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todays twitter dump is seungchuchu themed because they are the best boys!! dedicated to @llyn-on-ice because she showed me part of something she was writing and it inspired most of this and also she inspires me every day of my life 

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  • me watching sorceror's stone: um no in the book Ron doesn't thrash around like an idiot it's Hermione that's panicking and he actually reminds Hermione that she's a witch and there's a spell to solve the problem
  • me watching prisoner of Azkaban: um no in the book when Snape insults Hermione ron didn't insult her further he defended her and got himself detention
  • me watching prisoner of azkaban: um no in the book it's not hermione that defends harry from Sirius it's Ron and he does it while standing up on his mangled leg
  • me watching deathly hallows pt1: um no in the book when Hermione was being tortured Ron didn't just state the obvious and say they had to do something; he was banging on the walls and shouting his lungs off because the girl he LOVED was in trouble and he was worried out of his fricking mind
  • mom/dad/cousins/classmates/friends/dog while watching hp movies: EW what's up with ron he doesn't deserve Hermione
  • me: *sighs*
Today in Cool Animals: The Dhole (or Asian Wild Dog)

This creature that looks like an hybrid between a fox and a wolf is actually an Asian Wild Dog, or a Dhole!
The dholes (Cuon alpinus) are canids from Central to Southeast Asia. They are highly social animals that live in clans similar to wolves but with less of a dominance hierarchy. They’re about the size of an adult German Shepherd, with reddish fur, black tail, and a very athletic body, perfect for hunting.

Like their distant cousins, the African wild dogs, dholes are expert hunters. They hunt as a group with one lead dog in charge and use sounds to communicate and organize. Through this synchronized hunting they’re able to take down big prey and, even though they’re obviously not their usual victims, they’ve been known to kill leopards and even tigers.

One of the sounds they make has granted them a funny nickname, ‘Whistling dog’, since they sometimes make very peculiar whistle-like noises, as you can see in this video.

Sadly the dhole is endangered, it’s estimated that there are less than 2.500 adult dholes in the wild. They were prosecuted through India for bounties until the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, and they still suffer greatly from diseases (mostly transmitted by domestic dogs) and habitat loss.

Really hope the conservation projects succeed and the dhole can be saved, because they’re a fascinating and awesome animal.

There’s a lifetime of memories in photo albums in the closet under the stairs. Photos of my brother and my mother and my father and our friends and my cousins and our dogs. Photos of me. But the further you look, the more I sink into the background.
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2015