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My nephew became a bar mitzvah yesterday (mazel tov, Eli!), so it was a whirlwind of family activities. I’ve concluded that a bar/bat mitzvah celebration (as put on by the Lazy family) is akin to a Big Fat Chinese-Russian-Jewish Wedding, so the fact that my sister and brother-in-law have done this for all three of their children is both super-impressive and totes mind-boggling.

I told busy daddy that if we were Jewish and the boy became a bar mitzvah, the party would likely involve takeaway Chinese eats and minimal party planning because I was tired just watching people put together yesterday’s festivities. Busy daddy said I would make a terrible Chinese Jew. Oh well.

The rabbi told us in advance (as did my sister and brother-in-law) that taking photos during the service was not allowed, so I didn’t, you know, take pictures. But someone in the Lazy family (ahem, lazy grandpa, *cough*) may or may not have been reprimanded reminded at least once by the rabbi from the bimah that photography was not allowed.

The boy was a trooper and managed to remain focused and reverent throughout the nearly two hour service. Turns out going to temple (or church) is a pretty effective way to reduce the wiggles for the boy.

Molti lo ricorderanno come il cugino Avi di Snatch (una parte incredibile oltretutto); alcuni appassionati di Law & Order lo ricorderanno come il detective Joe Fontana. Prima di fare l'attore ha fatto il poliziotto a Chicago.

R.I.P. Dennis Farina (29 Feb 1944 - 22 Lug 2013)

(Scusate la tardività, ma mi era passato proprio sotto i radar)


Great actor.


“Sült hal, Tom Jones, délutáni tea, rossz kaja, még rosszabb idő, kib@szott Mary Poppins… LONDON!”