The twins celebrated their birthday and Odelia had a desire to see Lorenzo. This was the first thing that rubbed Regina the wrong way. Although she appreciated the fact that her mother was interested in her child, it bothered her that she never expressed any interest in Isabella or Ian. Since becoming a parent herself Regina has been trying to extend more tolerance and grace towards her mother. It’s not that she doesn’t love her mom; it’s just that Odelia passive aggressive behavior hidden behind a façade of niceness has always been a bone of contention for Regina who has been able to see through it since she was a child. In spite of her apprehension Regina invited her mother over for a visit.

Black Coral Chapter 16: Devotion

Solavellan, Mermaid AU. Ongoing.

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On the eastward edge of the Exalted Archipelago, there is an unremarkable island featuring little more than a small cove that shelters a sleepy human village. The island is too small, too out of the way to be of any strategic use to the armies waging their great sea battles among the other islands—not to mention that, due to a collection of domestic pigs that were introduced by sailors and have subsequently destroyed most of the island’s wildlife, boasts no ability to feed a standing army of any kind. The people who live there rely on trade—have for as long as their village has stood there—and they don’t tend to look twice at the colours any visiting ship is flying.

War time has been good to them—so ignored by both Gaspard’s and Celene’s armies, they are usually the only stopping point in the Archipelago for any ship hoping to avoid the conflict. And, as it turns out, sailors who have spent months at sea will pay a premium for anything that isn’t fish.

“Come from Seahold, then?” the pork seller asks, inspecting a customer’s coin. A mix of Ferelden and Orlesian, mostly, with some Marcher currency thrown in.

“Aye,” the dwarf confirms, “the only place safe enough to be making any business south of the Marches, these days. Though I’m back to Kirkwall next—my wife’s due with our newest in a month, and she’ll have my hide if I’m not there for this one. Missed the last three, and I’m afraid I’ll be hearing about it when they’ve each had three of their own.”

“My daughter’s stationed there,” she says, turning to pull a pig down from where it hangs on a hook at the back of her stall, “and she hardly sends me any letters at all! As if this Inquisition life is all too exciting to be letting her mothers know she’s alive every once in a while. My wife is beside herself with worry every night, ever since we heard that big warship sunk. They ever find who did it?”

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you,” he tells her, accepting the heavy load over his broad shoulder with ease. “Didn’t stay too long, but all anyone had to say was about this Dalish girl that got washed up from the sea, all mysterious. Like something out of one of them Tethras novels, the way it’s told. Couple of the men saw her, said she was a pretty little thing. Now what was her name…? I think it started with an ‘L’. Lacey? No, that’s not… Lavish? Lord?”


The pork seller and the merchant turn to the speaker—a young Dalish man with dark hair, a bag and a spear slung over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he says, blinking rapidly. “I know it’s rude to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help but overhear—the girl’s name, was it Lavellan?”

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Jessica Rabbit Reader in an abusive relationship she can't get out of, one night she's preforming and her coved leg gets accidentally exposed with bruises and Mafia Frank and gee see it, and they're pissed so they order people to teach him a 'lesson' then ask her to go with them instead and she's scared at first because her ex had pictures and stuff he might release but they took care of that too and they're so caring towards her

YES. and at first they’re not pressuring her into anything, they just want her to feel safe, but she slowly develops feelings for both of them….


Kicking off Clara and Stellan’s round by moving them into this cute house next door to Xavier and Keffria. :) They’re so adorable but so boring so I’m hoping a change of scenery will make them more interesting to play.


Great Britain - Bourton On The Water, Allerford, Bath, Edinburgh, London, Llanrwst, Lyme Regis, Oxford, Kynance Cove, Cambridge

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Located in the northwest corner of Lake Superior Isle Royale National Park in Michigan is the place to go for solitude. The park is an island of roadless backcountry reachable only by boat or seaplane – making it the least visited national park in the lower 48 states. Photographer Carl TerHaar captured this moonrise from Pickerel Cove, one of the islands’ campgrounds that consists of a narrow ridge accessible by small boat. Full moon photo courtesy of Carl TerHaar.


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