coven cast

🌙🌹 Celestial Rose Oil Spell to diminish Anxiety
Your Space: Cleansing your house/room with lavender or sage can help boost this spell. 

Ingredients: Rose hip oil, lavender oil, 2 tea spoons of dried (crushed) rose petals, 1 tea spoon crushed sea salt

Tools: Smudging bowl, pentacle, oil bottle with dripper, mason jar or glass bottle with cork for storage and protection, white candle

Combine ingredients
1. Light your candle and set it near your smudge bowl (be cautious - oils and flame should not be within unsafe distances of each other). Take your rose petals and combine them with sea salt in the palm of your hand while saying Mother moon, I call on you now, I call on you now; shine your light on my aura

2. Sprinkle these in to your smudge bowl and continue the chant fill my heart with your clarity, beauty, and soul

3. Use the dripper to add rose and lavender oil one drip at a time, 8 drips of each oil in to the smudge bowl. While dripping continue the chant may the negativity that surrounds my heart dissolve in to light; mother moon I call on you to help me in my plight

4. You can choose to take a few moments to meditate and inhale/exhale if that helps you center your aura and positivity - I highly recommend it. Gently mix everything in your smudge bowl. Once you’ve done this you can add everything into the mason jar or oil bottle. Tie your pentacle around the neck of the jar/bottle for added protection.

5. You can store this under your bed, on your window seal, or next to your bed. Meditate for a few minutes every night holding the jar before you go to bed and this can also help center yourself to alleviate anxiety. 🌹