couture hat


Pack of Recolors pt 3

Haylee Jones, our newest teen model, is displaying our recolored cc items based off of four different personalities! Sporty, Classy, Sassy and Gothic Couture 💀

BaseGame Baseball Hat [Recolor] This is an ADD SWATCH ITEM

Rusty Nail’s Half Sleeves Turtleneck Sweater [Recolor] [Mesh]

Leeleesims1′s Loungin’ Around Sweatshirt Dress [Recolor] [Mesh]

Deer-Solar’s Hoodie Dress [Recolor] [Mesh]

Pixel Perfect Palette

*ADD SWATCH ITEMS* You will need to click on the original item in game to access the recolors. This is to keep your CAS clutter free, short and sweet :)

Credits: @leeleesims1, @deer-solar, Rusty-Nail and EA

Givenchy Hat for Le Jardin des Modes, Paris
Frank Horvat (Italian; 1928– )
1958 (printed 1995)
Haus der Photographie, Sammlung F. C. Gundlach, Hamburg, Germany