So as you guys may know I basically spent all of season four increasingly convinced that I would never be able to make my Newlywed Game fic I started writing before the premiere canon-compliant, because 1. it’s kind of silly and lighthearted and 2. why would Daisy and Coulson be sent on a mission to a game show? Even if they were going to not air it, what about the live studio audience or other contestants recognizing them? Quake has fans now. And if the show was up to shady stuff why would they knowingly bring in a superhero?

I’ll be happy to report that the following train of thought JUST occurred as I was looking it over again. 

Me: There’s no way on earth this could work

The Show: What about not earth? 


ALIEN NEWLYWED GAME GUYS. It still works because the inspiration for the fic absolutely still applies. After all, how would an alien race imagine a human couple might dress in their cheesy promotional shots?

Like these blue and pink monstrosities, OBVIOUSLY
there's not enough cosplay in your life - RowboatCop
Daisy & Coulson getting dressed up.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Word Count: 1148
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Star Wars, Costumes, Hand Jobs, Coulson has always wanted to be Leia, Makeup, cross-dressing

I wrote a short little thing!! It’s pretty much PWP, and it practically begs for a more explicit sequel (Daisy & Coulson getting undressed), so. Fingers crossed?

So, I don’t know what happened or who suddenly decided to target me (or did someone else got this? i hope not) but four of my Cousy fics in ao3 have been spammed wih hate. One of them tells me to drink bleach (ie kill myself, I guess), so it’s not just hate on the ship. Not sure if this comes from a Skyeward or a P/hilinda (at this point it’s more likely that it’s a P/hilinda) but it’s been a while since I got something so vicious, a good reminder in case I was starting to feel too safe in this fandom.

Here, here, here and here. (and here, edited cause I got another attacked as I was writing this)

Not sure if it’s the same person as they use four anon accounts:  NatashasssRomanofff373,  quakesrus,  TheCalvary'sWife and  Buckysamsteve8390

 (putting the names in case they target someone else)

Again the Agents of SHIELD fandom is that beautiful place where people stanning Nazis and rapists must be protected but we get this crap. I will delete them in time, of course. But I’ve been accused of making stuff up before.

Maybe I should put all my fics on moderated comments, idk. But this is straight up bullying.