I honestly wasnt going to post anymore pictures of my cousin because A) it was getting a little creepy and B) Im a RP blog. But upon popular demand, Matts request, and the fact that its been a year, heres yet another photo of cousin matt in plaid for all your cousin matt in plaid needs. Happy cousin mattaversary

cousin matt FAQ found >here<

Cousin Matt Strikes Again

Okay, so I saw this picture somewhere on Tumblr

and I freaked out because I thought Jared/Sam cut his hair and I was like

Until now I’ve been waiting for more pictures and for it to show up on the upcoming Supernatural episodes. Today, I go on the Cousin Matt tag just because and I see this picture and at first I was like

and then I’m like

  • So my friend was getting heated over something someone said and I turned to her and said "Calm down Moon Moon."
  • And the other person turned to me and smiled cause she got the reference!
  • I just made friends with the girl my friend was going to fight.
  • To make it even better she turned to my friend and told her she better watch herself or she's gonna go all COUSIN MATT ON HER ASS AND TURN HER INTO A SEA PANCAKE.


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The Weeknd - Wanderlust [Snakehips RMX]
Moon Boots - C.Y.S. [90’s Total Re-Edit]
Housemate - Always Here For You
Dornik - Something About You
Elizabeth Rose - The Good Life [Charles Murdoch RMX]
Route 94 ft Jesse Glynne - My Love
Cousin Matt - Pelican 
Shura - Touch 
Saint Pepsi - Honey
SvnthWonder - All U Need
Ludacris x Wiz Khalifa x Jeremih x Cashmere Cat - Party Girls
Childish Gambino - 3005 [Paces RMX]
Sir Sly - Gold [Phazz RMX]
Willow Beats - Blue
Hartebeest ft Rayne - Kalimba
bAnoffee - Reign Down
Tei Shi - Nevermind The End [Saint Pepsi RMX]
Royce Wood Junior - Nuff
Edo Lee - Black Coffee
Emily King - Distance

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I love how in real life I have to think before I even mention Harry Potter in case the particular reference is too obscure for people to get, but on tumblr I can just mention fluffy chickens or the duck boy or Cousin Matt and almost everyone will instantly know what I mean.