couture disney characters


So for those of you who saw my original Tinkerbell and Peri Haute couture sketches (if you haven’t seen them links are at the bottom of the post), you remember me mentioning that I was going through and revamping each Fairy design with new 2014 art.

Well… long story short, I’m super busy with work and with another personal project right now. So I probably won’t revamp the rest of the fairies for a while. SO in the mean time have the original 2013 illustrations!

Iridessa’s Haute Couture design was always my favorite of all the designs I did. I do also have a finished design for Rosetta that I did in 2013, and sketches for Fawn and Vidia. I’ll post the last three in a separate post. 

Check out Tinkerbell’s design here, and Periwinkle’s design here