joe took a good look at Zach, took a good look at Cam, took a sip of his coffee and said, “What a fine Sunday afternoon… perfect weather for setting up the strongest power couple in the western hemisphere.”  Like, seriously, all of CMH is just Joe setting Zach and Cam up.

  • First of all, DC.  I mean, enough said, right?  You cannot tell me that Joe didn’t look at the two finest young Pavement Artists he knows and put them on each other’s tail.  You cannot tell me that Joe didn’t think that they were the only two who could keep up with each other.  You cannot tell me that Joe didn’t look at two of the kids he loved most in the world and say, “Ha.  This’ll be fun.”
  • Then there’s the brush passes in Roseville.  Oh god, do not get me going.  Cam literally turns to Bex first.  Like, Bex is definitely going to be her partner – no doubt about it – but then Joe is like, “Nuh uh.  Zach,” and he basically requires that the two of them touch hands at some point that afternoon if they want to pass the assignment.  JOE.  
  • Cammie looking in the pitcher and catching Joe and Zach’s reflection at the waffle bar.  We’ll never know what they were saying – I’ve looked for years and haven’t seen any evidence – but I am at least 89 percent sure that Joe Solomon was being the beST WINGMAN THAT CAMERON MORGAN COULD HAVE EVER ASKED FOR. Zach and Joe could talk about Cam for ages they are both totally amazed by her oh god I’m crying
  • When that scene got cut from the book (siiiigh the best ones always do), we had Cam and Zach detecting lies with each other.  Why was Cam doing this CoveOps exercise with Zach and not, say, her best friend Bex?  I’ll give you one guess.  That’s right.  It’s because JOE.  FREAKING. SOLOMON.  Told her to partner up with the person across from her.  When has Joe ever cared about who partnered with who?  Answer: never.
  • Also, I’m pretty sure that Joe bribed Madame Dabney into making them dance in C&A but HEY.  THAT’S NOT OFFICIAL. THATS JUST THE SHAMELESS ZAMMIE SHIPPER IN ME.
  • Anyways, I’m fairly certain that the main reason Joe kept pushing them together is because he wanted them to team up and form an alliance because he knew that they would work well together and that, together, they’d be one of the strongest teams out there.  Cam and Zach challenge each other time and time again, and Joe has sworn to teach those two as much as he can before they leave the safety of his classroom.  Part of that vow was making sure that they had people in their lives who would help them continue to grow, even if he wasn’t around to make sure it happened.  Whether he meant for it to end romantically or not isn’t as important as the fact that he loves them both, and he wants them safe, and he knew that they would watch out for one another. In the end, romance probably had very little to do with his motives.
  • But Zach is a good kisser so

I did a thing

Gives nose/forehead kisses 

Zach definitely loves a good forehead kiss. Cammie likes to tease her Blackthorne bad boy with nose kisses, though. 

Gets jealous the most 

Zach doesn’t get jealous often, but when he does it’s pretty obvious. After all, what’s so great about goddamn Jimmy, anyways? 

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive 

Getting drunk usually isn’t a problem, but an op in Moscow quickly went south when something was slipped into Cammie’s drink. Zach spent the rest of the night dragging her stumbling figure through the shadows of various alleys. 

Takes care of on sick days 

Zach never admits to being sick, but he always mysteriously wakes up with a bowl of soup and tissues next to him. 

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day 

Zach has no problem carrying Cam into the water. “When a mission lands you in the Caribbean, you might as well enjoy it, Gallagher Girl.” 

Gives unprompted massages 

Cammie can tell when Zach’s mind starts wandering into dark territory. She sneaks behind him and gently rubs shoulders to remind him he’s not alone. 

Drives/rides shotgun 

Zach drives, but Cammie takes over when he needs sleep. 

Brings the other food at work 

Cammie is used to finding little pastries with a note simply signed “-Z” 

Has the better parental relationship 

DEFINITELY Cam. Let’s not even get into Zach’s daddy… and mommy issues. 

Embarrassing dancer/singer 

Both are impeccable ballroom dancers, but Cammie is more likely to bust embarrassing dance moves when she thinks no one is watching (“Spy,” Zach smirks after watching Cammie dance around the kitchen). Singing is kind of a sore subject. 

Still cries watching Titanic 

Liz, and they both silently judge her. 

Firmly believes in couples costumes 

Cammie suggested it and Zach will never admit he liked it. 

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas 

Zach. Every year. 

Makes the other eat breakfast 

She doesn’t mean to; she just forgets. Zach usually ends up tossing a granola bar to her with a raised eyebrow, daring her to argue with him. She doesn’t. 

Remembers anniversaries 

They both remember. But one time Cammie forgot the anniversary of the Ruby Slipper Exhibit CoveOp, and Zach’s never going to stop holding that over her head. 

Brings up having kids 

It’s a no go topic. One night during an Op in Paris, though, in the middle of a stakeout Zach asked really quietly, “Did you mean it when you said I would be a good dad?” When Cammie said yes, she swore she heard him mumble, “maybe.”

Okay.  So.  I guess it’s time.

Hey there, friends!  So, I mean, I guess I’ll cut to the chase—there’s a metaphor about a band-aid waiting to be made—but the truth of the matter is that I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the Listen Series and I figure it’s about time they get answered.

Right.  Band-aid.  So, the thing is, I don’t think I’ll ever finish the Listen Series.

Don’t freak out, though!  It’s gonna be okay.  I promise.  No one’s dying.  I think you and I both probably saw this coming, even though we were both kind of holding out hope that I would miraculously find my momentum again, but, alas, that does not seem to be the case.  Once upon a time I sincerely thought I would finish it someday, but I’ve had a year to think about it (and I have thought about it a lot), and I’d just like to take a minute to explain to you why that probably won’t be happening.

  1. Maggie.  God, I do love that Morgan Goode, but truthfully I don’t think I can write her anymore.  I began writing Morgan in the summer of my Sophomore year in college which was, I mean, not a great time for me.  She started off as a way for me to write the Catherine we never saw—for me to explore how someone could possibly fall from Gallagher Girl to Circle leader, but she soon became a symbol of supreme anxiety, fear, and depression.  Not least because her writer was trying to figure out her own anxieties, fears, and depression.  To go back and write Maggie would be to place myself in that same headspace—a headspace that I’ve spent nearly two years crawling out of—and I can’t afford that kind of mentality.  Even just reading her can sometimes make me feel on edge.  I love her, truly and dearly, and I don’t regret writing her in any way, but at some point she stopped being a character and became a coping mechanism.  I’m fortunate that I don’t need her as much as I used to.
  2. Time.  Oh my god, I have so little spare time.  I stopped publishing the series about a year ago now, mostly because my life had gotten too hectic to devote the absolutely insane amount of time that I did to this project.  Honestly.  Insane.  I mean, I had to have been putting out 2k a night, at least.  I don’t remember when I slept.  Most of the time I just didn’t.  And now I’m sorry to report that my life has only gotten more hectic, and that I can’t seem to neglect sleep as thoroughly as I used to, and I’m tired all the time.

There are a few other reasons, but none of them are really significant enough to get into. None of them really matter.  My main concern is that I have kept many people waiting, and you all deserve some kind of closure.  Never say never, but I really think I’m closing the book on this one.  The story just doesn’t live in me anymore.

But!  I don’t want to leave you all hanging.  If I recall correctly, we left off with an awful lot of uncertainty and an awful lot of hope.  That would be terrible of me to leave you there, eternally.  I mean, I do know what happens next—I just can’t quite get myself to write it all out.  SO.  For those of you who wish to indulge in the story’s ending, I’ve put spoilers in the cut.  Big spoilers.  I’m talking, like, I’m going to write out the plot I have, in convenient bullet point format.  If that sound’s like the kind of thing you’re interested in, I’ll leave it below the cut for you.

Whether you’re someone who wants to know the ending or not, I just want to say a quick thank you for sticking with me.  I know this past year has not been easy on you, wondering when the next update would be.  I’m sorry that I took so long and I’m sorry that this tumblr post is all I can manage.  Interacting with you folks throughout the past five books has been my genuine pleasure, and with that, I think, it’s time to wrap up the Listen Series for good.  Thank you, friends.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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gallagher girls classified week: day 2 - favorite romantic ship

I looked from my mother to my CoveOps teacher—my father’s best friend. Once upon a time, he had sworn to take care of me and my mom should anything ever happen to my dad. And he’d done that.

Okay, so I know Matthew Morgan’s disappearance was crucial to the series and that it was the big driving force throughout all six books that that without it nothing would’ve been the same and Joe wouldn’t have taught CoveOps and Cam never would have met Josh and she’d never write about the circus but I just get so angry when I think about the spy world with Matthew Morgan in it.  Like:

  • Joe Solomon walking in on that first day and Cam writing a letter home to Matt saying, “idk Dad this guy’s pretty shady” and Matt writes back like, “Yeah, he sounds pretty evil you should definitely do that thing I taught you with the honey to catch him and interrogate him.  Definitely.”
  • Joe telling Matt about his stupid kid and “God she just vanishes. I can’t teach her anything if I can’t see her Matt.  Matt?  Are you listening to me?  MATT.  This is your fault Matthew–stop teaching your daughter things before I teach them.”
  • Joe telling Matt about his super mega talented kid and “I don’t know how she did it.  Honest to God.”
  • Abby and Matt knocking each other around in the P&E Barn.
  • Rachel and Matt getting caught making out in the P&E Barn.
  • Joe asking Matt for help with the CoveOps final in LYKL and Cam fighting her dad.  Snide remarks would ensue.
  • Joe setting up Cam and Zach in DC (bc Joe Solomon was the biggest Zammie shipper in the whole series–do not even get me started) and Matt in the background like “idk, Joe.  Zach is a little too rugged and handsome.  What about that Jonas kid?  He looks nice.  Why don’t you have him tail her instead?”  and “Quiet, Matthew.  Let me do my job.”
  • Matt seeing Cam in that red dress.
  • Matt seeing Cam in that red dress.
  • Matt stopping by the Gallagher Academy to see his girls and Cam walking in on Matt and Rachel mercilessly making fun of Joe.
  • Alternatively, Cam walking in on Joe and Matt making fun of Rachel (but Rachel definitely heard and now someone is going to be put on dish duty, Joseph).
  • Matt helping Joe with dish duty
  • Prank wars.  So many prank wars.
  • Papa Matt so damn tired of the Circle messing with his family, like, if Matt had been around the Circle would have been taken down in two days, honestly.
  • Matt crying as Cam walks and moves her tassel to the other side.
  • Matt freaking out because ‘Is that a grey hair–Rachel, that’s a grey hair” on the same day Cam comes home from her first mission.
  • Matt laughing when his daughter tells him “its classified”
  • Godfather Solomon.  Why in the HECK didn’t we get to see more of Godfather Solomon?

531. When Zach asked if Liz was a lesbian, she told him the next day to stop by her dorm to pick up a 12-page essay about bisexuality with a photo of her being swept off her feet by Bex while kissing as the title. Zach read it all, then sent her a paragraph review, congratulating her. Now Bex tells him the advantage of using PDA in CoveOps.


Gallagher Girls Meme: ten anything - Mr Solomon’s Words of Wisdom [8/10]

“Learn your legends early. Learn them well. The split second it takes you to recall something your cover identity would know is the split second in which very bad people can do very bad things. Most of all, remember that going into deep cover does not mean approaching subjects. It means putting yourself in a position where the subject approaches you.”


Gallagher Girls Meme: ten anything - Mr Solomon’s Words of Wisdom [9/10]

“Covert operations. The clandestine service …. It’s a life of being where you’re not supposed to be – of doing what you’re not supposed to do. It means getting in, ladies. And most important, it means getting out.”

Willa Holland as Cammie Morgan and Imogen Poots as Lizzie Sutton.