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Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.


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REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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لا فتى الا علي ولا سيف الا ذو الفقار
There is no hero but Ali and no sword except Dhulfiqar

The Prophet (saw) said: ‘’Allah has given me the Dhulfiqar and told me: ‘’O’ Muhammad! Take this sword and give it to the best person on the Earth.’’ I asked Him: ‘’Who is the best person on the Earth?’’ He replied: ‘’My successor (or Khalifa) on the Earth; Ali Ibn Abi Talib.’’

Bangtan Fic Rec Pt. 2

so my second fic rec… this took even longer than the other one ;;
(i really read too much..)
it is again like 90% Yoonmin. and so much fluff! (why???) 


Head Over Feed (Yoonmin, Smut & Fluff, 3 Works):

kiss kiss, bang bang (Vkook, Yoonmin, Police AU, Smut, 4 Works):

You Shine So Bright (Sugakookie, Angst, Fluff & Smut, 3 Works):

Complete/One Shot:

Love at First Sigh (Yoonmin, Fluff, One Shot): Yoongi and Jimin fall in love with sounds.AU where Yoongi and Jimin have apartments next to each other, and their showers share a wall.

Our Names (Yoonmin, Fluff, High School AU, One Shot):
“Min Yoongi,” Jimin writes the name over and over in the margins of his notebook. Swirling hearts and flowers around the words. He sighs leaning his elbow against his desk, chin in hand.

The Dutiful Brother and His Sister’s Way Too Handsome Boyfriend (Yoonmin, Fluff, 11/11): Yoongi’s sister Hani is fake-dating Jimin to hide from her mother that she’s gay, but Yoongi doesn’t know this. All Yoongi knows is that he has had a not-so-little crush on Jimin for over a year and that its kinda hard to be a supportive dutiful brother when Jimin is just too blindingly beautiful.

the moon and the stars (Vkook, College AU, One Shot): based off of Real Events that happened to me the other day. i ended up screaming to siobhandestele about it and they told me to write a fic about it. and the word moderation does not exist in my vocabulary so

Tattooed Heart (Yoonmin, Fluff, One Shot): Five times Yoongi tattoos himself with small things he loves about his boyfriend, and one time Jimin does the same

Severe Weather (Yoonmin, Smut, Demons, One Shot): Min Yoongi has had a very, very long day.So when Yoongi opens the door to his one-room apartment a little after eight in the morning soaking wet, sleep-deprived, and extremely irritated, he isn’t really sure what to think of the man with horns and a tail lying naked in his bed.

Love, Simply (Yoonmin, Office AU, Angst & Smut, 2/2): Love happens when you least expect it. And sometimes, that isn’t good thing.

Cerulean and Malachite (Sugakookie, Soulmate AU, Fluff & Smut, One Shot): tumblr prompt from anon: “You said you take requests on here on your ao3 and I’m here with a request! How about a SugaKookie soulmates. After that, you can do whatever you want with it, but if you could add some smut, that would be nice. :) Thank you!”

Stupid Cupid (Sugakookie, Hanahaki Disease, Fluff, One Shot): Min Yoongi literally gets clotheslined by love and he is so, so pissed about it. OR: That time Jeongguk made Yoongi cough up flowers.

you should be afraid of me (Yoonmin, Smut, 2/2): Jimin lets him bend him — break him — mould him into any shape Yoongi wants — even likes it more than he admits. But Yoongi knows better than to think he’s the one in control.Because he isn’t. Not really.(Or: Yoongi’s back from a business trip and Jimin has a surprise for him.)

I’m Glad You’re My First (Yoomin, College AU, Fluff & Smut, One Shot):   Jimin wasn’t a prude, he just liked saving his firsts for everything for someone special. And, that special someone was Min Yoongi.

The One With The Hiding (Yoonmin, Fluff, 5+1, 2/2): Five Times That Yoongi And Jimin Aren’t Alone (+1 time they are) (FRIENDS!au)

Smoke and Mirrors (Yoonmin, Namjin, Light Angst, 8/8): Jimin went out for a night-time walk a few times a week, maybe just to see the man smoking outside. His life was suddenly not so boring, his routine not so strict, and the friendship with his room-mate not so great.

Watch the Stars With Me (Sugakookie, Namjin, AU, Smut, 11/11): One night, Namjoon brings along a shy but handsome boy named Jungkook to their hangout at the abandoned train station. And as much as Yoongi resists, he can’t help but fall for him.

Wash Away My Loneliness (Yoonmin, Car Wash AU, Fluff, One Shot): There are a lot of car washes in the area that could do a better job, but not all of them have Park Jimin as an employee. So Yoongi keeps coming back.

speed it up so we can slow it down (Yoonmin, Smut/PwP, Daddy!Kink, One Shot): Jimin wants to be more than just Yoongi’s escort but he’s doing a horrible job of telling him and Yoongi really hates Jeon Jungkook.

Why Are You Shaking Up My Heart? (Yoonmin, Vhope, Fluff, One Shot):  Taehyung has a huge crush on Hoseok-hyung and gets Jimin to help him out. College AU.

Working Title (Yoonmin, Fluff, Canon, One Shot): Jimin writes fic. Yoongi doesn’t care. Not at all. Not one bit. Not until he finds the Yoonmin fic.

Choke and Pull (Yoonmin, Smut, One Shot): Jimin’s favorite part is getting Yoongi out of his Armani suits.

A Half-Breed and A Prince (Vmon, Supernatural AU, Smut, One Shot): Tumblr prompt from anon: “Vmon. Truth or Dare. Open to interpretation!!”

I Just Want to Be Your Fantasy,.. (Yoonmin, Vkook, Angst & Smut, 6/6): Jimin was a sex worker who received from one of his clients the proposition of a lifetime.

we are like parallel lines (Taegi, Bording School AU, One Shot): In which Taehyung confesses to Yoongi and Yoongi believes Taehyung only has a short-lived crush.

be my bad boy (Sugakookie, PwP, One Shot): If he asks nicely, he’ll get what he wants. If he says ‘please,’ bats his eyelashes, pouts his lips and pours his innocence out before Yoongi, he’ll get what he wants.

Emotional Whiplash (Vhope, Side!Yoonminkook, College AU, Fluff & Smut, 3/3): tumblr prompt from anon: “could you please write a fake dating!VHope with smut and eventual feelings? :)

Perfect Is the Sound of You Breaking (Yoonmin, Smut, One Shot): Jimin likes being good, he likes being perfect.

Take Me To Church (Yoonmin, Demon!Yoongi, Smut, One Shot): Jimin, much to his chagrin, has a demon called Yoongi living in his bedroom. Things would be easier if Yoongi were a soul sucking monster instead of charming and unfairly hot.

Butterfingers (Yoonmin, College AU, Fluff & Crack, One Shot): Jimin’s life is no fairytale. But if it was, it’d go something like this. (Or: the AU in which Jimin is cursed to drop whatever he’s holding every time he sees the person he loves)

Choker (Yoonmin, PwP & Fluff, One Shot): The boys have a shooting for their upcoming exhibiton and Jimin has a little surprise for his boyfriend. It’s the first time he has to wear a choker and he is eager to hear Yoongi’s opinion. The older actually can’t wait to return to the privacy of their hotel room, to show Jimin just how much he appreciates his surprise.

All Hallows’ Eve (Sugakookiemon, Threesome, Smut, Vampires, One Shot): Jeongguk’s lovers invite old flames to their All Hallows’ Eve dinner party, so naturally he tries to make them jealous by getting friendly with his favourite cousin.

Shall We Date? (Yoonmin, College AU, Fluff, One Shot): Jimin just wants to stay home and play games, but his roommate has other ideas. Or: 4 times Taehyung sets Jimin up on a terrible blind date and 1 time it isn’t so bad.

I’ll Be Your Lighthouse (Yoonmin, Fluff, Light Angst, AU, One Shot): Jimin would rather be drawing, hidden away from his friends and family up in the old abandoned lighthouse in the bay than anywhere else. But he finds he liked it better with the smell of smoke lingering in the air and the echo of a flickering lighter against the walls.

Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer (Sugakookie, Fluff, Restaurant AU, 2/2): It’s not that he thinks Jungkook is attractive…he just really wants to have the weekend off. —In which Yoongi has been friends with Hoseok for years, so he should have known this bet would be stupid.

Knight (Yoonmin, Fluff & Smut, Royalty AU, 2/2): In which Jimin is a Prince, and Yoongi is his personal bodyguard that would do anything for him.

Burn It Up (Yoonmin, ABO Dynamics, Smut, 2/2):

transatlanticism (Sugakookie, Dystopia AU, Angst, One Shot): jungkook lives in the day. yoongi lives at night.

pretty (odd) (Yoonmin, College AU, Fluff, One Shot): in which min yoongi is a librarian and he happens to fall deeply in love with park jimin, the regular who’s in love with literature just a little too much.

light me up (Yoonmin, Side!Vhope, College AU, Fluff, One Shot): He’s already taking a deep breath when he hears someone twisting the doorknob. “Jung Hoseok, I have a bone to pick with you, you absolute asshole,” he starts. It is not Jung Hoseok.Definitely not. Min Yoongi.Jimin coughs awkwardly into his fist. “Hello,” he finishes. (In which Jimin has a crush, yells a lot, and maybe falls into like.)

whatta man (good man) (Vkook, College AU, Smut, Fluff & Crack, One Shot):  Out of all the kinds of blogs Jeon Jeongguk could have run, never in a million years Taehyung would have expected him to have a porn blog. (Or, Jeongguk runs a porn blog and Taehyung not so accidentally finds it.)

accidents were made to happen (Yoonmin, College AU, Humor & Fluff, One Shot): au where jimin replies to the wrong conversation and is generally Very Embarrassing for everyone.

per angusta ad augusta (Sugakookie,  Modern AU, Fluff & Crack, One Shot):  In which Yoongi is an interior designer and Jungkook is a kid who’s looking for a job.

It’s your Birthday but you’re my Gift (Yoonmin, Childhood Friends, Fluff, 5/5):  Yoongi celebrates 5 birthdays with Jimin over the course of 20 years.(aka Yoongi growing up with Jimin only to realise he’s falling for his childhood friend).

blow my heart up (Yoonmin, Smut, One Shot): Yoongi really likes the look in Jimin’s eyes when he’s getting told off for making mistakes.(warnings: spanking, slight dom/sub, light breathplay, orgasm denial, praise kink)

hot mess (Taegi, Angst & Smut, AU, 3/3): Taehyung thinks Yoongi is cute in the fuckable way. Yoongi thinks Taehyung is an asshole.

playboy (show me all your secrets) (Vhope, Smut & Crack, One Shot): Hoseok still doesn’t know how he became Taehyung’s sex life teacher. Crack and porn ahead.

the art of the plug (Yoonmin, Smut, One Shot): In which Jimin likes to plug himself up on his days off and Yoongi accidentally finds out about it, a story.

A&E (Sugakookie, Hospital AU, Angst, Fluff & Mild Smut, 12/12): Where Min Yoongi is a second year resident at the Seoul National University Hospital working in the A&E and has absolutely no time or heart to tend to the rich and pompous but is forced to re-evaluate a lot of his life choices when he meets Jeon Jungkook.

In Progress:

Nyctophile (Yoonmin, Namjin, Vkook, Fantasy AU, 15/?):
"Like I said, monsters aren’t real, Taehyung.” Jimin quickly pulled the closet doors open. At the bottom of the closet, sitting on the floor and leaning heavily against the walls, was a man with dark pink hair clad in dark clothes, bleeding and injured and looking positively close to death. Jimin didn’t know what to do.

listen to my heartbeat (Yoonmin, Wrong Number AU, 7/?):

Conflicting Arrangement (Yoonmin, Fake Boyfriend, 10/?):

i know you wanna go to heaven (Vkook, Yoonmin, Werewolf AU, Smut, Fluff & Angst, 12/?): Taehyung just thought it would be a one night stand, but he gets more than he bargained for.

Bring On The Sunshine (Yoonmin, Single Parent!Yoongi, Kid!V, Fluff, 8/?): With the help of their five year old “matchmaker” Taehyung, Yoongi and Jimin stumble into each other’s lives. Cue the awkward, messy pining and dating adventures with a noisy kid in their way.

The Melting King (Yoonmin, Fantasy AU, Romance & Smut, 2/?): The Ice King, who was a cold and cruel man, had no other interests but to find and own pieces of art and beautiful things. He wanted to conquer everything, he wanted to rule over everyone and take other peoples’ treasures for himself. That is why he went to war against the Deserts of the South, which he won swiftly and with his usual aplomb. There he looked for the most beautiful thing he could find to take home with him and marvel at its beauty.What he found was the Dancer. Or did the Dancer find him?

A is for Apple, Z is for Zombie (Yoonmin, Zombies AU, Mild Gore, 5/?): In a world where zombies run rampage and humans are trapped like cattle, Yoongi has unease and anger eating away at him, has lost almost everything to the undead; perhaps to the monsters living inside of him as well.So when Yoongi was lying on the pavement, cold and his life slipping away, a stranger appearing out of nowhere and giving him a choice to die or become one of them, what do you think he chose?

The Office (Yoonmin, Office AU, Fluff, 19/?): Yoongi is new to the company, and his first day there he may have accidentally fallen for the team’s favorite darling by the name of Park Jimin.

Pride, Prejudice and More (Yoonmin, Vkook, Namjin, AU, 28/?): In which Jimin cannot decide if he loves or hates Min Yoongi;Seokjin tries not to, but has his heart broken; And Taehyung constantly surprises everyone.

It feels like there’s Oceans (Taegi, Angst, AU, 3/?): Neverland is just a story. Yoongi had to find out the hard way.

I Wrote this for you (Yoonmin, Vkook, Angst, AU, 5/?): Jeon Jungkook is a frustrated reader who just wants to have a decent conversation with his newly proclaimed favorite author, an up-and-coming young adult novelist Min Yoongi, and maybe force out the ending of his cliffhanging heartbreaking motherfucking breakthrough debut novel.

the end. (let’s read some more :’D)

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I don't know how exactly I should send this in but I have a mini receipt, I say mini because I don't know how big of a deal it was, but my cousin works with organizing at the Aria's, and the boys were there for the 2014 Aria's. Her job is basically to help celebrities to backstage and into stage- basically get them where they need to be and when. Anyways at one point she was with the boys and she was gathering them up but Harry was missing. She said the boys were calling him out and +

+ Louis was saying “Hazza?” but he was nowhere to be found - only to see him come back with a piece of cake for him and Louis. I don’t even know why this is a receipt. It’s not even anything big really. He literally just got himself and Louis some cake. Anyways, that’s all :)

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So in my friend's Irish class the teacher(who is my cousin) is doing oral work with them and asks what they did over the weekend Student: chonaic me an telefis. Teacher: cad a feacain tu ar an telefis Student: chonaic me... Teacher: Stephen I don't care if you were watching porn just get the verb right


  • Dallas: Ay, Johnny, you're Italian, right?
  • Johnny: Yeah. Why?
  • Dallas: Ya wanna go to an Italian restaurant? On me?
  • Johnny: Sure! Which one?
  • Dallas: Uh... Olive Garden...?
  • Johnny:
  • Dallas:
  • Johnny:
  • Dallas:
  • Johnny: You uncultured swine I thought you loved me.

Belatedly doing a little happy post, so that I will have produced something even if my writing mojo has currently… fucked completely off. (For real, if you see it, plz let me know where, because I would like to club it over the head and drag it back to my cave.)

So, here are a few pictures I took at the Tucson edition of the March for Science, yesterday. Because of prohibitive costs for barricades, insurance, etc., it was actually a rally rather than a march, but still, about 2500 people turned out to El Presidio in artistically decorated lab coats and homemade t-shirts, holding hand-drawn signs, little kids running around, dogs everywhere. It was 95 degrees in the middle of the day (that’s 35 C, for you non-Yankees), and people were still cheerily chatting and taking pictures of each other, going from booth to booth and learning about sustainable gardening, pledging to vote, meeting like-minded people. There were a few people out there primarily for the hate (not a few references to the Combover in Chief were present), but for the most part, people were just… nice. Maybe not the biggest event ever, but a nice one. Plus, a lady from the Sonoran Desert Museum gave me a free packet of seeds to plant to help sustain bees and butterflies. :)

la douleur exquise (6)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7 | Part 8


A few weeks have passed since the little date Baekhyun and I had at the ice-cream parlour. It was a few days after that when he asked me to be his girlfriend. The always present smile on his face grew 10 times wider when I said yes.

Things have been going quite well for us, which I am very grateful for. We preferred to keep things quiet since news seemed to spread quite quickly around the office. The only one that knows about us is Jay, who in fact, was very excited to hear that her cousin and ‘work bestie’ finally got together.

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Calling Together the Outsiders Fandom!!

Ok, I know that there are some devoted “Outsiders” fans on Tumblr, especially my fellow Sasil shippers. Well, if you want to help make S3 and more Sasil (sasil baby!!!) a reality, our fellow cousins are working on it. Here’s what you can do (so far):

  First, sign the petition:

 Join Outsiders WGN: Farrell Territory on Facebook and then join the private group. We are 11,000+ strong over there and it’s where we are getting our marching orders on how to unite to help save our beloved show.

 Use the hashtag: #ShayMustStay. Tweet at Sony and Sony TV. Follow the actors on social media. 

 And maybe most importantly, WATCH the last two eps of the season to hopefully show other networks what a devoted fan base there is. If WGN doesn’t want the 2 million viewers, someone else will. We’re not about to let the boneheaded suits at WGN (pour one out for “Salem”) kick us off of this mountain. And I will NOT accept not seeing the Sasil baby.

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You Know What Breaks My Heart?

Yesterday I was at a family dinner. I have a huge family and most my cousins are girls with their own batch of kids (since all my girl cousins are married). I was sitting there between them (the only single girl in the family) and for the first time ever I had nothing to talk about with them. 

It was sad that I didn’t fit in. It wasn’t sad because I wasn’t married. It was sad because those cousins who were once HAPPY and carefree were running after their kids who were destroying everything in sight with a pained expression on their face. They were sitting listening to their husbands joke about sexist things. They had nothing more to talk about than baby formulas, husband troubles, how badly their in laws treat them. 

And when they finally saw me sitting quietly among all that craziness, they asked me about my job and my car. When I started talking about how I have this new exciting project and how I’ve finally started driving alone and how much I enjoy it even in Pakistani traffic, I see their faces fall and they looking over to their husbands and quietly whispering about how I am doing something so different and they wish they the guts to drive but they dont. They wish they had pursued a career but they havent. They wish they were free, but they are not.

And then they go back to talking about mommy things and bitching about independent girls behind my back because thats the only thing that makes them feel better about themselves.  

It breaks my heart what women have been reduced to by culture and religion. 

Merry Christmas to my @pjosecretsanta2016 person, @aphroditesintimidating! Hope I did Percabeth justice and hope you enjoy it :)

Annabeth saw the first gift during the morning coffee rush while training the new kid they had just hired. She shoved the letter addressed to “cute blonde barista” into her apron and forgot about it. Customers were always trying to get her number, it was nothing new.

The second gift couldn’t be shoved into her pocket or forgotten, at least not without damaging it. Attached to the thorny fresh-picked rose was a note: “read my letter :)”. She made a mental note to open the envelope when she got home and plucked the petals off the rose, throwing away the stem. She’d find something to do with them; they were too pretty not to keep, even though Annabeth praised herself on being sensible enough to avoid getting caught up in fanciful things like flowers. They were too pretty to go to waste.

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Ten Years (Part 2)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,367

Warnings: language, snark, memories of cheaters

A/N: I usually like to have Nat be the schemer, but I’m liking Wanda as this bleeding heart hopeless romantic here. I hope you do, too!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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Someone once asked me what it was like losing someone you love. All I could tell that naive, little girl was that, “It will hurt a bit, but you’ll grow strong and forget.” I wish I was brutally honest with her because no one else had the heart to. I wish I had warned her that losing him will feel like one ignoramus storm of pain and emotions. That when he goes it will be like forgetting how to breathe, and you’ll have to learn how to all over again. You will have to forget the way he touched your skin and the way he kissed you lips. You will have to forget it all, even if it kills you to. Remember to trust people when they say you need to get out, because when you go into that party and he see’s your face while he’s dancing with another girl. You will want him to see your face glowing, and smiling. He may have taking your heart but don’t you dare let him take your smile. Then there will come a time where you’ll eventually become your own storm and it won’t be pain anymore. It will be power and glory, and you won’t flinch when you hear his name. You will only feel a sweet, distant memory, one that will have you wondering, “Why did I waste so much time.”
—  A letter to my dearest, oh so beautiful cousin. Don’t let these boys take everything from you. Leave some for you and you only.- I’ll read you this when the time is right. // 7:02 pm

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hey. this is the anon who talked to Abby about working 2 jobs. someone asked what specifically I'm working. my 1st job is retail, and the 2nd is at a family (not mine) run convenience store. retail week runs from sat.-fri., and convenience week runs from sun.-sat. so it's hard to keep my shifts from overlapping. also someone mentioned their cousin is working 4 jobs - that honestly sucks if true, but if you're just saying that to try and 1up me and get sympathy, then that's really uncool.

It’s not impossible. I remember there was a woman who was working 3 jobs and instead of going home to sleep she’d sleep in her car for the couple of hours before her next shift. She ended up dying from exposure or something. I’m sure I can find it if I google it, it was a while back. I’ll reblog when I find it. -Abby

this weirdo perv guy that just started working at a restaurant my cousin works at has been hitting on her and trying to make moves, but she’s clearly not interested. so she tells me he’s 34 and even when she lies and tells him she’s 17, in hopes that he will back up, he still makes it a mission to get like inches away from her and get real predatory.

SO she got her older sister and I tagged along to see what would happen and her sister gave it to him and I’m yelling !!!! I didn’t know she had it in her!! Yes!! Protect your own. I’m proud.

Summer in Arizona (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

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Pairing: Anthony Ramos X Reader

Requested?: Day Four of Write-a-thon! :)

Prompt: Anthony decides to visit you in Phoenix.

Words: 1200+

Warnings: Arizona heat, and Fluff!


The one thing you hated the most about living in Arizona was the heat

I mean, yeah you live thousands of miles away from friends, family, and your loving boyfriend of four years, but that had nothing on the hellish pain at Arizona’s dry heat waves. From late-April to Mid-September, the temperature will skyrocket between 110 and 115 degrees down in the valley. It’s basically hell compared to the chilly weather back in your home state of New York. It didn’t help that the AC in your dorm was busted so you were stuck rooming with your cousin Natasha until the AC was fixed, which won’t be for some time. Natasha, being the wonderful young woman that you knew and loved, allowed you to stay with her rent-free since she gave you the benefit of the doubt since you had an online summer semester to complete because of the barbaric English Literature degree you had chosen to study. Everyone pitied you and this life choice.

It was mid-June. The weather was clear skies and unbearable heat. The professors at NAU (Northern Arizona University) finally came to their senses and decided to cancel the classes for the rest of the week, and most of the teachers are leaving for the summer around this time. You needed a few days of relaxation from that horrid project you had for your English Literature class. You only had three plans today; eat fast food all day, play all your video games, and call your boyfriend. You didn’t get to talk to Anthony, your boyfriend, in about three days. The longest you went without calling or texting him was about three weeks because of mid-terms. You felt bad that you couldn’t call him or any of your friends often. Living all the away across the country wasn’t the best decision you’ve made since you graduated high school. 

You stepped out of the shower after a half hour of cool water running down your body and you screaming songs from Hamilton. You dried yourself, got dressed, and was in the middle of braiding your hair when your phone began ringing. You retrieved your phone and when you saw the caller ID, you smiled. The caller was Anthony, the love of your life. The contact photo was the last picture you took with Anthony before you moved to Arizona for school. In the photo, you were crying but smiling as Anthony held you and kissed you on the cheek.

You loved Anthony more than anything. He was very sweet and never ceased to make you smile. Anthony would leave you cute notes and small stuffed animals in your shared dressing room even before you two were seeing each other. He was charming and very handsome. He treated you well and made you feel special. You really believed that Anthony was your soulmate, and the feeling was mutual, according to him and your shared friends. You and Anthony were perfect for each other, according to everyone who observed your relationship. You never wanted to leave Anthony’s side.

But all good things had to come to an end. 

A few days before your three-year anniversary, you told Anthony you were accepted into Northern Arizona University, one of your top five schools you wanted to attend for school. All other schools you sent applications in for rejected you so you really had no other choice if you wanted to graduate with your wanted degree. Anthony was happy for you but it was then that the realization set in. You were going to be moving across the country for the next four years. He sunk and you two proceeded to have a very ugly argument. You couldn’t bare seeing Anthony when he was angry and unreasonable like this so you spend the night at your BFF Phillipa’s house. You didn’t talk to Anthony for about three weeks and that was when you walked into Phillipa’s house to see Anthony down on one knee, holding a ring box. He proposed right then and there, to which you happily accepted. You then realized all your friends watching from the dining room and kitchen. You then proceeded to party all night with friends and your new fiance.

“Hey, babe.” You greeted the caller as you slipped on your flat shoes before walking into the kitchen. You heard a deep husky chuckle that made your heart race. 

“Morning, beautiful.” Anthony’s husky, sleep deprived voice came over the speaker. You heard shuffling of fabrics and the muffled creaking of the metal bed frame you remember Anthony owned. 

“Did you just wake up? It should be noon there.” You poured your cereal into a bowl and reached for the milk in the fridge.

Anthony chuckled again. “Sorry. Your sleeping habits are rubbing off on me.”

You giggled as you took your bowl and a spoon into the living room and you proceeded to eat your breakfast, talking to your fiance through it all. You talked about classes, work, your cousin, and the animal shelter that opened not that far away from the school. Anthony listened and laughed alongside you. He then told you about his past week, what parts he’s been cast for, and what was going on with Orca, the black-and-white Papillon puppy you convinced him to adopt a few days before you left.

“So I have some really good news.” 

“Hmm? What’s up?” 

Anthony cleared his throat. “Well, you know how I’ve been trying to come down to see you before you go back to school right?”

“Anthony, I’ve been doing a summer semester for the past few weeks.”

“Y-You know what I mean! Before you have to go back to campus classes.”

“Right. Yes, I remember.”

“Well, guess who just got a vacation?!”

You almost dropped your juice. You felt your heart skip a beat. “R-Really?!”

Anthony laughed. “Yup! I’m coming down to see you! I get to be with you until July 15th.”

“Anthony, you’ll be down here for four weeks. There isn’t enough stuff to do in that amount of time.”

He chuckled. “Well, I know you can think of something.” God, you could already see the smirk on his face.

You giggled, a red blush creeping onto your face. You were so excited. You were going to see Anthony for more than a week long vacation. The last time you saw him was your mom’s birthday in March. You missed him so much. You missed his smile, his touch, his kisses, his voice, his laugh, his soft hair, everything. You were somewhat of a drawer and you sketched him a few times from memory but it didn’t hold a candle to the original. You left for school a year ago and if felt like you left yesterday. But now, Anthony was going to come down and take some of that pain away for a little time. You had two more years until you could come back home. It seemed so long but you knew if was going to fly by. You just needed to keep above water. 

“See you soon, baby.” You both murmured in unison before the call ended.