Alterative views The Royal Armouries_10- “Armour Detail” by Dave Turner


“Today we delivered a set of three Ash counter stools to a fairy tale cabin in the woods on the South coast of Cornwall. The beautifully made little Oak framed cabin is being let out as a Cornish getaway, and the stools take pride of place along a waney edge Ash kitchen island!…..”

Prompt 5 - Little Star

I got another request from @jadedhillon!!

Request -  I have this headcannon that Tim loves musicals so could I request a story where Tim is like online or something looking up his favorite Broadway star’s new musical and he sees pics of Jason with the Broadway star at the premier and that’s how he finds out Jason has a girlfriend and he fanboys out and drives to Jason’s apartment to meet his girlfriend (and maybe ask for tickets to her show cuz they’re impossible to get) and just general fanboy Tim when he meets the girlfriend.

I did the best I could! I hope you like it!


Y/N Y/L/N is a famous Broadway singer in The Phantom of the Opera, she is the lead Christine, and she is Tim Drakes favorite Broadway star. Tim was sitting in the study at Wayne Manor looking up when Y/N’s next show was. It was almost two months away, and it was already sold out, so were all of the shows up to a year away! Tim groaned in disappointment, he really wanted to see you perform live. He continued to browse through the theatre company’s website and went to look at the pictures.

“No fucking way!!” Tim shouted, causing Damian to look up.

“What are you shouting about Drake?”

“Jason is dating Y/N Y/L/N!! He took her to the shows premier!! Look!!!” Tim whips around his laptop to show Damian, the entire screen filled with a picture of Y/N and Jason on premier night.

“Todd has been seeing a woman for almost two years now, but she is not always in Gotham because she must be away for her work, and after missions Todd will fly out to meet her”

Tim looked at Damian incredulously, “How do you know all that?”

Damian quietly turned back to his sketch book, “I have met Todd’s Beloved several times, they are both staying in Gotham right now, it is about two months until she has to leave again”

“Do you … do you think I could see her?” Tim whispered, “I would really like to meet her”

“She is Todd’s Beloved, if you show up at their apartment she will have no choice by to tolerate your idiocy”

Tim was quick to close his laptop and get in his car. He was going to meet Y/N, maybe she would be able to get him tickets, or sign the picture he has of her.


“Babe!” You call out, curling around Jason’s pillow, “Can you make me some pancakes?”

Jason chuckled as he leaned against the doorway, “You have to get up if I make pancakes”

You peek over the pillow at him and pout, “No”

Jason grinned and jumped onto the bed, squishing you under him, “Jay!” you shrieked

Jason propped himself up on his elbows and you threw your arms around his neck, “Can I have a kiss?” you whisper.

“Anything for my little star”

Jason dips down and presses his lips against yours, quickly licking into your mouth. You wrap your legs around his waist, making it obvious that you aren’t wearing any pants. One of Jason’s hands runs up your thigh, “I think I can give you a better breakfast than pancakes”

Just as you lean back in there is a frantic knock on the apartment door. You groan and flop back onto the bed, “We need to answer the door” you place one more quick kiss on Jason’s lips and get up to put on pants.

Jason walks out to answer the door and you go to brush your hair and teeth. You could hear Jason talking to someone, his voice lower than the other persons. Jason walked into the bathroom, “Baby girl, my little brother has come to see you”

“Damian’s here?”

“No my other little brother, Tim, apparently he didn’t know we were together. He found out today, and he really wants to meet you. Do you mind indulging him?”

You turn around to look at Jason, “You know that I don’t mind meeting your family members, especially ones who are fans of my work!”

“Good, ‘cause he is sitting in the damn living room and refusing to fucking leave unless you tell him to”

You chuckle, “I think I like him already”

You pull your hair up in a messy bun and walk out to the living room. Tim is standing in the living room his mouth open in shock, the picture that his is holding shaking with his hands.

“Oh my god” he whispered, “you’re Y/N Y/L/N”

You smile softly, “Indeed I am, and you must be Tim, I haven’t yet had the honor of meeting you yet” you held your hand out to shake him but he just kept staring at you, an almost love struck smile on his face.

“Are you alright?” you ask

“I love you” immediately Tim flushes scarlet, his eyes widening in horror.

You laugh gently, amused at his outburst. “It’s alright, just relax”

“I’m so sorry, I’m not usually like this, I’m just a rally big fan. I love musicals, and you are my favorite singer and actress!” Tim said in a rush.

You smile again, “I’m glad I have such a big fan” you glance at the picture that he is holding, it is one of you, “Did you want me sign your picture?”

Tim’s eyes widened even more, “Can you?”

“Of course, if you want we can even take a selfie for you to post on social media” you glance at Jason, who had moved to the kitchen and started making pancakes, “I could also give you box seats to my next performance”

Tim’s mouth dropped open, and his eyes looked like they were bugging out of his head. You and Jason make eye contact, “I mean if you don’t want them …”

“NO I DO!” Tim scream “I really do, I’m sorry that I yelled, but I would really like the ticket, I tried to buy tickets but they are impossible to find! Everything is sold out!”

“I know, that’s why I offered to give you one, Jason and Damian already have their tickets. Honestly the Wayne family has their own box, so whenever you want to go to a performance you can”

Tim whipped around and looked at Jason, pointing an accusing finger at him, “You knew that she was my favorite Broadway performer, and you neglected to tell me that everyone has a standing invitation to her plays”

Jason chuckled, “Didn’t really think it was my place to invite you, thought it would be better is she did it herself”

You quickly finish signing the picture and hand it back to Tim, “Did you want to take a picture with me?”

Tim quickly pulled out his phone and you put your heads close together to take the selfie. “This is definitely a keeper! It is going up on everything”

“Alright well if you are done fanboying Timmy, you are welcome to stay for pancakes” Jason called out.

“Yeah! You should definitely stay! I need to get to know Jaybirds baby brother! I need some embarrassing stories to hold over his head”

Tim chuckled, “Well I have some of those, but first I’m gonna use your bathroom”

After Tim walked out of the room you walked by behind Jason and rested your head against his back, “Thank you, for putting up with my family”

You gently kiss his shoulder, “For you Jay, I would put up with anyone”

He turned in your arms and gently kissed the top of your head, “I know. And that’s one of the reasons I love you”

You give him a cheeky grin and grap a pancake from the plate resting on the couter behind Jason and dance out of his arms, “Well I only love you for your pancakes!” You giggle and shove half the pancake into your mouth.

Jason growled and grabbed you around the waist, tickling you, “Oh yeah?“ You shriek for Jason to stop, “Admit that you love me for more than my pancakes and I will!”

“Alright! ALRIGHT!” You screech, Jason stops tickling you, “I love you Jaybird” you whisper, suddenly serious.

Jason pulls you close to him, pressing your hips to him, “I love you too, my little star”

Suddenly you see a camera flash and Tim say, “That is the cutest fucking picture I think I have ever seen!” Jason ends up chasing Tim around the living room in an attempt to grab the phone and you sit on the counter, eating pancakes.

Eventually Jason catches Tim and sits on him to get the phone, “You know that it a really good picture. I’m sending it to myself”


The picture ended up becoming Jason’s screensaver, and it goes viral within a hour of it being posted. Y/N and Jason became the hottest couple in Broadway. The two even got several interviews to talk about their relationship and the picture.


So this is kinda what I was picturing with the picture that Tim took. Just the positioning, obviously the people would look different.

The Ultimate Star Trek Masterpost
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Pilot - The Cage

Season 1

The Man Trap | Charlie X | Where No Man Has Gone Before | The Naked Time | The Enemy Within | Mudd’s Women | What Are Little Girls Made Of? | Miri | Dagger of the Mind | The Corbomite Maneuver | The Menagerie, Part I | The Menagerie, Part II | The Conscience of the King | Balance of Terror | Shore Leave | The Galileo Seven | The Squire of Gothos | Arena | Tomorrow Is Yesterday | Court Martial | The Return of the Archons | Space Seed | A Taste of Armageddon | This Side of Paradise | The Devil in the Dark | Errand of Mercy | The Alternative Factor | The City on the Edge of Forever | Operation: Annihilate!

Season 2

Amok Time | Who Mourns for Adonais | The Changeling | Mirror, Mirror | The Apple | The Doomsday Machine | Catspaw | I, Mudd | Metamorphosis | Journey to Babel | Friday’s Child | The Deadly Years | Obsession | Wolf in the Fold | The Trouble with Tribbles | The Gamesters of Triskelion | A Piece of the Action | The Immunity Syndrome | A Private little War | Return to Tomorrow | Patterns of Force | By Any Other Name | The Omega Glory  | The Ultimate Computer | Bread and Circuses | Assignment: Earth

Season 3

Spock’s Brain | The Enterprise Incident | The Paradise Syndrome | And the Children Shall Lead | Is There in Truth No Beauty? | Spectre of the Gun | Day of the Dove | For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky | The Tholian Web | Plato’s Stepchildren | Wink of an Eye | The Empath | Elaan of Troyius | Whom Gods Destroy | Let That Be Your Last Battlefield | The Mark of Gideon | That Which Survives | The Lights of Zetar | Requiem for Methuselah | The Way to Eden | The Cloud Minders | The Savage Curtain | All Our Yesterdays | Turnabout Intruder


Season 1

Beyond the Farthest Star | Yesteryear | One of Our Planets Is Missing | The Lorelei Signal | More Tribbles, More Troubles | The Survivor | The Infinite Vulcan | The Magicks of Megas-tu | Once Upon a Planet | Mudd’s Passion | The Terratin Incident | The Time Trap | The Ambergris Element | The Slaver Weapon | The Eye of the Beholder | The Jihad

Season 2

The Pirates of Orion | Bem | The Practical Joker | Albatross | How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth | The Couter-Clock Incident


Season 1

Encounter at Farpoint | The Naked Now | Code of Honor | The Last Outpost | Where No One Has Gone Before | Lonely Among Us | Justice | The Battle | Hide and Q | Haven | The Big Goodbye | Datalore | Angel One | 11001001 | Too Short a Season | When the Bough Breaks | Home Soil | Coming of Age | Heart of Glory | The Arsenal of Freedom | Symbiosis | Skin of Evil | We’ll Always Have Paris | Conspiracy | The Neutral Zone

Season 2

The Child | Where Silence Has Lease | Elementary, Dear Data | The Outrageous Okona | Loud as a Whisper | The Schizoid Man | Unnatural Selection | A Matter of Honor | The Measure of a Man | The Dauphin | Contagion | The Royale | Time Squared | The Icarus Factor | Pen Pals | Q Who? | Samaritan Snare | Up the Long Ladder | Manhunt | The Emissary | Peak Performance | Shades of Gray

Season 3

Evolution | The Ensigns of Command | The Survivors | Who Watches the Watchers | The Bonding | Booby Trap | The Enemy | The Price | The Vengeance Factor | The Defector | The Hunted | The High Ground | Déjà Q | A Matter of Perspective | Yesterday’s Enterprise | The Offspring | Sins of the Father | Allegiance | Captain’s Holiday | Tin Man | Hollow Pursuits | The Most Toys | Sarek | Ménage à Troi | Transfigurations | The Best of Both Worlds: Part I

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The Best of Both Worlds: Part II | Family | Brothers | Suddenly Human | Remember Me | Legacy | Reunion | Future Imperfect | Final Mission | The Loss | Data’s Day | The Wounded | Devil’s Due | Clues | First Contact | Galaxy’s Child | Night Terrors | Identity Crisis | The Nth Degree | Qpid | The Drumhead | Half a Life | The Host | The Mind’s Eye | In Theory | Redemption I

Season 5

Redemption II | Darmok | Ensign Ro | Silicon Avatar | Disaster | The Game | Unifaction I | Unifaction II | A Matter of Time | New Ground | Hero Worship | Violations | The Masterpiece Society | Conundrum | Power Play | Ethics | The Outcast | Cause and Effect | The First Duty | Cost of Living | The Perfect Mate | Imaginary Friend | I, Borg | The Next Phase | The Inner Light | Time’s Arrow: Part 1

Season 6

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Season 7

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Season 1

Emissary | Past Prologue | A Man Alone | Babel | Captive Pursuit | Q-Less | Dax | The Passenger | Move Along Home | The Nagus | Vortex | Battle Lines | The Storyteller | Progress | If Wishes Were Horses | The Forsaken | Dramatis Personae | Duet | In the Hands of the Prophets

Season 2

The Homecoming | The Circle | The Siege | Invasive Procedures | Cardassians | Melora | Rules of Acquisition | Necessary Evil | Second Sight | Sanctuary | Rivals | The Alternate | Armageddon Game | Whispers | Paradise | Shadowplay | Playing God | Profit and Loss | Blood Oath | The Maquis: Part 1 | The Maquis: Part 2 | The Wire | Crossover | The Collaborator | Tribunal | The Jem'Hadar

Season 3

The Search: Part 1 | The Search: Part 2 | The House of Quark | Equilibrium | Second Skin | The Abandoned | Civil Defense | Meridian | Defiant | Fascination | Past Tense: Part 1 | Past Tense: Part 2 | Life Support | Heart of Stone | Destiny | Prophet Motive | Visionary | Distant Voices | Through the Looking Glass | Improbable Cause | The Die is Cast | Explorers | Family Business | Shakaar | Facets | The Adversary

Season 4

The Way of the Warrior | The Visitor | Hippocratic Oath | Indiscretion | Rejoined | Starship Down | Little Green Men | The Sword of Kahless | Our Man Bashir | Homefront | Paradise Lost | Crossfire | Return to Grace | Sons of Mogh | Bar Association | Accession | Rules of Engagement | Hard Time | Shattered Mirror | The Muse | For the Cause | To the Death | The Quickening | Body Parts | Broken Link

Season 5

Apocalypse Rising | The Ship | Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places | …Nor the Battle to the Strong | The Assignment | Trials and Tribble-ations | Let He Who Is Without Sin… | Things Past | The Ascent | Rapture | The Darkness and the Light | The Begotten | For the Uniform | In Purgatory’s Shadow | By Inferno’s Light | Doctor Bashir, I Presume? | A Simple Investigation | Business as Usual | Ties of blood and Water | Ferengi Love Songs | Soldiers of the Empire | Children of Time | Blaze of Glory | Empok Nor | In the Cards | Call to Arms

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Season 7

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Friend or Foe [Lafayette x Reader]

Length: 2457 words

Genre: FLUFF

TW: Nada

A/N: I got a tad bit carried away with this one >< I live for Jealous!Lafayette huhuhuhuhu. Most of my stories on Lafayette has a hint of a jealous/angry Frenchman. 

The night was dark, and the only source of light was the streelights that stood on the side of the streets. It barely luminated the streets, but it was enough. You made your way to the local bar, on your way to meet up with your couter, Gilbert. Unknowingy, you smiled at the thought of him. Your favourite, and perhaps everyone’s favourite Frenchman, the man who has captured your heart.  


You were in the middle of turning to the source of the voice when a group of men in red coats whisked by you, knocking you to the ground. A surprised gasp escaped your lips as you stumbled, your ankle twisting in an awkward position. "AHH!” you yelled, hearing the crack in your ankle, and falling on the ground.   

“Miss! Are you alright?” a man kneeled beside you, a gloved arm on your upper arm. 

“I think I hurt my ankle,” you responded.   

“I’m sorry. I tried to warn you-" 

"It was my fault. I wasn’t fast enough,” you laughed, shaking your head.   

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anonymous asked:

So here I go! Could you talk a little about how would it be if you want to seduce them? What would work? Would they "react" right away or tease you about it? Something they would find extremely seductive? Any type of lingerie they would be into (something cute? sexy? color?)? Would they find more atractive when you´re confident about situation (seducing them) or when you´re cutely shy about having initiative? I guess it´s enough. 😅😁 Hope you´ll enjoy writing it. ~ surprisingly-me-again-❤-loveU

so i took this in the sense that your already dating and your trying to arouse them, not just youve met and your trying to flirt/hook up with them, hope thats right ^_^’

Confidence and spontaneity all the way!

lets be honest its going to take a lot of effort and guts to get him to blush, and even when he does start to feel it you have to battle against his self control, because he’ll be doing everything he can to make sure he doesn’t blush at all. 

something unexpected would work, but it can’t just be you in the underwear it has to be more, like a strip tease, but whatever you do be ready for his couter attack because he will hit back and watch for your reaction.

you’ll have to go to his sensitive areas, more than just the obvious, but that does work too, places like his neck (more towards the front than the side). 
i see him being very ticklish though so be careful not to trigger it because it might just cause him to clam up, realise whats happening then make it so much harder for you.  

simple elegance works amazingly it doesn’t need to be too much, anything where he can see some cheek then he’s happy

something more akin to sneaky, deliberate movements 

because he’s so into skinship, and he’s already had his hands everywhere, so anything where he just can’t touch is best for the quickest results, 

but he won’t be happy when he does eventually get to touch you, so be warned 

going from being very forward to being suddenly submissive is a big plus, but a submissive that its shy to ask for what they like, he’s totally into sexy talk.

instantly i thought of mesh and strapy, anything that leaves little to the imagination, actually nothing would be better. he wants to touch with the least amount of material in the way.

nothings sexier than eye contact in everything you do.

he’s surprisingly easy to rile up, just walk into his room in your skimpiest underwear and he can’t take his eyes off you. even if you catch him staring he won’t avert his eyes he’ll just smirk at you and, well….

he’s not really the payback kind of person, so all your efforts will be received well, no matter how much you teased him.

something more like a longline bra, the ones that hug your ribs, because it shows of your curves better, paired with super skimpy panties.

subtly sexy, he knows your sexy, and he loves it when your not trying to be over the top sexy.

you dont have to do much, he’s always got an eye on you in whatever you do, especially if your walking around his room in something for his eyes only. 

he could be happily reading something and just seeing you swish past him is enough to catch his attention, he’d watch as you stretch out on the bed getting ready to read, and then he realises that he's forgotten what he’s just read. 

if your looking to do something special, anything where your touch lingers is more than enough. you could give him a quick kiss, but your hands slowly brush over his shoulders, that kind of longing touch will get him following you anywhere

i dont know why but all i could imagine was cute/sexy shorts, its more like sleeping shorts rather than everyday underwear. as for the cami top, he loves the idea of it not being right there but only his to find, he loves sneaking his hands under your layers

he loves the change from cute to sexy

Whispers! all the way, it drives him mad, its the sexiest thing because your trying not to be obvious about it. 

you can say anything to his, you can tell him what you want, or ask him, but whatever it is, it will send a shiver down his spine, he’ll get so hot and bothered by it, its a killer move.

also I’m 100% sure he has blow job whilst gaming on his wish list. when his on team speak, because then he can’t moan.

something super cute, lacy in light colours, the cuts can be super risky that ups the sexy but the first impression is 

prefers a little more confidence over cuteness.

something that will get his head spinning, is when youre initiating it by being a little sneaky, it can be touch,

 but he’d love it when you tell him what you want over the phone and he has to control his reaction, like a dirty little secret. 

text are easy to catch and so are pics, as the boys always end u going through his photos, phone calls are easy, as long as you’re not on speaker. 

instantly this colour of wine red came to mind, and satin. its the definition of luxurious sexy underwear. i also see him being into satin ribbons too. he loves that its so thin and soft to touch.

an innocent but playful charm. 

he’s all about those ‘innocent’ touches that lead to so much more. its those moments where you could be just watching a movie and a soft unexpected touch leads to kisses.

 the last thing he wants it to be told not to touch, you can try all you like but he’s not going to listen to your rules, touch for a touch, kiss for a kiss, simple. 

something that will always get his attention is when your stretching, it could be exercise or just to get something from the top shelf, but as soon as it shows midriff or your lower back, he’s eyes are glued to you, slowly getting closer to you without realising.

baby dolls is all i could think of, it has cuteness and sexiness. something super sheer but in cute colours and patterns, nothing to complicated with ribbons and straps

~ahgase Omma 


Today we patterned Camilla’s rerebraces (not pictured), vambraces and gauntlets (pictured here)! We used the cling wrap + tape method for the rerebraces and vambraces. The gauntlets were more complicated - they needed to have a flared trumpet shape and be narrow enough at the wrists to not look bulky. We initially built a frame out of crumpled aluminium foil, then slashed a long strip of paper, taping the slashed parts over one another to create a flare. This was combined with a cling wrap and tape piece around the wrist, so it tapered into a fitted piece. The plates on the back of the hand will be separate/articulated so that Jenn has a good range of motion. :) Nohr armour is ridiculous but I’m excited to work with Jenn on this. Spiky Bowser couters to follow!

- Kat

neurodivergentmorby  asked:

do ME a solid and could you get two screenshots from when mordecai picks rigby up (one before he does and looks pissed, and one when he does and looks pissed) in the episode where rigby gets his hand stuck in the vcr?

i was sure there was a scene just like that but i watched through the whole episode and the best i could find was in the vcr repair shop where he puts rigby down on the couter, if you put them in reverse order though it could work

also i took 3 because i wasn’t sure which ones you’d prefer but here ya go c:

Donut Factory Holiday

(Season 7 Episode 22)

Writings on the wall - Buckle up

Using this incredible beautiful screenshot from this post with the kind permission of its creator @morerandomthanusual to illustrate Blackwalls armor in my drabble.

It’s my contribution to the “writings on the wall” writer’s event and features an (yet) unromanced but (already) highly attracted Blackwall and my Arya Trevelyan. It’s set early in game, still located in Haven, probably they made camp at Lake Luthia in the Hinterlands in this setting. I just assume they gave him a Warden’s armor since he still pretends he is one.

I just love them so much wiggling around each other, not yet doing the next step.

It’s some fluffy, flirty stuff… some comfort, but no real hurt in the common sense of this trope. 

sfw - 1823 words

Read here on AO3

Have fun!

Buckle up

He was always one of the first to be up in the morning. No matter if at camp or at Haven, Blackwall actually enjoyed the quiet of those mornings.

Seeing the night change to dawn and finally turning into daylight. Setting up the kettle brewing some tea or coffee and prepare something for breakfast, may it be scrambled eggs with bacon or some sweet porridge. He had become a wanted member of any field mission for this habit and, to be honest, he liked doing this kind of things for those people who had taken him in without further questions.

He liked doing it for her.

But of course, this had to be kept to himself. No matter how much The Herald kept on hitting on him and no matter how much he loved that and wanted to give in – this was something he could not allow to happen.

And so he forced his eyes back to the fire this very morning when he realized that she had left her tent, probably to take a bath in the nearby pond. She was early, too, and he hoped that she would not have noticed that he was not only up to prepare breakfast.

Maybe she won’t even notice him, he hoped, well knowing that Arya Trevelyan was everything but a morning person.

She had not greeted as she slipped out of camp so probably she won’t be in the mood for an early morning chat when she returned.

Blackwall increased his efforts to get done with what he was busy and what was the reason he had decided to get up extra early. And it showed he had been right about this decision to buy himself a bit extra time by cutting sleep.

Desperately he tried to properly put on his armor, but it seemed to consist of nothing but buckles and laces and nimble things he simply could not mend together today.

Usually, he could do all that literally in his sleep, but thanks to the heavy boot of one of the bandits they had fought yesterday - which ended up stepping on his hand while he had to get up from a heavy blow he had taken while protecting the Herald - his thumb was not only swollen and in pain but colored in deep blue, green and violet shades of a solid hematoma.

It was only a minor bruise and would not affect his abilities to fight, but everything that needed precise and small maneuvers was simply impossible. Nevertheless, Blackwall did not intend to let that learn anybody.

Being a burden was the last thing he intended to be.

„Let me do this. You will either break your armor or your poor fingers.“ Her voice was amused, but not as teasing as he knew it could be.

Makers balls, she had caught him and of course, she already knew that there was something wrong. Not much seemed to escape her beautiful eyes.

„Never mind, my lady.“ Blackwall tried to reject, desperately tugging on a buckle that was not cooperative at all. And so he failed, again and again, to get the sturdy leather strap through its eye. „I do this almost all my life. I can handle it.“

„I can see that!” Now she was teasing.

He looked up and his eyes widened. Her black hair was still soaking wet and kept on dripping from her bare shoulders onto the linen blanket she had wrapped around her body. Not even to say if she wore any smalls, but she simply did not care.

„Show me your hand!“ she demanded and he had no idea how to wiggle himself out of this mess.

„My lady…“ he tried, but it sounded too lame to impress her.

She knelt down and grabbed his hand. Blackwall did not know where to look in his sheer embarrassment: The Herald of Andraste knelt in front of him. The woman he secretly adored and desperately pined after: Almost naked and dripping wet from her morning bath.

But she was not playing games or tried to flirt right now.

Makers balls!“ it slipped from her lips when she finally was done inspecting his thumb. „What did you do? Letting a nuggalope step on it?“

„It will heal.“ Reluctant and unwilling he tried to have his hand back because he already liked it way too much having her so close and even holding his hand.

She nodded.

„Of course, it will. Can you hold your sword in the meantime? And don’t lie to me!“

He flinched! That was probably the worst she could ever ask him for. But he called himself to order. It was a legitimate question from a soldier’s point of view and she deserved an honest answer.

„I have nine other fingers, one other thumb. I can fulfill my duty.“ He muttered, but she still refused to let off of his hand.

„I’m no healer, but I’ll provide you with something later that will ease the pain. And we should stabilize it a bit more than the gauntlet will already do.“ Practical mind as always. He admired that and nodded approvingly.

„Aye, my lady.“

„And now let’s see how we get you into your armor in time before the others wake up.“ Her glance made clear that she would not have any argument about that matter with him and he finally sighed acceptingly.

He was surprised how organized she approached the matter. Either she could easily understand how the numerous pieces belonged together or she had watched him closer and more often than he had ever estimated.

He was happy that he had been able to get into his breeches all alone earlier before she had sown up. Lacing up the waistband had been a torture, but he was glad he had managed to do it somehow. Embarrassing enough to have her fumble on his armor, but he had no doubt that she would have done also that without hesitation. Only the fact that she probably would have done all this for all her companions and friends if they would be in need, made him fall back at ease again.

„Won’t you go and put your armor on first?“ he carefully suggested, as she was done closing the clasps of his blue and studded warden gambeson.

She looked down at herself, just realizing that she may be dressed a bit inappropriate, but she shrugged.

„No time. I’ll jump into it later. The knot is tight enough so I might stay modest. For now.“ She winked at him and he grinned, while he swung the chest plate with the back protector over his head.

„Fair enough.“ he could not help but grin.

„Arms up!“ she demanded and began to fasten the belts that would hold the plates in place. She was so close that he could breathe her scent.

„Where does this caramel come from? Is it a perfume you use?“ when it had slipped he bit his tongue. He had sworn to himself, not to ask personal questions and if that was not personal…

But she only shrugged.

„Been told that I smell of caramel at times. Have no idea where this comes from. Could be worse, Couldn’t it?.“

„I like caramel.“

Makers balls, shut up man!

For a moment, she took away her eyes from the clasps she was just working on and looked directly into his.

He chuckled helplessly and embarrassed about himself while he felt himself drowning in violet depths of vibrant energy.

„Good to know. Now get me that piece for the upper arm!“ her smile was more a smirk and he felt it hitting him deep down in his guts and below.

„Rerebrace, my lady.” He handed it over.

„Whatever… as long as it does its duty.” Blackwall could nothing but agree.


She wrapped the leather straps around his arm taking good care it would hold the protectors in place, but would not be too tight to cut the blood flow or limit his mobility.

He smiled while he watched her working. Adding his couters to his elbows and finally attaching the huge pauldrons onto his shoulders. She worked in utter concentration and seemed not to be into any kind of chitchat right now. He recognized how her nose wrinkled and how she nibbled on her lower lip while she was taking care that she would not forget a single notch and belt. She was adorable!

Attaching his harness with the sheath of his massive two-hander to his back and closing every single belt around his torso, adding the tasset that would protect his hips and the vulnerable femoral artery. Working steady and silent. Then she grabbed for one of the cuisses and knelt down once more.

The embarrassment was back all of a sudden.

„I’m so sorry, my lady.” his voice was hoarse. How could he ever forgive himself, letting her kneel numerous times in front of him just because he had not paid attention in battle.

„Shush! You can think of a proper payback later, but for now, I don’t want to hear another apology!” her voice made sure she meant it.

This woman never failed to amaze him.

„As you wish, my lady… what kind of compensation you had in mind?”

Was he smirking and flirting again?

Maker, this man was the incarnation of swinging mood!

„First of all, you better don’t let you get killed. Everything beyond that is entirely up to you.”

She looked up at him from her kneeling position and the angle alone made his blood rush.

„I think I can handle that.” He managed to say and helped her attaching the cuisse by holding it to his thigh so she could close the belts. After that, putting kneecaps and greaves went smooth and fast.

„Almost done.” She sighed and jumped up. „Let me put on my own stuff, then I’ll help you with some patch to steady that thumb and we can finally get onto your gauntlets.”

He stood and tried not to thank her again. She had been everything during the last moments: Friend, comrade, flirt, a lady to adore and a fellow companion, he trusted with his life by letting her take care for the only protection that would be between him and the enemy’s blades later. While he still tried to figure out what to do and say here, some old chivalrous reflex took over, that made him take her hand.

And he placed a soft kiss on her palm.

This time, she had nothing to reply, but an adorable blush - suddenly being more than aware that she had been jumping around him all this time with nothing on but a blanket- and when he said in a low voice „Thank you. For everything.” she could not answer.