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it would be so touching and so great for girls who get scoffed at for enjoying star wars like little girls can watch it with their dads and be included in the story its not just little boys and their dads girls can be the skywalker hero too they get this wonderful heroine to look up to and the rocky-turned-strong relationship she has with her dad who loves her more than anything in the galaxy and also !! also !! through ben and leia you kinda get a contrasting mother-son relationship too a strong mother who’s actually alive so little boys can take their moms with them to see the movie even better if leia plays a big role in ben’s return to the light a mother’s love for her son a son’s love for his mother a father’s love for his daughter a daughter’s love for her father these are two dynamics we’ve never had before in star wars and i am 100% here for them

This is the star wars I am here for

you know, if everything had gone to plan, Kara would have been in her mid-40′s by the start of the series (she was 13 when she left, around 20 years were spent in stasis, then another 12 years from when she got to Earth to when the series started).

So, when Astra saw the news circulating that picture of a girl who’s young, brown hair, and just flew a plane on her back, did she think Kara, or did she think Kara’s daughter?


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 6/8 relationships ~ joanna and tywin lannister

Ser Tywin was but twenty, the youngest man ever to serve as Hand, but the manner in which he had dealt with the rising of the Reynes and Tarbecks had made him well respected, even feared, throughout the Seven Kingdoms. His cousin Lady Joanna, the daughter of Lord Tytos’s late brother Ser Jason, was already in King’s Landing; she had been serving as a ladyin-waiting and companion to Rhaella since 259 AC. She and Ser Tywin were married a year after he became Hand of the King in a lavish ceremony at the Great Sept of Baelor, with King Aerys himself presiding over the wedding feast and bedding. // blanca suárez as joanna lannister, lex shrapnel as tywin lannister

music gets old but family doesn’t

pairing: dean x sister! reader sam x sister! reader

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A/N: between learning i got a idea and thanks to @random-superwholock-images and of course @evyiione that they helped me. 

You love listening to music. You and Dean have the same music tastes. You always sing out loud in the impala. Sam on the other hand is not happy about it but he learned to deal with it a little. When you and Dean are together you always put up the same number in the impala. It’s your favorite song “Eye of the tiger” by Survivor. But  the little annoying thing is that you hear it too much.

Dean grins and turns up the music expecting you to start rocking it out as usual but you groan instead.

“Dean change the song.” You complain, causing both brothers to look at you.

“You feeling okay ?” Sam asks as he turns down the music.

“We’ve been listening to this song on repeat for three days. Turn on some Journey, AC-DC or something. If I hear this song one more time I’m going to throw the car radio.”

“Wow ! Calm down !” Dean put his hand in the air defensively. “I’m changing it.” Dean quickly changed the song. Sam looked over at you and still saw annoyingness on your face.

After a while a little smile came on your face. Dean saw that you were smiling “Why are you laughing ?”

“Oh, I just remembered your beautiful performance on Eye of the tiger.” you giggled.

Sam turned around to face you.“What did I miss ?”

“Oh yeah you were getting us a room. But what you missed is that Dean was dancing on Eye of the tiger. It was so funny !”

“Oh stop it! ” Dean yelled through the car. You and Sam were laughing and you saw that Dean was not happy with it.

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So basically it's not only canon that Dick talks about Damian all the time but it's also canon that Damian talks about Dick (also to remind any ex that they're not special to Dick) just as much. Dick's like the ultimate doting/proud big bro while Damian's that jealous little brother who always tries to shoot the ego of all the important woman in his bro's life down a peg (I remember Dami acting salty around Bab's too). I'm starting to wonder if any woman will get Damian's full approval for Dick?

Damian is basically Dick’s tiny is-clingy-but-wil-not-allow-you-to-call-him-clingy Tsundere little brother. If someone want his complete and full approval then they have to show their worth by wining against him in a sword fight, just like his father Bruce had to prove his worth by wining against his grandfather Ra’s to win his daughter love (and to save world too, but that doesn’t matter). So you want Dick’s hand in marriage? then you better pull out you sword. 

SPN: the next generation master list

you and your cousin Katie are daughter of Sam and dean Winchester. After one call you and your cousin live get turned. Are you getting better at a attack? And are you going to save Katie after her deal ?

A/N: this serie is one of the longest series I’m going to write. if this serie is a success I'm want to make a second season but that is still a mystery. it’s going to be as long as one season 23 episodes. I hope you guys like it. and I don’t need to forget @evyiione she is one of the writers to of the serie. so if you have feedback or question ask it to her or me. 

season 1:

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Spn: the new generation

Pairing: dean x daughter! Katie Sam x daughter! Reader Katie x cousin! Reader

Summary: you and your cousin Katie got called by cas because your fathers are disappeared.

A/N: the first part of a new series. I’m really excited about it. I waited real long for this to make it. With amazing help from @evyiione she had help me with the gramma and with some ideas. She is amazing for helping me and I’m really glad.  And then I don’t need to forget @winchesters-favorite-girl because you’re the cousin of her. I hope you like it.

Having hunter family is not always nice. You and your cousin Katie are the daughters of the Winchester brothers. You are the daughter of Sam Winchester and Katie the daughter of Dean Winchester. You and your cousin are hunters too, but you do solo hunts. You and Katie didn’t see each other’s for 10 years.

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