covaire city events

Hi guys!

This is for all our players and the one who sent in an anon today. When you’re having an issue in the group, whether it’s with a rule, an event, a player, etc. we cannot provide you help when you write to us under anon.

So please guys, when an issue arise, please come to us, off anon and be clear about the issue or the concerned people.

Thanks everyone!

~Admins (:


Vivienne needed distraction. What she truly wanted was to kill, to drain any hunter she found dry. She was heading to find a little bit of solitude at the club. Still unable to reach Pierce, so it was the only source of comfort she had left.

A loud explosion threw the vampire back, “FUCK!” quickly she ran to he center of the city, the sight before her causing her to scream. Club Desires along with the surrounding buildings were engulfed in flames. Running forward, she stopped just short of the doors, her resolve finally coming to it’s breaking point…her sanity slowly slipping away for good.