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Cornwall by Nicola Abraham

In 2012, completely without permission, filmmaker Randy Moore shot Escape From Tomorrow, a horror movie set and filmed in Walt Disney World. It’s the story of a man who takes his family on vacation to a theme park and, over the course of a day, winds up going crazy after slowly discovering that the park is part of a psychological experiment run by an organization of people who may or may not be supernatural beings. Also, it might all be in his head. It’s … really kind of hard to explain.

So Moore had a really solid idea for what he wanted his movie to be about, but there was one problem, which you’ve already guessed: Disney doesn’t allow filming within its theme parks. And they weren’t about to make an exception for some guy making a violent horror movie about how Disney World is actually run by evil ghosts. Also, the Disney princesses work as high-class prostitutes and Mickey tries to crush a child to death. So yeah, not exactly the themes Disney wants to project as fun for the whole family.

But Moore wasn’t about to let that get in the way of his vision. He simply filmed the entire movie in secret. That was obviously much tougher than pretending to be a group of tourists with a camcorder. The cast and crew had to smuggle a full catalog of professional film equipment on site and set it up under the noses of every security guard and chump in a Goofy suit, all of whom are trained to smack down anyone doing exactly that. What resulted was a success story of guerrilla filmmaking that even the filmmakers didn’t realistically expect to be able to pull off.

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chasing the last light of day by Danielle Nelson
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Post #2 for the evening: lupine at Mt. Hood’s Elk Cove. Wish I was back there. Image made with my Hasselblad 500 C/M.

Possible confirmation of another documentary? Louie Psihoyos, maker of The Cove (the film about the Taiji dolphin slaughters) and Racing Extinction (the newer film about the wildlife trade), posted this yesterday on his Facebook. I cannot confirm anything specifically about this new documentary, but I am always up for speculation! What do you guys think the movie will be about/have in it?