Skye is not the limit

when Skye says comebackcomebackcomeback, you comebackcomebackcomeback and say Skye? Skye… Skye.

i hadn’t really started watching AoS just yet when i came across that bit, first as a gif, then in a fan video, and it haunted me until i finally got to The Magical Place and my heart could properly explode at the look of relief and pure bliss on Coulson’s face. i don’t know if i have ever seen a happier face anywhere.

first one a hope, second a prayer, third the answer. always - the answer.


It’s canon that my son Phil Coulson is empathetic as all hell and he always tries to emotionally support those around him the best way he can, without intruding in their lives or pressuring them. From making sure that a stranger faces death with some peace to giving Fitz a pivotal role in a mission when he was afraid of being useless to the team to the many times he tries to make sure Daisy knows the things which are not her fault are indeed Not Her Fault, Coulson just tries to be there for people. His support can be silent, or very vocal. Some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but he is always struggling to be sensitive to the situation and eager to help, the little compulsive fixer.


That little smirk when she sees the jacket and the grin we see reflected on the glass when Daisy walks closer to the store, man, you know it’s the moment Plan B took form.

Mark; acquired.
Right attire; found.
Plan; hatched.

This moment is a favorite, because despite the handicap of the bracelet, how she wasn’t able to get near computers without LOCKDOWN popping up in moments, she found a way to track Coulson down without using a computer herself.

(Also, some people never bothered to watch this episode, or they’d know Daisy was always more than ‘just a hacker’.)

Daisy Johnson having to endure the unwanted touch of a piece of Nazi shit for at least a day, having to even kiss Grant Ward to fool him into thinking she didn’t know he was a murderer and a traitor, having to bare his hands and his gaze and his words, and then Coulson opens the door to the cell and Daisy FUCKING FLIES to him, to touch him, hold him, grip him, hold onto him for dear life like she is trying to cleanse her body from hours of Ward’s presence like fuck me, what an image, my babes