Vegan pen pals! Get one! Be one!

Jenna from L.O.V.E. (Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation) and SuperVegan has put together an awesome pen pal program! I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I had quite a few pen pals. I think I signed up through programs that were listed in the back of Sassy. Oh man, I really loved it, and I hope they’re all still alive. Enough about me (NEVER!)–L.O.V.E. is looking for vegans or aspiring-vegans all around the world who can commit to writing one letter each month (or more). I wish Meave were still in America because she would love this shit. [I would! –Meave]

Learn more and sign up to spread the vegan love here, and you can read more about it over in Jenna’s write-up on SuperVegan! I just got to thinking: it would be cool to include vegan prisoners in on this. I don’t know! Just a thought! A thought I will try to put some action behind but really, anyone else out there want to do that for me, and then tell me what to do? I am so tired of thinking!

Hey! Maybe you and your pen pal will be like these two! Don’t be ridiculous!!


Yesterday the internet presented us with the Perfect Strangers: Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now Game.  Why not stand tall on the wings of your dreams and listen to the theme song before you play.


Perfect Strangers Seattle - theme song


400th post!

I had been wondering what to do for this post for several hours.  Should I do something from next to normal, the show that brought me to Tumblr all those few months ago?  Should I do something from Scarecrow and Mrs. King, a fandom that I have entered almost exclusively because of Tumblr (and fine, fine production pics of Tron)?  Then I realized what I should do; the video above.

Being probably older than a good percentage of my followers (maybe), I grew up when ABC’s TGIF schedule was brand new.  One of the shows I watched religiously was Perfect Strangers.  I’ve become a big fan of Mark Linn-Baker because of this, and I remember exactly where I was when the series finale was aired (at a Holiday Inn, for some crazy reason I remember this).

I had thought about making a GIF of this, and then I realized it needs to be seen as it is.  So, I give you the Dance of Joy.