a tiny skoulson drabble.
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this is for @badrowboats who asked for the mandatory makeouts prompt #21 [GOOD MORNING]. sorry this is so late, hope you like it :)

(i’m not writing framework stuff in general because i haven’t watched and also don’t feel like watching. hope that’s okay.)
(also i will be writing the other drabbles, of course!)
Two First Kisses - AvatarQuake - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Their first kiss wasn’t real.

Prompt #8 First(s) of the Makeout Are Mandatory Cousy Kissing mini Drabble-a-thon.


I was tagged by @jinxedwood. Listed in strict order of love:

1 - Daisy Johnson & Phil Coulson (Agents of SHIELD)

2 - Tenth Doctor & Dr Martha Jones (Doctor Who)

3 - James Bond & M (James Bond movies)

4 - Christopher Foyle & Sam Stewart (Foyle’s War)

(gif by @britishdetectives)

5 - James Steel & Alesha Phillips (Law & Order: UK)

And yes, I totally have a thing for May-December relationships - whether the age gap’s a couple of decades or a few hundred years (not even the Doctor knows exactly how old he is any more, what with all that travelling in time).

And yes, the ship I fall for is always the least popular in fandom either because of the age gap, or because one half of the ship is a WoC, or because it doesn’t involve two white dudes banging.

But in every case, the actors involved have got excellent chemistry and even when the writers are shitty (Doctor Who, I’m looking at you), that chemistry shines through - or in the case of Agents of SHIELD, totally combusts! (There’s a show whose writers have totally failed to remember that Daisy & Phil are supposed to be platonic!)

Cousy kisses drabble for the Makeouts Are Mandatory thing. Prompt: public (did anyone ask for this? i lost track EDIT requested by @telaryn )

worth losing

She hears the clicks and sees the flashes, even with her eyes tightly closed, light under her eyelids, and she is not afraid anymore, or rather, she understands it better, the cost of fear; being scared of losing something she has also been scared of having something. That’s why all her grip has been loose on this, why the secrets, why the lonely dark corners the base and quick kisses, why keeping it out of the books and out of the way of camera lens, and this kiss should be familiar but it’s not, maybe it’s the fact that they are in public, the clicks and the flashes, or maybe it’s the fear and how it turned into something else or how Daisy understands it better now, how fear should make you hold on tighter not let go like she has been doing. Her mouth can feel the injury on his mouth, her hands around him can feel the tired pain in his limbs after the fight and Daisy thinks about losing him and about him getting hurt and she is so happy at the way it breaks her heart, at the way it makes her, for the first time, kiss harder not lighter.

When she opens her eyes Phil is looking at her, surprised and glad - glad to be alive no doubt (another day, another close call, it doesn’t scare Daisy as much as not holding on as tight as she should have), glad to see her and that general happiness he always exudes at the simple fact of her existence, and that Daisy has never understood. And he looks confused like the first time she kissed him.

“I thought you wanted to keep this on the down low,” he says, giving the press a sideways look.

“Yeah sorry about that,” she says, wincing, hoping she didn’t mess to badly with that request, making him feel like-

He shakes his head and awards the presse present with another peak at a quick peck on her mouth, Quake kissed, Quake smiling, a sure exclusive, the camera have never captured this one specific smile, and they don’t know how often she has been smiling it lately.

“Let’s get you patched up,” he says, touching his hand to the spot above the wound on her arm. She still has to work on that, being scared of losing herself, but she thinks she’ll get there, because it feels so good to be alive (well, it does hurt, but that’s just the wound). Daisy lifts her hand to her face, the flashes and the vision of the crowd closing in beginning to bother her, she can see Phil smiling benevolently as he loops his arm around her back and turns her away from all those strangers, and leads her (she closes her eyes again, knowing it’s okay) to the ride that will take them home.

ao3 link: worth losing | pg13 | 481 words