Fatshion February - Rebekah - day two!
February 13. 

Shirt: Forever 21
Button-up shirt: Ardene
Skirt: Target
Socks: Ardene
Shoes: Destroy brand, thrifted for $5.
Suspenders: from Sourpuss clothing, though they seem to not be available any more.
Necklace: bought at a craft fair for $6.
Hairclip: Claire’s, around Halloween.
Earrings: Icing, received as a gift a very long time ago. They’re my absolute favorite earrings!!!


Fatshion February - Rebekah - day one!
February 11. 

Dress: on sale at Target for $5.
Tights: We Love Colors, $15. This brand is seriously incredible! I’ve had these tights for over three years and they’ve held up extraordinarily well. 
Boots: Doc Martens, bought at a small local boutique.
Earrings: thrifted for $1.
Necklace: featuring some of my baby teeth! handmade for my tooth fairy costume last Halloween. 
Glasses: on sale at Icing for $10.