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Heeey! Couuld iii req a peter parker (tom/andrew u choose) where she is mad at him and ignores him, his texts, everything. And he tries his best to reach her, and just desperately wants her to talk to him again. Thank you!

Hello, thanks for requesting! If you don’t mind, I’ll put this request with the other Peter imagine in my writing list and write them together. I had a cool idea on how to fit them together and it helps me out a lot too :)

The last thing Chat had expected was the slap. No, that was second to last thing, at least he knew his Lady could be a tad violent.  The TEARS were the last thing he expected.

“Stop it,” Ladybug said, voice thick, a glare on her face with the tears, but he could see there was pain in that anger.

He put a hand to his stinging cheek, feeling lost. “Stop what?”

“Stop…stop trying to sacrifice yoruself for me! What even was that face?! How couuld you look at peace when you thought you were going to die?!” Ladybug demanded, shoving him back a few steps.


Yes, he supposed it was true. He had come into the scene, seeing a light headed right for her. He hadn’t been precisely sure what it’d do. He could lie, say he did, but…he didn’t. And none of the others frozen in place were nearby at the time for him to have made the deduction.

He could lie, but…

They both knew he’d done it more than once.

“My lady, I’m fine, surely that’s all that mat-”

“That is not all that matters! You won’t be everytime, Chat!” Ladybug shouted, a sob slipping into her voice. “How can you be so calm about this? Do you have a death wish?”

“Wha-of course not!” He said.

“Then why?!”

“Isn’t it obvious?” He asked. Even if he never properly confessed, she couldn’t be that dense.

“I don’t return your feelings,” she snapped.

He flinched back, feeling like he’d stabbed in the heart. “Ladybug…”

“I don’t! I don’t want to date you or kiss you or anything like that, so…so stop it!” Ladybug said, wiping at her eyes. “Stop….stop risking your life. Stop…looking at peace with it…”

It hurt, her words, but he could see the meaning behind them. It may be true, it might not, but mostly, she wanted him to stop. To stop taking the hit. To stop making peace with the fact he’d take the finishing blow if that’s what it was.

“…I can’t.”

“Chat, I told you I don’t-”

“You don’t feel for me like I do for you,” he said, voice far more somber than he’d usually allow for himself t Chat Noir. It hurt to say, it felt like he was tearing out his own heart. But it seems to have silenced her more effective than anything he could do. And. He needed her to understand. “That doesn’t matter. I could be completely neutral to you, and I’d still do it.”

“Chat, I know you’re a hero, but I am too. There’s no reason for you to put your life on the line like that,” Ladybug said, voice more pleading than he’s ever heard it.

“Hero…no, we’re not the same, Ladybug,” Chat said and he said a hurt look on her face, like he’d insulted her. “Paris can survive without me.”

“Chat, Paris needs you just as much as me,” Ladybug insisted.

“Do you remember how we met?” He asked, eyes looking at the ground past Ladybug, not able to meet her eyes. He remembered that time. How he went after the Akuma over and over and over again. How he broke the weapon, how he caught the butterfly. How it escaped.

How it always got worse.

“Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“I can’t purify Akuma,” he said, voice hard and tight. He hears how her teeth click together as she closes her mouth, the sharp, sudden intake of breath. “I can’t fix what’s been broken. I’m destruction and bad luck. On my own, that’s all I am.”

“Can’t you learn how to?” Ladybug asked in a quiet whisper.

“No. I tried. After I saw you do it, I asked him over and over again, but he says we can’t. We’re not healers. I’m….not a healer,” Chat said and how he wished he was. He wanted to be able to fix things, to truly save people. But all he was, was a distraction. A stop gap. On his own, he could be nothing more. He looked up at her face, saw the stricken, horrified look on her face.

She hadn’t even realized it, had she? How necessary she was. How much more important than him she was. She thought they were the same.

It made him love her just a bit more.

“Even if I hated you as a person, if I was a hero, if I was stilll me, I’d do it. I’m at peace with that, because it means I’m saving someone important to me. And because I’m doing what’s best for Paris. Your job is to save Paris. My job is to make sure you do that, no matter what.” And it was.

He would do anything to protect his Lady. He would die for love, without a thought, but he had wondered. What if he fell for someone else. What if a budding crush for another outshone the love he held for his Lady? Would that change how things worked?

But it wouldn’t. It couldn’t. Because he remembers all that pain and frustration on how he couldn’t save that first one.

How he couldn’t save Chloe, his first friend, from the darkness that possessed her after he first rejected her advances. How many times he’d been beaten down. How it had been a true crash course in what he could do and handle because he was alone and he had to figure out how far he could go.

He remembered the yoyo, the light, the healing of the broken world around him. Really, he wasn’t surprised how much more popular than him Ladybug was.

She was essential, and he was just the one who drew fire.

The tears were falling more freely now, the look of pained horror on Ladybug’s face as she realized the truth.