Wonder, wonder...

I watched Wonder Woman and I can tell it’s a wonderful movie. 

Beware, I am French, so expect me to be a little bit chauvinistic. I liked the fact Wonder Woman works at the Louvres at Paris. It makes sense because she knows so much things about myths and languages. She fits in that kind of work. I know in the comics she’s a shy American nurse, but she also fits into that role. It’s a nice change. 

Plus, Steve Trevor is a British soldier, not an American one unlike the comics. It’s nice to see this change, it shows Diana’s job isn’t about only one coutntry, but for the whole world. I mean she’s a God’s daughter and she has to watch over the whole humanity not just the US. 

Besides, I liked the idea of using people which are left behind the society as a group which surrounds Diana. Actually, it helps people to understand everyone is good for something. Much like the original idea Mr. Marston got with Wonder Woman: in order to help girls to feel better concerning male activities like sports of work, he gave some attributes to Diana which fit to this idea. 

I loved the culture shock between Steve and Diana. It was fun to watch: she meets a man for the first tim eof her life and she’s intrigued, Steve meets for the first time in his life so-called mythological creatures and he doesn’t quite get it until the end. Those moments are truly a treasure. 

I liked the innocence Diana has during all the movie until the very end when she lost it due to Steve’s death. She remains innocent, she’s pure-hearted, she’s kind, she’s sweet, she’s a wonderful person. Those vertues don’t make you weak but they make you a person. Clear difference. Pretty much like falling in love  for a guy doesn’t make you weak but makes you a person. It’s all what matters. 

It’s something I like in this movie: girls need help from men but men also dependent from women. I felt an equality between Diana and Steve for example. You can’t dismiss the other part. It’s a very beautiful message for everyone. 

But what strikes me the most is our beloved Remus Lupin. I thought he was a kind-hearted philantropist person, but he’s the God of War, Ares. Are you even kidding me? In addition, I expected more, he’s meant to be a God, right? So why his powers don’t affect the sky itself? It would have been nice by the way. But I will respect what the directors have done. 

All in all it’s a pretty much amazing movie I will recommend to everyone!