cousin pam

“You will never get away from me~”
:: quote from lyrics ‘Confrontation’ – Jekyll and Hyde ::

To fofosenpai! I’m just so happy that now my cousin has grown obsessed over Bipper and I can finally share my obsession with!! >8C

Thanks Fo ◉u◉



I don’t think y'all understand how much I love and appreciate

The Cosby Show

especially that they made the spinoff with my love (formally known as) Jada Pinkett

for example

in your life if your an urban black teenager

you ALWAYS know a couple such as “Lance and Charmaine”

that argue, sweet talk each other, talk shit about each other, but at the end of every single

day are in puppy love with each other, and never break up

Cousin Pam and Sly (Arthur)

the guy that tries to much with the woman and ends up breaking up all the time