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About last night.. #sunset at #Plakiassuites #beach🌅 #summer in #Greece #Crete

I traveled miles alone, into territory I’ve never been.  It was calming, quiet, and exactly what I needed. The cliffs were draped in ice, small waterfalls cascaded into pools of teal water. The moss was vivid and ice pushed through the rich forest soil. I found my way along a ledge that followed beside a ravine. The slopes were covered in Rhododendron, and without the chilly air on my face, it would be hard to believe it was winter. A green and thriving cove, it felt like I was exploring a different country. Our land is so unique. Our mountains hold wonders that few will ever seek. But here I am, alone in the wild, so content. Always grateful for the life I live, for the freedom I have to roam.