cousin eddy

The Losers as Family Members

Ben - Soccer mom 

Richie - Cool dad 

Mike - Farmer cousin (that just has… money for some reason?)

Bev - Vodka aunt 

Bill - Big brother 

Stan - Estranged uncle (you never see him but he’s out here, buying presents for the family living in some foreign country)

Eddie - Gay cousin

Student Turned Professor

There’s a professor who used to be a student a long time ago. She had transferred to Elsewhere in the 1960s from Westbury College. Something to do with her family. Apparently a couple of big investors had thrown themselves out of a window at the sight of them and she was asked to finally leave. Elsewhere was suggested to her and somehow she fit right in. So much so she never really left. Instead she went right from graduating to becoming one of the professors. 

She had never been Taken. Much like one of the other students, the Gentry knew she grew up on her own border. She didn’t need secret names, iron, or salt to protect her. She just needed to show them a photo of her family. 

She had been raised not by her parents but by her aunt, uncle, and grandfather. She had even taken her uncle’s last name, rejecting her father and mother’s name, seeing how they couldn’t love their homely child enough to raise her themselves. Instead shipping her off to America because they couldn’t stand the sight of her blonde hair and white skin. Though her aunt and uncle had often bemoaned how plain she was, they were also extremely supportive and would die to defend her. They showed her the love denied to her by the very woman who gave birth to her.

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Eddie hated High School. Between getting thrown in lockers, being tripped up in the hallways and being told he wasn’t ‘the right type’ to try out for any sports, he also had to deal with the fact that he was losing his best friend.

They were in junior year of High School and they were at the age that dating was the social norm. Beverly and Ben were together, Bill and Stan were together, hell even Mike had a girlfriend, a girl names Sophie that was in his biology class. For a while it was just Eddie and Richie that remained the only two single members of the Losers Club.

Until now, that is.

It happened a few weeks ago, when Eddie was on an errand to the pharmacy for his mother. He’d just exited the store when his eyes landed on a familiar figure across the street, talking to an unfamiliar one. Richie was sitting on a bench, sharing ice cream with a girl, a girl Eddie didn’t recognise. He dodged into an alleyway, already feeling a little bit like a creep for spying on his best friend like this but he couldn’t help it, he was curious okay! Who was this girl? Was she…Richie’s girlfriend? An unwelcome feeling settled in the pit of his stomach as he thought about that. It wasn’t news to Eddie, and only Eddie, that over the years he’d developed feelings for his best friend, regardless of his trashmouth.

Eddie only had to wait for a few minutes for his suspicions to be confirmed as Richie threw the girls and his own ice cream wrapper in the trash and pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and leading her in the opposite direction. Eddie didn’t even realise he was crying until he reached a hand up to wipe his face, only to find his cheeks all wet. He scrubbed them and took few deep breaths, heading down the street towards Beverly’s house that she lived in with her aunt.

He knocked on the door and was extremely grateful that it was Beverly and not her aunt who answered, he was definitely not in the mood to deal with adults asking him what was wrong. Beverly’s face softened at his distressed appearance and she tugged him into the house. “What’s wrong Eddie?” She asked, her voice soothing.

Eddie just looked at her, before he burst into tears, sitting down on the step at the bottom of the stairs, “R-Richie- h-he’s-“ he forced himself to stop sobbing, even as he felt Bev’s comforting arm around his shoulders, pulling him into a hug. Once he was calm he started again, his voice small. “Richie’s got a girlfriend.”

There was silence and it stretched on for a little bit too long, until Bev finally opened her mouth, “Oh my god. Oh Eddie. You’re in love with him. You’re in love with Richie aren’t you?

Eddie didn’t even bother denying it, because Beverly wasn’t stupid, she knew, so he just nodded his head, leaning it against her shoulder as he allowed himself to shed the tears he was holding back.

At some point Bev had taken him up to her room and he’d fallen asleep, too tired from all the crying to stay awake long enough to walk home. Bev didn’t seem to mind, as she sat next to him, just to make sure he was okay.

Yeah, Eddie really hated High School.


When he woke up he was groggy and the sun from outside had dimmed which meant it was probably quite late. He frowned as he felt the weight of someone on his legs and he turned around to ask Bev to move only for the words to die in his throat.

Because right there, staring down at him with a shit-eating grin, was Richie Tozier.

“Richie- what? Get the fuck off me!”

“That’s not what your mom said last night.” Richie quipped, but his face at a look about it, like he wasn’t feeling the joke so Eddie let it go, just this once.

“What are you doing here Richie?” He asked, sitting up and rubbing his eyes that had stuck together with dried tears. He knew he probably looked a mess and this was a conversation he really wanted to avoid.

“You’re an idiot,” he said simply and Eddie choked, eyes darkening as he pushed Richie off of him.

“What? I’m the idiot? How did you possibly get to that conclusion, trashmouth?” He spat and crossed his arms. He was upset, and heartbroken, give him some slack okay?

“Bev called. She was yelling at me down the phone about me having a girlfriend, and leading you on? It took me a while to realise what she was talking about and I could only come up with one conclusion. You saw me with Poppy.” Poppy. Her name was Poppy. Eddie couldn’t even hate her name because it was a pretty name. He felt his throat close up and he moved to stand up, only to be pushed back onto the bed by Richie. “Wow, where do you think you’re going eh Eds?”

“Let me go trashmouth, I’m not in the mood for your stupid games and your stupid jokes and I’m certainly not in the mood to here about your stupid girlfriend.” He managed to stand up and make his way to the door, ready to leave when Richie spoke again.

“Poppy’s my cousin.”

What?” Eddie span around, eyes wide like saucers. Did he hear that right? Had he just had a emotional breakdown over a stupid misunderstanding?

“Poppy. She’s my cousin from Alabama. They’re visiting for a few weeks.” Riche had moved so he was standing a few feet away from Eddie. “You were jealous,” his eyebrows raised up and his smile turned into a smirk.

“What- no? No I wasn’t! Why- why would I be jealous? Pff,” Eddie babbled but he saw the look on Richie’s face, he was busted. His shoulders slumped in defeat. “Okay, I was jealous.”

“I just can’t believe you thought I had a girlfriend when all I’ve been trying to do for the past six months is woo you!” Richie said and Eddie was once again, at a loss for words.

“What? No you weren’t!”

“Yes I was. All rude mom jokes and sexual innuendos aside. I like you, but I didn’t want to scare you off so Bev was helping me with all the elaborate plans to woo you. The notes in your locker? Me. The flowers that were delivered to you on Valentines day? Me. All those little things that made you smile every day, it was all me. I was just working up the courage to ask you out on a proper date because I know me. I’d fuck it up and make some sort of joke and you’d think I was making fun of you but I’m not.

Eddie’s brain had somehow short circuited and all he could hear on repeat in his brain was Richie saying I like you. Richie liked him. Richie Tozier liked him, Eddie Kaspbrak. When he finally zoned back in Richie was still blabbering, muttering and Eddie just had to shut him up. So he closed the distance between them and pressed his soft lips to Richies slightly chapped ones, shutting him up immediately.

It wasn’t a heated kiss, no, it was soft and surprisingly innocent for two seventeen year old boys that had been holding back years of feelings from each other, but it was very them. When Eddie pulled back he had a smile on his face, “I like you too.” He’d build up to the love part, after all, he was pretty sure Richie was going to be around for a pretty long time.

Best Behaviour

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Pairing: Eddie x Reader

Warnings: dirty jokes

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“My cousin Y/N is coming this weekend and invited her to play with us. Is that okay?” Beverly brought up one day in the Barrens.

“Is she hot?” Richie asked amusedly, skipping rocks with Stan who rolled his eyes.

“None of that when she’s here Tozier.” Bev smiled dryly.

“On a scale from Eddie’s mom to-”

“Oh, shut up Richie.” Eddie said, exasperated. Lately Richie’s “thing” was mom jokes, with Eddie’s mom usually being the main target.

Please be on your best behaviour.” Bev pleaded, half joking, half serious.

“When are we not?” Ben asked chuckling, everyone bursting into laughter.

“I can’t believe you guys got ice cream without me.” Eddie pouted. 

“Sorry Eds.” Richie shrugged, grinning as he ate his ice cream cone. “You snooze you lose. I’d offer you some of mine.. But germs y’know? What would your mother say?”

“Asshole.” Eddie muttered, kicking at a stray pebble on the ground. A shadow appeared in front of him, and looking up, Eddie faced Y/N who held out a cone.

She had been hanging out with them ever since Bev introduced her, getting splendidly along with everyone. 

I mean, why wouldn’t we get along with her? Eddie thought dreamily. She’s so amazing, and nice, and pretty…

“He’s just joking.” She giggled, interrupting his thoughts. “I got one for you ‘cause I knew you were coming to meet us.”

“Th-thanks.” Eddie stuttered, taking it, almost dropping it onto the ground. “Where are we off to today?” Eddie asked quickly changing the subject.

“We’re thinking on going to the dump to show Y/N how to shoot cans and stuff.” Beverly answered.

“I’m in.” Eddie shrugged.

“Then let’s go!”

“They must’ve dumped something here recently.” Stan wrinkled his nose in disgust, sidestepping a dirty pile of clothes.

“Yeah. Hey Eddie, your mom throw out any of her underwear lately?” Richie grinned.

“Seriously Richie-” Eddie began, embarrassed he said it right in front of Y/N, before getting cut off.

“How exactly, would you know how Eddie’s mom’s underpants smell?” Y/N shot back amusedly. “Oh right, probably from the pair you have hidden in your room that you jerk off to every night.”

Everyone was dead silent, before Beverly sighed, shaking her head, smiling nonetheless. Richie started to laugh.


“I should’ve told you to be on your best behaviour.” Beverly scolded jokingly.

“Looks like you’ve been replaced Richie.” Stan smirked.


Sorry.” Y/N looked apologetically at Eddie who still looked shocked. Y/N thought he might’ve been offended at her comment as well as Richie’s, but Eddie only had one dizzy thought.

I think I just fell in love.

hopelessly devoted (to you)

(chapter two is here! credit to @etherealous for being my beta and to @stannleyuriss for creating the mood board above you have no idea how much it means to me to have your help on this!)

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chapter two: summer nights

The bright pink car zoomed through the streets of Derry, Maine and pulled up into a parking spot outside the school. Inside sat a young teenage girl with fiery red hair, dark sunglasses hiding her eyes and a pink jacket covering her shoulders. A cigarette was placed between her teeth and she pulled out a lighter to light it up, taking a few draws. With a smile on her lips, she turned to face her passenger, rising her packet of Malbero light’s to him, earning a shake of the head.

“Why do you even put those things near your mouth Beverly, they cause all sorts of illnesses,” Eddie Kaspbrak spoke to her and she let out a cackle.

“Oh Eddie, darling, you have no idea,” she slipped out of the car, waiting for Eddie to follow suit before locking it swiftly. “Welcome to Derry High School, it’s a piece of shit, but it’s got some decent people.” She walked around, wrapping her arm around his shoulder, intending on leading him into the school.

Eddie took that moment to scan his eyes over the entrance to the school that he would be spending his final and only year of High School in. It was a dark colour, and the ‘E’ of Derry looked like it was about to fall off. Graffiti covered the trash bins that were located against the wall next to the steps, and the windows looks as though they could do with a good wash.

Eddie was pulled out of his thoughts when another car pulled up next to them. This car was just like Beverly’s, except it wasn’t pink, it was white.  Two boys and a girl emerged from the car, all wearing jacket’s similar to Beverly’s and the driver locked the car behind him. He walked up and stepped right into Eddie’s personal space, glancing at Beverly with a look that could only be described as annoyance. “Who invited Mary Sue into the group?” He asked and Eddie let out a squawk. Mary Sue?! Who the hell did this guy think he was.

“Easy there Stanley, this is Eddie, he’s my cousin. Eddie, this is Stan, Mike and Audra,” she pointed to the respective person as she introduced them. “Eddie’s just moved here all the way from New York!” She explained and Stan raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms.

“Interesting, how’s life in the Big Apple?” He asked, lighting his own cigarette and placing it between his lips, taking a drag. Eddie felt intimidated under his gaze and had to mentally compose himself before he spoke up.

“Good thanks,” he started but Beverly interrupted him.

“Eddie’s never been to a High School before, his mother home-schooled him,” she drawled out and the boy, Mike, gasped.

“Really? I was home-schooled up until two years ago, then I convinced my grandad to let em join public school,” he explained and Eddie relaxed, falling into step with Mike as they spoke about how lonely being taught at home was.

Stan turned around to the both of them, “It’s good to be back right Mike?” He called and Mike’s attention was back on Stan’s. Eddie couldn’t help but think that Stan really didn’t like him very much, and he wanted nothing more than for that to change. The last thing he wanted was for his Aunt to tell his mother, who was still back in New York, that Eddie was struggling to make friends.

His thoughts drifted to his mother, and the events that lead up to him being packed into his Aunt’s car and driven all the way to Derry, Maine. Eddie had been helping his mother pack their suitcases at the end of their summer vacation in Florida, when she had fallen over, unconscious. The doctors had informed him that it was a heart attack, due to her health, and that she really wasn’t in any fit state to take care of herself and home-school Eddie. Therefore his aunt was called, and he was moved up to Derry. He was greeted by Beverly, who he knew lived with their aunt in Derry, after being removed from her fathers care when she was eight years old.

“Eddie? Eddie!” Beverly’s voice broke through his thoughts and he looked up at her, only to find everyone else watching him too. “You have to go to the main office, fill in some paper work forms. I’ll see you at lunch?” Eddie nodded just as the bell rang and he followed his cousin across the field towards the entrance, heading straight to the front office.

* * *

Around the opposite side of the school, Richie Tozier stood next to his truck, his best friend Bill Denbrough on his right and his other close friend Ben Hanscom on his left. Summer was over and now they were starting a fresh new school year as seniors.

“This is it boys, last year of High School and then we’re home free!” Richie announced as they walked towards the school, stubbing out his cigarette as he passed a trashcan.

“D-did you have a g-good summer in F-Florida Rich?” Bill asked as they walked and Richie faltered slightly, thinking back to his summer, the best summer of his life.

“Oh yeah Billy, it was fabulous, just what I needed before this year,” Richie replied, running a hand through his hair, some curls escaping the gel he’d forced it down with.

“Meet anyone?” Ben piped up, raising his eyebrows. Despite being a chubby pre-teen, Ben had lost a lot of his baby fat in puberty and had taken up track running in his free time to keep him in shape. Richie was proud of his third in command, even if he did find it incredibly off-putting for him to be running for the schools track team.

Bill nudged him, “Y-yeah R-Rich…meet a-anyone? S-surely there m-must have been some hot g-guys in F-Flordia!” Now it was no secret in Derry that Richie prefered the company of men, just like Bill did. No-one really cared much to comment on it. At least, no-one cared enough to comment when Bill had his tongue down Stanley Uris’ throat.

Richie contemplated lying to his friends, but there was a part of him that was dying to tell them about Eddie, about the amazing summer they’d spent together, without making it sound too cheesy. “Well…there was this one guy. Met at the beginning of summer.”

The boy’s both opened their mouths to ask for more details when the bell rang and Richie smirked, “Maybe some other time boys!” He called and made his way into the school, passing the main office where Eddie was pushing himself up on his tip toes to fill in the forms that the school required him to fill out.

“Ugh, this semester hasn’t even really began and I’m already needing a holiday. How many days to Christmas Vacation?” Eddie turned his head to see who he assumed was a teacher, signing in at the desk.

“Eighty-six,” he answered, causing the teacher to turn her head in shock. “I’m counting.” He dropped the pen, handed the receptionist the papers before reaching down to pick up his books and his schedule. He pressed them to his chest and rushed out into the hall and towards class.

* * *

Lunch came around quicker than Eddie had ever experienced and soon he was slipping through the throngs of teenagers and out into the courtyard where he clocked his cousin sitting at a table that was a pale pink colour. She had a cigarette between her teeth again which made Eddie physically shudder as he took a seat next to her, his paper lunch bag placed on the table in front of him.

Beverly stubbed out her cigarette and sat down next to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder, “So, whats your first impression of Derry High?” She asked casually, taking her own cafeteria sandwich into her hand and taking a bite.

Eddie shrugged, “It’s different,” he started but before he could continue, three trays slammed down simultaneously onto the empty spaces at the table. He looked up as Mike, Audra and Stan sat down next to the two of them, Mike giving Eddie a smile in greeting. Audra wasn’t paying much attention, settling instead for fiddling with her nose ring. Stan didn’t even acknowledge him, shoving a forkful of the dish on his try into his mouth.

Bev cleared her throat and address her friends, “So, how do you guys like Eddie?” She asked and Eddie raised his eyebrow. Why wasn’t she asking them this question when he wasn’t there? “Think he could be one us?” Her eyes glancing at Stan specifically, who looked up from his lunch, eyebrows raised.

“I dunno,” Stan turned his attention to Eddie, who flinched under his gaze, “Look’s too pure to be pink.”

“Aww come on Stanley! He’ll be great! Eddie-” she started but another voice broke through the courtyard, this time high pitched. The group groaned and Stan actually rolled his eyes this time.

“Hey guys!” The owner of the voice appeared next to them, a girl with long black hair, pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a pale blue dress and her face was turned up into a smile so large Eddie was sure it must be hurting. Her eyes landed on him and she squealed, “And who do we have here! Beverly how could you not introduce me to your friend! I’m Betty Ripson, class president!” She gripped Eddie’s hand in a death grip of a handshake, his whole body moving with it and he smiled a little.

“Eddie Kaspbrak,” he introduced himself and Betty squeezed herself between him and Bev. “I’m Beverly’s cousin.”

“Oh wow! I didn’t even know Beverly had a cousin.” Betty flipped her hair back, getting some of it in Eddie’s face, causing him to cough. Beverly gave the back of Betty’s head a deathly stare and rolled her eyes. Betty, oblivious to what was happening behind her, turned her full attention to Eddie. She gave him a sickly sweet smile, “So Eddie, did you have a good summer? What did you do?” She asked, leaning in closer, hand on her chin as she stared at him.

Suddenly everyone at the table was interested, Mike and Audra were nodding, coaxing him to talk and Bev was grinning. Eddie swallowed and a faint flush appeared on his cheeks as he thought about Richie and their summer together. “I was in Florida, at the beach…I met a boy there.”

Everyone at the table, bar Stan, let out a squeal. Audra clapped a few times, “Ohhh Eddie! Tell us more!”

Eddie was unsure, but with one look at Beverly’s encouraging gaze he swallowed and proceeded to tell them all about his summer in Florida. The long nights on the beach, the laughter and secrets exchanged over shared milkshakes and glasses of lemonade. He held out on the more intimate details, the hand holding and the soft lingering kisses they’d shared when Richie walked him back to his hotel room just after ten, his mother snoring inside.

The crowd that had gathered around him all let out a sigh, Betty’s being the loudest, “How romantic,” she breathed and Stan let out a gag, thrusting his fingers down his throat.

“Sounds like a drag to me,” he drawled and Bev smacked his arm, “What? It’s the truth, too mushy for me. See, he’s too pure to be pink Bev!” At those words, Eddie scrunched his nose up in confusion. Pink? What did that even mean? It was the second time he’d heard Stan utter the word to his cousin.

“Just give him a chance Stan, please?” Bev was not opposed to begging her friend. Stan just muttered under his breath and nodded, “Alright, alright fine he can come to mine on Friday night, after the pep rally.”

Eddie looked back and forth between the two and wondered what he’d gotten himself into.

* * *

Dodging through the crowds of hungry teenagers, Richie bypassed the cafeteria and headed outside towards his spot on the bleachers where he knew Bill and Ben would be waiting for him. As he walked through the courtyard, his ears perked to laugher and his head turned, spotting Betty Ripsom bothering Stanley Uris and his group. He laughed to himself, he was sure Stan was about to do something drastic to get rid of her. Usually he’d walk over and help out his best friends other half, but today he was choking for a smoke so he walked on, unaware of just whom was sitting at the table with the group.

When he reached his spot, Richie took a drag of his cigarette and sat himself down on the seats at the top of the bleachers. Bill and Ben were sitting next to him when Ben spoke up, “Hey Richie! You never did tell us about that guy you were seeing all summer!”

Bill’s head stop up, “Y-Yeah m-man! Tell u-us!”

Richie’s hands were tied, so he let out a drawn out sigh and leaned back, “Okay fellas, fine. I’ll tell you all about my summer romance.” With the boy’s seated comfortably around him Richie recounted the events of the best summer of his life. Bowling at the arcade by the beach, saving Eddie’s life when they’d gone swimming a little too far out, making out under the broken dock that no-on went near. As the words spilled out, he felt himself become distant, his voice wavering as he thought about Eddie, and what he was doing now in the busy city of New York.

He cleared his throat as the bell rang signalling the end of lunch time and he stubbed out his cigarette, rising to his feet. “Doesn’t matter now boys, summer is over and we have a whole year left of shitty High School before we’re are off to bigger and better things!”

He jumped off the steps and shoved his hands in his pocket, starting the trail back to school, not caring if he was late or not. Bill and Ben shared a look with one another before they too, began the trek back to school.

* * *

As they walked back towards the school building, Eddie jumped when Stan came up behind him and gave him a look, “So who was this mysery man of yours Kaspbrak? Does he have a name?”

Mike and Audra, along with Bev all turned to look at him with expectant gazes and Eddie flushed a little, “His name was Richie, Richie Tozier.”

Stan choked on his milkshake, but managed to brush it off as he stifled a laugh, Audra and Mike had gone pale and Bev dropped her cigarette in shock. As Eddie opened his mouth to ask what was wrong, Stan found his words, “Well then, you never know, the world works in mysterious ways, maybe your Prince Charming will show up again someday, sooner than you think,” with those words, he walked away, Mike and Audra following behind him, whispering.

Eddie turned to Bev, who was in the process of picking up her dropped cigarette, “You really think so Bev?” he asked hopefully and she cleared her throat.

“Uh, maybe we should just get to class Eddie huh? We’re late as it is.” She stubbed out her cigarette as she spoke, before walking past him and into the school.

Eddie paused for a moment, confused, before shaking his head and following her.

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“… Always it seemed to Attolia that Eddis was running wild in the mountains…

…News had traveled with the merchants and the entertainers who came before both courts. Eddis was learning to ride a pony, Eddis was learning to use a sword with her male cousins, Eddis was hunting at the summer retreat…”

- The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

Something Real

A/n: so I watched It and I thought Richie and Eddie were so precious? So I wrote a lil something. They’re sixteen in this because writing about actual children is weird. They don’t do anything crazy they just confess their feelings and there’s a lot of pointless pining

SUMMERY: Richie’s always loved Eddie a lot more than the rest

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More Than Just My Wife -- Jily

I wrote this years ago but revamped it a little and decided to share with you guys because who doesn’t like Jily fluff???? Let me know what you think!

It’s kind of an AU?? Idk haha I just hope you like it! Also sorry if the format is off; I’m on mobile!

“I can’t do this,” James said weakly, staring blankly ahead out the window across the lawn on which he was about to be married. That is, if his knees (and heart) would hold out long enough. Sirius laughed his barklike laugh from somewhere on James’s right.

“Do you mean to tell me that after seven years of asking, pleading, and begging Lily Evans to go on a date with you, countless hours spent trying to get her attention and now galleons upon galleons gone to make this wedding perfect, you’ve got cold feet? Come off it,” he consoled, clapping an arm around his best mate’s shoulder as he sipped from a goblet of butterbeer. The two young men were standing in a large lavender tent behind the altar setup, anxiously awaiting the moment they would step out in front of the crowd of friends and family to begin the wedding.

Compared to his and Lily’s dream of an elaborate event at a famous manor, the wedding was quaint, and the whole affair was to take place in the Potters’ backyard. However, all the stops had been pulled to make it the most lavish quaint wedding possible. Especially considering that there was a war on, it was positively regal.

Sirius had been trying for the last hour to calm James’s nerves, even suggesting a couple choice potions with questionable legality (“I know a bloke!”), but nothing was working. Instead of the smirking, laughing James Potter that Sirius knew, a glassy-eyed and jittery clone was standing in the tent in his place.

“I can’t do it,” James said simply, his mouth quite dry.

“Well, it’s a little late to turn back now, mate,” Sirius said. He checked his wristwatch. “You’re getting married in ten minutes.”

“I’m getting…married. Shit,” James whispered, running a hand through his ever-messy hair.

“Well, don’t do that,” Sirius laughed again. “Enjoy these last few moments of freedom while you can.”

“I’M GETTING MARRIED!” James shouted suddenly, shaking Sirius’s shoulders and causing his best man to spill half his drink onto the ground. “TO LILY EVANS!” James had a kind of manic smile on his face, as if he only just come to realize this fact. “Lily…,” he said softly, trying to sneak a peek through the flaps of the tent at the assembly outside.

“Well, I would hope so,” Sirius said, fighting to keep a straight face, “it is her you proposed to, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” James said; he seemed to have fallen into some kind of drug-induced trance.

“Well, you had better pull yourself together; can’t have this wedding without the groom, can we?”

James shook his head no and smiled weakly. “And the groom is nothing without his best man,” he said, grinning at Sirius with the same kind of playful smile he wore when planning a joke; for a moment, Sirius caught a glimpse of James’s usual bravado through the mask of his nervousness.

A second later, a balding, priestly wizard, Father Borachio Ogbourne, entered the tent fully dressed in his ceremonial robes and smiling warmly at James and Sirius.

“James,” he said with the calming voice only a practiced oficiar can possess, “we are soon to begin. If you and Mr. Black would kindly come with me….”

James hissed a string of swear words under his breath, suddenly sweaty and even jumpier than before. “Padfoot, I’m not ready!” he whispered in a panicked voice.

“Merlin, you sound like a bloody bridesmaid!” Sirius remarked, willing his friend to get his wits about him. He looked James up and down. “This is not the bloke who proposed to Lily Evans in the middle of the Three Broomsticks, this is…this is Wormtail’s Uncle Earl when he found out he had spattergroit, this is.” James managed a shaky laugh. “Honestly, mate, you haven’t a thing to worry about; you look smashing—as do I, I might add—she loves you, and you only have to say two words!”

James took a deep breath, trying to slow his racing heartbeat. “You’re right. I’m being thick,” he muttered.

“That’s the spirit!” Sirius cheered. Father Ogbourne stuck his head in again.

“Now, boys!” James looked once more at Sirius, who nodded reassuringly. The two men then stepped out into the late afternoon sun; everything was bathed in a golden glow as the sun began to set ever so slightly. This was Lily’s favorite time of day; naturally, she had insisted that the wedding take place at its peak.

James stepped up to the altar and gazed upon the crowd of people gathered before him. He immediately spotted his mother, Euphemia, in the front row. Her eyes were already watery and she sat beside two empty chairs adorned with wreaths and ribbons in honor of Lily’s late parents. A handful of the Order including Mad-Eye Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Dorcas Meadowes and Mary Macdonald were there. He could see Moony and Wormtail subtly shooting him two thumbs-up from the second row, and in the back, Hagrid took up three seats all by himself.

Five minutes later, a kind of uniform hush seemed to fall over the crowd, as if they had all known ahead of time when to stop talking amongst themselves.

“See you on the other side, Prongs,” James heard Sirius whisper behind him. No sooner had the words left Sirius’s mouth than a sweet, melodic tune began to float through the air. Everyone turned in their seats as Lily Evans, soon to be Potter, appeared at the end of the aisle arm-in-arm with Fleamont, James’s father, who had cried when Lily asked him to give her away because her own father couldn’t.

They were followed by Lily’s Maid of Honor, Marlene McKinnon, and the ring bearer, James’s little cousin Eddie. James’s heart leapt and lodged itself somewhere in his throat as Lily came into full view; he was sure nothing in the world could make him happier than the sight of that girl walking his way in that beautiful white dress. Lily’s long red hair had been drawn up into a fancy bun; sections of her hair had been braided and woven through a glittering crystal hairpiece. Attached to the hairpiece was a lacy white veil that ended just above her lower back and actually floated around her lightly, framing he perfectly. Her dress was pure white and strapless; beads had been sewn in intricate patterns on the bodice, and the skirt, which was tiered in the back, brushed the floor as she and her father walked slowly and surely forwards.
James knew then that he was, without a doubt, the happiest man alive. His hazel eyes hastened to meet Lily’s emerald green ones as she came closer and closer. Upon catching her gaze, a huge grin split across his face and he felt immediately at ease. Lily. He couldn’t believe it; Lily Evans was here, of her own free will, to marry him.

Father Ogbourne spoke in his calm voice as Lily and Fleamont stopped at the end of the aisle. “Who gives this witch to this wizard in marriage?” He asked.

“I do,” James’s father replied, his voice thick with happy tears. After what seemed like an hour—albeit a very dreamlike, incredible one—he relinquished his hold on Lily’s arm, kissed her cheek and watched with glistening eyes as she ascended the three small steps to James’s level. Euphemia was well past holding back tears; she now sobbed openly into her handkerchief as James and Lily smiled into each other’s eyes.

Lily seemed to radiate love as she held out her hand to James after handing her bouquet of cream-and-orange-colored roses to Marlene, who took her spot next to Sirius. Trembling, James took Lily’s hand in his own and stood facing his soon-to-be wife.

James didn’t really hear a word the old wizard was saying as he spoke of the holy joining of hands in marriage and the joy that this union should bring to all; he was utterly lost in Lily’s eyes. They were the only two people in the world and James couldn’t be more content. Lily must have sensed the residual nerves James was hiding behind his smile, though, for she gently squeezed his hand and gave him a wink. Together they stood for at least five more minutes, anxiously awaiting the moment they would officially become husband and wife.

“Do you, James Fleamont Potter, take Lily Evans to be your lawfully wedded wife?” There was silence; James seemed not to have heard.

“Hey you,” Lily said softly, a laugh present in her voice. James’s eyes widened.

“S-sorry,” he stammered. Father Ogbourne smiled warmly and repeated the vow. James stood still for a moment, holding Lily’s gaze.

Finally, he spoke, confidence blooming within him. “No, sir, I don’t,” he said suddenly. A collective gasp and several harried whispers issued from the crowd, but James ignored them; he was not finished. He smiled at Lily, who seemed to know he was up to something. “May I?”

“By all means, my son,” said Ogbourne.

James took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment, determined to do this right. “I, James Fleamont Potter, take you, Lily, as more than just my wife. I take you as my other half, my reason for breathing, and above all, my equal.” Lily’s green eyes were swimming with tears. “I don’t know what life holds in store for us,” he said, his voice a little shaky with suppressed emotion, “but I will provide for you, be by your side whether we are rich or scraping by, healthy or barely holding on, happy or fighting back tears. I will be,” he took a deep breath, “completely yours, as I have always wanted, from the first day we met.” Lily choked back a sob and smiled through her tears at the man in front of her; how could she ever have disliked him?

She swallowed hard, trying to find her voice so that she could tell James how she felt. “I, Lily Evans, take you, James, you arrogant toerag,” she joked with a laugh and a squeeze of his hands as he shook his head with a smile, “as my best friend as well as my husband. You’ve not only made me love life more, but you’ve made me a better person, and–” her voice broke and she flung her arms around James. “I love you,” she whispered softly, knowing he had heard her.

Father Ogbourne cleared his throat and James and Lily broke apart. Eddie had stepped forth with the rings and presented them to James. Shaking, James took Lily’s diamond ring from the silken pillow and placed it on her finger.
“With this ring, I thee wed,” he whispered. Lily then took the golden band from the pillow and slipped it onto James’s ring finger.

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

Father Ogbourne raised his wand and drew in the air a shimmering ribbon that floated down and draped itself over the newlyweds’ shoulders.

“By the power vested in me and by all the magic old and new, I now pronounce you husband and wife.” He turned to James. “You may kiss the bride.”

In one swift, smooth movement, James captured Lily’s lips in his own, his heart jumping for joy in his chest. A dozen golden doves exploded in a chorus of fluttering wings out of two of the nearby ornamental bushes and soared above the couple, transforming midflight into another shining ribbon that then came to rest upon the altar. The applause was deafening, but James could clearly hear Sirius whooping behind him in celebration, his mothers’ sobs of joy, and Remus wolf-whistling.

Father Ogbourne had to shout over the crowd to be heard.

“Family and friends!” he proclaimed as James and Lily broke their kiss. “I present to you, for the first time—Mr. and Mrs. Potter!”

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