Cousin Matt FAQ's

Before you ask me something about Matt please check this first. It saves me from flooding people with asks they’ve already seen. I will add more as they are asked so keep an eye open

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If you want to ask something about matt, do not do so on anon. I will more than likely not respond to anon asks about Matt because I dont want to post them.

Q: Who is cousin matt/How did this all start?
Cousin Matt is my older cousin named Matt who looks a lot alike Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester from Supernatural. I posted a picture of him on the request of two friends and over night he had a fandom.

Q: Will you post more pictures of him?
A: Probably not but it depends on him. These are all of the ones currently posted: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Q: Does he know about his fans/fandom? What does he think about it?
A: Yes he knows about it and he finds the whole thing hilarious and flattering

Q: Has anyone tweeted Jared about him yet?
A: I think a few members of the fandom have

Q: Does Cousin Matt have a FaceBook/Tumblr/Twitter/DeviantArt/MySpace?
A: No he does not but he does check the ‘cousin matt’ tag now and again

Q: Does Matt watch Supernatural?
A: Yes he does. He watched it before all of this started

Q: Do you regret posting his picture now? Do people hitting on him bother you?
A: Not all that much. I love this fandom and Im used to people hitting on him. When we were in High School it was the same thing. I only ask that you make sure you arent asking me something Ive been asked 112 times already

Q: Can I have his phone number?
A: Nope. Sorry but Im not handing his number out like candy on Halloween

Q: Is he single?
Nope. Matt is taken by a very lovely lady at the moment

Q: When is cousin Matts birthday/how old is he?
A: His birthday is Feb.20th and he is 23

Q: How tall is he?
A: 6 foot-ish

Q: Where does he/you live?
A: Im not saying for reasons. Sorry guys!

Q: Why dont you respond to all the asks/bids?
A: (see here)

Q: What is your follower count from all of this?
A: Way more than it should be

Q: Arent you a Tony Stark RP blog? Do you have a personal?
A: For the most part yes. This is my one and only blog and it is kind of multi-fandom but I go by Tony and respond as him.