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Timeless Views, Penn Cove, WA
Foldex 6.3
There’s something about this shot that really speaks to me.  It looks like it could have been taken 40 years ago.  The knowledge that I snapped this just a month or two ago plays with my mind in a wonderful way.  


Cornwall by Nicola Abraham


On my walk from Porthcurno beach to Penberth Cove today. The trailers were at Porthcurno carpark - saw a couple of extras and Zacky but unfortunately no Aidan. They were getting Penberth Cove ready for filming. The weather was warm today and great for walking.
'Not ashamed': dolphin hunters of Taiji break silence over film The Cove  

I try my best to see both sides of any argument. When I do pick a side, it does not mean I stop researching or trying to learn more about people that oppose my opinion.

I do not agree with the Taiji Hunts. I do not like them, and I wish they would not happen. That being said I feel like a lot of my opinion is based on the fact that I love dolphins and I do not eat dolphin. I eat a lot of chicken and ham. I know pigs can be intelligent, and I am sure there are a lot of people that love chickens and pigs and would like to see them not be killed.

I have seen The Cove. I have swam with dolphins on the Cayman Islands. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this issue.


chasing the last light of day by Danielle Nelson
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Post #2 for the evening: lupine at Mt. Hood’s Elk Cove. Wish I was back there. Image made with my Hasselblad 500 C/M.