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The latest Spencer Hastings family update
  • Alex is her twin sister
  • Melissa is her half sister
  • Charlotte was also her half sister and was her half brother before transition
  • Jason is her half brother/cousin
  • Ali is her first cousin
  • Ali’s twins are her first cousins once removed
  • Peter is her father
  • Mary is her birth mom
  • Veronica is adoptative mother/step mother
  • Ian was her brother-in-law
  • Taylor was her niece
  • Jessica was her aunt
You know what I want most in the world

I want Alex Fierro and Percy Jackson to meet and I just want to see that time bomb explode. beCAUSE I honestly believe that those two would either dislike each to the point of constant unwavering irritation or love each other to the point of Chase cousins being so jealous they could strangle their partners.

Asking Maggie

She’s asked her the thing that was hard.

Kara told her to never let Maggie go, and Alex never was one for hesitation.

So she’s already asked her the thing that was hard.

The whole ‘marry me’ thing.

But after that comes a slew of other questions. A slew of questions that maybe should have come before the first question, but hey, they wanted a lifetime of firsts; they never said they had to be in a particular order.

So they’d stayed up late – so many late, late, beautiful nights – curled in each other’s arms and asking soft questions and giving thoughtful answers about what marriage means to each of them. If they want children. What their finances will look like. House or apartment. Put roots down in National City before traveling, or life a lot of places. Combining health insurance plans. Taxes. Monogamy. The eventuality of getting crushes on other women, and how they’ll deal with it. 

But in the midst of all that, Alex hasn’t asked Maggie about the ceremony itself. About whether they can have a service that incorporates whatever’s important to Maggie, of course, but also Kryptonian elements to honor Kara, and Jewish elements to honor Alex.

She’s always been embarrassed about her faith. 

About how proud she was the first time her father let her wear a kippah and led her through making kiddush in Hebrew. 

About how meaningful it had been, how painful but how fitting, when she’d taken her father’s place at the head of the table, the year he’d disappeared from her life, and led the sedar in a shaky voice, with trembling hands and wet eyes. 

The way Eliza had held her when Kara went to search for the afikoman – no x-ray vision allowed – and told her that she was proud of her.

She’s always been embarrassed, because faith is incongruous with being a scientist, isn’t it?

And now, isn’t it incongruous with being… well, with being a lesbian?

So she paces and she wrings her hands, and when the door finally cracks open, she jumps, and she gulps and she turns, but it isn’t Maggie that steps into the apartment.

It’s Adrian.

“Hey Agent Danvers, sorry, Maggie said I could come over to study, I – hey, you okay? You’re doing that nervous pacing thing Maggie talks about.”

“Maggie told you about my – “

“Maggie tells me everything. Everything,” he emphasizes with a cheeky wink, and Alex laughs despite herself as she tugs him in for a hug.

“What are you studying, Ade?” she asks, but he shakes his head resolutely as he shrugs his saddle bag onto the floor and kicks off his converse.

“Nope. We can do that later. Something’s wrong. Talk to Uncle Adrian.”

Alex furrows her brow at him and he shrugs. “Listen, you two might be my queer mamas, but I’m a big boy, I can dispense advice like a champ.”

“You are a champ, kid,” she nudges him with her shoulder, and he nudges her back proudly.

“Seriously, Alex. What’s up?”

He grabs two bottles of root beer out of the fridge, tosses her one, and strides over to collapse onto the couch.

Alex thinks about how tall he’s getting, and she sighs as she sits down next to him.

“You know I’m Jewish, right?”

Adrian sips while he nods. “Kara was telling me about how you all used to combine Kryptonian and Jewish stuff for holidays.”

Alex grins. “Yeah. I… for the wedding, I want to… do you know what a chuppah is?”

Adrian shakes his head, and Alex takes another swig of her root beer.

“It’s like this canopy thing. Jewish couples get married under it. And I know Maggie’s not Jewish, but I… I never really thought about getting married. As a kid. I wasn’t one of those girls who fantasized about it, you know?”

“Probably because you couldn’t imagine yourself with some man,” Adrian nods knowingly, and Alex clinks her bottle against his.

“Probably. But for some reason, I don’t know. Some of those things are… are important to me, but I don’t want to… I’m gay, we’re gay, lesbians, you know – “

“Yes, incidentally, I’m aware – hey!”

He swats away the pillow she hits him with.

“I just… I don’t want to offend Maggie, or hurt her, or something. By asking to have something religious part of our ceremony. Especially a religion that’s not hers. I don’t – “

“Alex, hey, hey, you don’t have to cry. She loves you. Maggie loves you so damn much it’s almost annoying, always Alex this and Danvers that and yes god Danvers don’t stop – “


“I mean, that last one was a guess. Which I imagine was pretty accurate – ow! no more pillow attacks, not all of us have DEO training! – but really, Alex. Tell her exactly that – that you don’t want to trigger her, and you’re open to compromise and all that, but this is important to you.”

“But it’s… it’s stupid that it’s important to me. Isn’t it? Religion? And science, and… and lesbianness?”

Adrian sighs and shakes his head. “You know my folks are really religious, right? But you know what they get from their religion? That they should love their damn kid. Unconditionally. And Alex, Maggie… you know, I think that’s what Maggie loves most about you. The way you’re like, super hard and scary – Winn’s words, not mine – but also kind and soft and bottom-y and stuff. Ow! Not all the time, I know – hey! – I’m just saying, she loves how you’re both. How you’re everything, you know? She’ll love that you’re all hardcore sciencey and yet your Jewishness is important to you, and she’ll love that you’re a religious, or spiritual, or cultural, whatever word you want, lesbian. She’ll love it because she loves you. How much you hold in your personality. You know?”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself, Danvers.”

Maggie’s voice in the doorway makes them both jump slightly. 

“Hey babe!”

“Maggie! We were just talking about you.”

“Yes, I hear that.”

“Oh, you detected that, did you?”

“Wise guy. Come here.” She wraps Adrian in a deep, hard hug, whispering a thank you in his ear. For his kindness, his intelligence, his sensitivity and his insight. 

“And I feel like you have something you want to talk to me about, sweetie,” she pulls Alex in for a soft, tender kiss that makes Adrian awwww and Alex swoon.

“Yeah,” she whispers, breathless, her fear evaporating, because Adrian’s right.

Maggie loves her so damn much. All of her. 

So maybe asking her about their ceremony will only bring them closer.

Maybe asking her will be another beautiful, beautiful first.

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You know how Winn fanboys over superman can you do a prompt of Alex fangirling over Wonder Woman. I think I'd be interesting to see cool Alex freaking and also Wonder Woman is so worthy.

“So technically, she’s not an alien,” Maggie read through the file in the middle of the DEO command center. She dropped the page she was looking at. “But she is super strong and has weapons that are obviously not of this world.” She looked over at Alex who was distracted by her favorite alien gun in pieces on the table. She had a soldering iron in one hand and some kind of alien version in her other hand.

Maggie looked toward the entrance to the DEO when the door opened. She heard Kara talking and knew their special guest with the mystery file had arrive.

“So Kal-El is your cousin?” an elegant voice asked that was both powerful and comforting.

“Yeah,” Kara smiled. “My little baby cousin.”

“Alex,” Maggie poked Alex’s arm.

“Hold on,” Alex grumbled. “Can’t believe it got smashed.”

Maggie didn’t look away from their guest as she hit Alex with the back of her hand. “Alex, look.”

“One sec.”

“Alex!” Maggie finally moved her hand up Alex’s head, her hand patting Alex’s face. “Alex, look.”

“What?” Alex looked up from her beloved gun to the approaching group. At first all she saw was J’onn and Kara, then she saw her. The light coming in the glass door lit up their visitor like a halo, making her face seem like a dream. A smile lit up her face as she stepped forward out of the light and Alex’s eyes adjusted.

“You’re Wonder Woman,” Alex blurted out. The tools in her hand clattered onto the table and she walked quickly around the table.

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prompt from @sanverspotsticker – “Clark meets Maggie kinda in the way he met Mon El tonight”

She’s not that excited to meet him.

He’s only Alex’s cousin.

He’s only Superman.

And Maggie Sawyer is not – will not be – Winn Schott.

Winn, who practically tumbled down a flight of stairs when Superman flew back in (Vasquez lost ten bucks to Maggie in the process).

She’s certainly not excited to meet him.

It’s not like she idolized him growing up.

No, she’s not excited to meet him at all. 

Because he’s only Alex’s cousin.

So she’s not excited.

She’s absolutely terrified.

It had gone well with Alex’s mom, and Kara was warming up to her.

It had gone well with J’onn, and with Alex’s brothers.

But Clark was the extended family; Clark was the part of the family that Maggie was shuttled out to at fourteen. The part of the family who hated her, perhaps, even more than the parents who didn’t have to deal with her anymore.

So, ordinarily, she’d be nearly tumbling down those stairs right alongside Winn.

But this isn’t just Superman.

This is Alex’s cousin.

Alex watches her with curious eyes and a soft grin. She knows what a big fan of Leslie Willis, Cat Grant, James Olsen, Batwoman – the list goes on – that Maggie is.

Superman’s sure to be on the list.

So Alex nudges her slightly right before Clark catches her eye, before he tilts his head, before he strides over to them with a midwestern gait and a small smile in the middle of a war, because his cousin’s never giggled about anyone before, but god, she giggles about Maggie.

So, war or no war – dire circumstances or not – Clark is eager to meet his cousin’s girlfriend.

He holds out a warm hand, slight wariness mixed with genuine welcome in his eyes.

“You must be the woman my cousin is absolutely crazy about,” he offers, and Alex tries not to preen.

“Maggie Sawyer,” Maggie nods and shakes firmly, her voice somewhat smaller than it usually is, her eyes somewhat shier. 

“You’re treating her right?” he asks, even though he knows the answer. 

“I try to every second of every day,” Maggie tells him, restraining herself from adding a “sir” to the end of her sentence. She reminds herself that Kara used to change this guy’s diapers.

Superman grins, and his smile is almost as bright as his cousins’. “And is she treating you right?” he asks while Alex pffts and shoves him.

But Maggie’s voice is solemn, serious, when she answers.

“No one’s ever treated me better.”

Alex’s giggle cuts off mid-breath, and Clark holds Maggie’s eyes with such intensity that they almost start up his heat vision.

She holds his gaze, her chin up, her eyes earnest, her palms somewhat clenched at her sides.

And then she’s being pulled into a long, warm, surprisingly gentle hug.

From Superman.

She tries not to squeal.

“You two should spend a weekend with Lois and I in Metropolis when this is all over. She’d love to meet the newest member of the Danvers family, Maggie.”

Before Maggie can stammer out a response, the radio buzzes with information about a fresh attack west of the DEO.

Superman points upwards, and Alex nods.

“Up, up, and away,” he winks at Maggie, taps his index finger underneath Alex’s chin, and soars toward danger.

“Superman hugged me!” Maggie’s voice is slightly strained.

“Thought it was no big deal, he’s only my cousin?” Alex grins and nudges her with her shoulder as they both head back to tactical command.

“But he hugged me,” Maggie repeats, and she sounds an awful lot like Winn.

This time, Vasquez owes Alex ten bucks.

Maggie’s Phone, a mini story

This got out of hand for the start of my Danvers Sisters Week fic, so I’m just gonna make it it’s own little thing.

Her phone seems like it’s buzzing endlessly nowadays. And because of her job, and her fiancée’s job, and her kid sister’s…well, existence…it’s not like she can leave it on silent. 

So it vibrates and rings day and night, a symphony of chirps and trills and songs that are a language of their own—all meaning something different. Because after only one short year in the Super Fam’s midst, it doesn’t take long before everyone has their own ringtone…

After one late night impromptu slow dance in the kitchen, Alex is “Won’t Cost A Thing.” After more dances and dinners and date nights, sometimes she thinks about changing it, but hearing those opening guitar chords still gives her butterflies, so it stays.

After her first Christmas baking and movie session with the Danvers sisters, the chorus to “Everybody Loves Christmas” is Kara. It stays all year round, which about nine months of the year earns her more than a few raised eyebrows, but always makes her laugh.

After learning how many times he watched it as a kid (every day, before and after school, for over a year, it turns out), James is “Space Jam,” which she is proud to say embarrasses him every single time he is reminded of it.

After a particularly show-stopping karaoke performance, Winn is Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out.”

M’gann has been Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll” since before Maggie even met Alex.

J’onn is “Takin’ Care of Business.” Naturally.

It took a while to find Lena’s, but after catching her singing along once, it’s now Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl,” which Lena hates, which is exactly what Maggie loves about it.

Lena rubs her forehead, “I have green eyes.”

Maggie mimics her exasperated tone, “I know that.

The staring contest that ensues lasts an uncomfortable, excruciating, three minutes.

It’s a little soundtrack to her life, and those songs that were just words to a melody before, suddenly have faces and memories and feelings attached to them. 

And she couldn’t be happier about it.

That is…until she eventually realizes what songs play on everyone else’s phones when she calls…

Part 2!

As promised! Following the little encounter with Jen and Danny, Jen as always went immediately to talking to me about it. After some time to think, she’d gotten guilty. She made a few comments about how he was the biggest she’d ever seen and made her wet just by talking to her, but over and over again she commented on how she was glad they’d been stopped. The call had come at just the right time. She almost made a big mistake. Ect ect. Danny…was the polar opposite. He KNEW he’d been a minute or two tops from having this cute, married blonde’s mouth wrapped around his cock at bare minimum. And he was PISSED at her hubby for fucking it up.

So a couple of weeks later, hubby has to go out of town for business over the weekend. He suggests Jen should stop by on Saturday and spend the day with me doing girly stuff, and of course I agree. She’s game, but her hubby has the car so they decide he’ll drop her off and pick her up in the evening. I excitedly tell Danny, but…he’s got plans with his fiance. So Saturday rolls around, and Jen and her hubby show up to drop her off. We’re standing in the livingroom and the doorbell rings. It’s Danny. Thinking quick, I introduce him to Jen’s hubby as my cousin Alex, and that he’s there to help with the hot water heater, which has broken while my hubby is away (not really.) Her hubby smiles, says hi, and heads for the door, telling us to have a good day.

Jen is obviously nervous at this unexpected event. She wore a short, yellow sundress and sneakers for the day, and if I say so myself looked pretty cute. I was in a pair of shorts, and a tanktop. So off we all go to the livingroom, and turn on the tv. Danny’s got the charm going again, and is being super sweet to her, complimenting her, admiring her. She sits down by him, and he reaches over and pulls her into his lap. She laughs and swats at him, but doesn’t resist. We all smalltalk for a few minutes, and I can see he’s kind of pressing his hips up into her ass while she sits there in his lap. I offer to go get everyone some wine with a smile, and head out of the room. I’m gone…5 minutes, tops. I get a bottle of wine out of the chiller, pop the cork, and grab a few glasses, then head back to the livingroom.

There’s my Jen… laying on the couch and panting for breath. Her sun dress is hiked up to her waist, her panties are pulled aside, her hips are at the edge of the couch. And Danny’s kneeling between those spread legs, his fly unzipped and that oh so perfect cock buried balls deep inside Jen. He’s not moving yet, just laying on the charm while she squirms on his dick, with this triumphant victory look on his face. She sees me standing there and blushes and laughs. Danny flashes me a grin. Then he grabs her hips and starts to fuck her. Slow at first, then building up to his usual hard pace. Her eyes are dazed, transfixed, locked between her thighs, watching those nine inches fill her up. I set the glasses and wine down and move to the couch to join them, where I lean down to kiss her, and start whispering in her ear about him fucking her.I untie her dress and pull it down to her tummy. Unclasp her bra and pull it off. Danny’s watching like a hawk. Suddenly, she’s cumming…shaking, screaming. She douses the couch cushion and drips on the floor.

Nearly the second she’s done shaking, he pulls out of her and grabs my hair, guides me down to suck his cock.I’ve barely finished sucking Jen’s wetness off him before he’s pulling away again. He flips Jen over onto her hands and knees, tugs her panties down her thighs, and slides back in.No going slow this time. He starts hammering that pussy. I wriggle out of my clothes and hop on the couch. Jen’s going nuts, making the kind of animal, lust crazed noises that are filling up the house. Danny slides a hand between my legs and starts fingering me, and Jen basically crawls onto me, holding me and pressing in tight. We’re kissing, she’s moaning.. she cums another couple of times at least, then Danny freezes up and moans, jerking and cumming in her.And wow, did he cum a lot. When he pulled out, she had cum dripping down her thighs and onto the couch. We all get up and go to the bedroom, where another frantic round of fucking ensues, culminating in Danny fucking me senseless while Jen and I made out and she explored Danny’s body with her hands. We finish up and pass out.

I wake up a couple of hours later to soft slurping. who knows how long they’ve been up, but Danny’s kicked back, relaxing, while Jen is on the bed between his thighs, sucking his cock. Seeing me wake up, she hopped up and straddled him, and went to work riding him into another climax, then she and I finished him off with a nice blowjob. Finally, worn out and sticky, Jen and I went to take a shower and clean up. We have some girl talk, get clean and presentable. Get dressed. Danny’s gotten dressed in the meantime and gives us each a kiss, then heads out to go home. Jen and I spend a few hours drinking and laughing and plotting, then her hubby shows up to pick her up, quite impressed that “The hot water got fixed!” lol!

This is a girl that hadn’t touched another cock  since highschool…and she gleefully spent all afternoon getting repeatedly fucked by my fuckbuddy. Apparently all that guilt evaporated, because she told me later that the second he’d pulled it out, she’d spread her legs for him. Let that be a lesson, boys. A cocky attitude, a bit of charm, and a 9 inch cock will get you into ANY girl’s panties. <3

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Hey mom! (Is it cool if I still call you mom? Or you prefer another word?) I've been feeling kinda down because I had the opportunity to come out to my friend but I didn't. I really like your fics :) I know you are not taking prompts, and I feel that I'm bothering you, so sorry. Could you write like.. maggie meeting clark, and Alex has to come out to him and it's really cheesy and cute, idk I need this right now. You are awesome and I really really like your new look.

Alex is pacing.

It’s not the same as the way she paces when Eliza comes to National City.

But it’s close.

She’s pacing and she’s wringing her hands and she keeps glancing at the freezer, even though she knows that Kara has long since cleaned out her apartment of liquor.

Maggie glances at Kara, and Kara grimaces a small smile before taking Alex by the hand.

“Alex. Clark loves you. Okay? You might not be Kryptonian, but you’re his cousin, too.”

Alex nods distractedly, glancing behind her at Maggie, who nods silently, letting Kara take the lead, because this is a moment for her Danvers girls. The Danvers sisters.

Kara sighs and strokes Alex’s hair, bringing her face back toward her. “Alex. He’s going to love Maggie, too.”

“Well yeah, what’s not to love? But I mean… my girlfriend?”

“He’s not going to care, Alex, he – “

“Yeah, but he’s so… white bread good old boy.”

Maggie snorts and Kara pffts.

“Alex – oh! He’s here!”

Maggie furrows her brow and Alex shrugs, a small grin on her face. “You get used to the superhearing after a while.”

“Oh. Right.”


Because suddenly Kara is throwing open the door and barreling into her cousin’s arms, and he’s kissing her forehead and spinning her around slightly, and she’s giggling madly and Alex takes a deep breath, because yes, he abandoned her, but yes, he loves her, and god, family is complicated.

And speaking of complicated –

“Alex!” he says, and she doesn’t need to be looking at him to hear the huge smile in his voice. He steps out of Kara’s arms and pulls Alex into his, and she revels in it despite herself, because there aren’t a lot of men she lets touch her, ever, but Clark is one of them, and his arms make her feel… accepted.

And speaking of accepted –

“And who’s this?” He’s pulling back from her, still with a warm smile, but stiffening slightly but nearly imperceptibly in the way that he does when he has to maintain his cover.

“Um, Clark, this is Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division. Maggie, Clark Kent.”

“Big fan of your work, Clark,” she says, shaking his hand with a smile that matches his, and Kara’s eyes almost burn through Alex, knowing – because she can hear it – exactly how hard her heart is pounding.

And Clark can hear it, too.

“Well, Science Division, seems like something I’d be a big fan of too. Even though Alex is the brains of the family.”

He looks at his adoptive cousin, then, trying to give her an opening, for whatever she wants to say, because clearly – if her slamming pulse is any indication – she wants to say something.

And she says it, sudden, fast, rambling.

“Clark, Maggie’s my girlfriend. She’s my girlfriend, because I’m gay. A lesbian. And a lucky one, too, because um… yeah, she’s my girlfriend.”

She bounces slightly on the balls of her feet, Maggie and Kara delicately channeling their amused chortles into their proud smiles.

Clark doesn’t raise his eyebrows and he doesn’t comment about men not being good enough and he doesn’t seem disappointed and he doesn’t laugh and he doesn’t do anything except pull Alex back into his arms, kissing her hair and smiling, smiling, smiling.

“I’m proud of you, Alex. And Maggie, welcome to the family. This one’ll take good care of you – you’re gonna do the same for her, right?”

“That’s the plan,” Maggie beams, and Kara tugs a relieved, exhaling Alex sideways into her own arms.

“You don’t seem… surprised?” Alex narrows her eyes along with her smile.

Clark digs his hands deep into his pockets, glances at Kara, glances at Maggie, and grins.

“Well, Lucy has been telling Lois for a while that she thought…”

“What’s a while? She knew? And J’onn! God, you’d think they could’ve told me! Did everyone know before I did?.”

“Not me, I thought I was falling for another straight girl – “

“Ever been more happy to be wrong, Sawyer?”


“Um, guys… we’re… right here?”

Clark and Kara adjust their glasses and turn away in tandem, identical smiles on their faces and identically wide can’t-erase-that-from-my-mind-but-Rao-is-it-good-to-see-her-happy eyes.

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Supercorp prompts: Kara and her love for food!

Though Lillian had never been exactly loving growing up, Lena had been remarkably close to her adoptive grandparents, spending much of her time off from school in their manor, spending holidays that Lex was away with the very people Lillian both spoke so fondly of and mostly ignored, often finding herself feeling lighter afterwards—feeling better.

(She sometimes wondered what had made Lillian so different, why her grandparents were so kind and tolerant and Lillian was so…Lillian.

She wondered, but she never went further than that, deciding she didn’t very much want to know if the variable that caused such a difference in parental style was Lena herself.)

When she was fifteen, she had spent nearly an entire summer with her grandparents, helping out her grandmother with odds and ends as her grandfather had fallen rather ill. She still could remember the afternoons she spent laughing as she and her grandmother attempted to make cookies though neither of them had experience with baking. It had always ended in chaos, the man who worked in the kitchens looking on at the flour caked hair and aprons riddled with raw eggs with poorly concealed amusement.

It was during one of those afternoons—attempting to make her grandfather’s favorite cookies—that her grandmother offhandedly joked that the way to anyone’s heart was through their stomach.

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Co Workers (Part Eleven)

A/N: I apologize in advance. This part’s a trip.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Some violence, alcohol.

Word Count: 2.4k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

Originally posted by misha-reedus

“What do you want, Andrew?” you snapped at him as quietly as you could, so that no one would hear you.

“I wanted to apologize.”

You stood there, your arms crossed, head down. He wanted to apologize. Apologize. You didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know what to think. He hurt you. He put you in a situation you’d never been in before, and one you’d hoped to never be in again.

“Y/N,” he whispered, “please say something.”

“What am I supposed to say Andrew?” your head snapped up, finally making eye contact with him, “you-” your eyes began to water- “you hurt me, and I know I cheated on you, and I’m sorry for that, but you, you should never have done that to me.”

Your shoulders were shaking while you were fighting sobs. You were determined not to cry in front of Andrew, he didn’t deserve it; but regardless if you were crying or not, you were a blubbering mess. You just couldn’t get your words out. Andrew stepped forward and placed a hand on your shoulder.

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Alex Ovechkin (plus some Evgeni Malkin) #1 - Best Friends

Anon asked: can u do an Ovi or Geno one? doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic since they’re both married!

“What?? Emma actually posted two days in a row??” Yeah, I don’t know guys, I have felt super motivated to write these past few days so hopefully that will continue. This is my first purely platonic imagine and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I feel like Alex Ovechkin would be the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I hope you enjoy!

Having parents from two different countries allowed you the benefit of growing up in a two language household. Your father was born in Russia and lived there until the age of eighteen. He was only meant to reside in the United States for the duration of college but ended up meeting your mother during his sophomore years and well, that was that.

When you were born it was decided that you would be raised bilingual so that while you were raised in the United States, you would still be connected to your Russian heritage. This would prove to be a major asset later in life because it allowed for you to apply for a position in the NHL as a translator. Your kind nature and motivational attitude made you a favorite of the Russian rookies that you were hired to work with. While it was common for the rookies to be paired with seasoned players to learn English, you were brought in for the extra tutoring.

It was 2004 and your second year working with the NHL players when you were introduced to two people who would go on to become very close friends of yours. Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin were drafted first and second overall respectively. You were stationed just off to the side of the stage to welcome them after their names were called. Alexander was called first and walked up on the stage, eyes wide with wonder. He placed the hat on his head, shook everyone’s hands and took the customary photo. He was directed off stage in your direction and when you made eye contact, you gave him a small wave.

He approached slowly, unsure of what was going on.

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Doubts and Kisses

Hey hey hey! So this was a suggestion given to my by @alexfierrno where Fierrochase and Solangelo meet :D

BTW this is BEFORE Fierrochase gets together and Magnus has an embarrassing crush on Alex and is scared to admit it cuz he thinks Alex is gonna decapitate him and Alex is practically pulling her hair out with how much she just wants Magnus to say the stupid words (cuz lbr, Alex probably would know the whole time).

So ye Fierrochase and Solangelo r gonna be brought together cuz

A n n a b e t h



Magnus has no idea why he is even here. Here at a camp where the children wore orange t-shirts and ran around with swords in their hands. Sure, that was exactly like Hotel Valhalla, but technically they where all already dead so there wasn’t the problem of accidentally killing someone, but the residents of Hotel Valhalla tended to be older that 12. It freaked Magnus out when he saw a kid no older than 9 flash a toothy grin at him as she brandished her sword, pintails flying. He almost had a heart attack when the boy, Leo, set himself on fire. Really, it was an interesting day.

On top of all of it, Alex was with him. As if he wasn’t nervous enough, Alex frickin Fierro had to be at his side the whole time. Magnus didn’t really know what to expect from the demigods, and if his dubious expression wasn’t enough, Alex had to laugh at everything he did. He would stutter as another Greek came up to him with some ability that was just crazy and when they finally went off to do who knows what, Alex would pinch his cheeks and call him cute. It took every ounce of his will power not to blush, but he did it anyway. 

Magnus wasn’t really sure how Alex could do it so casually. Show affection towards him without thinking that it could play with the feelings of a crush Magnus wished he didn’t have. How she kept playing with him and teasing him, without having any romantic desires. Without seeing that he had a crush on her. Of course, Alex obviously didn’t return any of these emotions. To her, her relationship with Magnus was 110% platonic and she never had the thoughts that Magnus had of kisses that ran past midnight and hands running through green hair. Magnus was a mess around Alex, and everyone knew it. 

“Look Maggie! There’s your cousin!” Alex says. Magnus can make out the outline of Annabeth standing by a tree. The sunlight caught on her blonde hair and she was talking animatedly to two boys who where practically leaning on each other they where so close. The boy with golden hair like Annabeth and Magnus had his arm over the shoulder of the boy with black hair, who was noticeably slouching. The clothing of the boy with golden curls was much more colorful than the other boy’s, who wore a deep void of black. They where literally the day and night. 

“C’mon. Let’s go say hi!” Alex says excitedly. For some reason, she has been super hyped about meeting Annabeth. Magnus isn’t even sure why, but he chose not to ask for reasons concerning keeping his head. 

“Alright.” They walked up the hill to the tree and as soon as they where in sight of Annabeth, she called out to them, “Magnus!” She ran up to him and hugged him. Magnus, feeling really awkward, pushed her off, but his was smiling brightly. 

“Annabeth! It’s so good to see you! This is my friend, Alex,” Magnus says, gesturing to Alex.

“Oh is she the one–HEY!” Magnus elbowed her in the ribs. He knew exactly what she was about to say, and Magnus was regretting ever telling her about his crush on Alex. Before Alex or Annabeth could say anything else, the two boys Annabeth was talking to earlier came over.

“Oh! Magnus, Alex. This is Will and Nico. Will, Nico. This is Magnus and Alex.” 

“’Sup,” Will said. Nico waved his hand shyly. 

“Hey,” Magnus said and Alex offered a hand. 

“Well, why don’t you guys talk a little bit while I go check on my idiot of a boyfriend. I swear, I can’t leave him alone for five minutes without him making a toilet explode or something.”

“Sure,” Magnus says, not wanting her to go. Strangers and Alex. Great. 

“So you’re the dude with the scary father?” Nico says.

“Girl. It’s girl unless I say otherwise. And why?” Magnus has to give Nico some credit, he doesn’t seem to fazed at the fact that Alex is gender fluid. He just looks 100% done with the world. That is, until he looks at Will. There is definitely chemistry there. 

“Oh. It’s just my dad was dubbed bad guy too.”

“No way!” They started to walk away.

“Goodbye, Death Boy!”

“Shut up, Solace.” 

“Don’t steal him while I’m gone,” Alex says, causing Magnus to turn a bright scarlet.

“The feeling is mutual, my friend,” Will says. Just before they disappear through the trees,  Magnus catches Nico blushing as he digs his hands in the pockets of his black sweater, looking a little like he’s storming off from embarrassment. Will giggles. 

“He always does that. Sit?” Will asks, gesturing to some logs nearby. Magnus shrugs and they sit down.

“Okay, dude, you have a crush on her,” Will says bluntly. 

“Wh–what?” Magnus chokes out. Will rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. 

“Dude. It is literally the most obvious thing in the world. Plus, Annabeth told me.”

“She did what?!” Magnus yells, drifting into hysteria. He should’ve known not to trust her.

“Dude, calm down. It’s not that bad. Just go for it. It’s what I did with Nico.”

“Wait. You two are… huh?” This is the stupidest Magnus has felt all day. 

“Yes. Me and Nico are dating.” There is a silence.

“How did it happen?” Will flashes back to the memory that is the happiest memory he had. 

It was one night during the campfire. Will insisted that he needed to be with Nico a little more often to help his “mental health”. In reality, Nico probably would’ve been fine with a few pills, but Will just wanted to spend more time with Nico. Somehow, Nico’s darkness touched the corners of his heart until his head filled with Nico’s dark curls and perfectly shaped lips. 

They where all singing campfire songs and being merry, but Nico was his usual self, staring menacingly at the fire. Will threw his arms around Nico’s shoulder and got him to sway with him.

“C’mon. Sing with us,” Will whispered in Nico’s ear.

“Why?” Nico said grumpily. 

“Because. Doctor’s orders,” Will said simply. That was the best part of his job. Whenever Nico doubts what Will tells him, he just shrugs and says, “Doctor’s orders.” And he gets away with it. Nico rolled his eyes but started to murmur the words. Will kept his arm over Nico’s shoulder. When a breeze blew through, Will subconsciously pulled Nico closer, which caused Nico to blush a bright scarlet. 

As soon as Will was in his right mind, he let go of Nico hurriedly. He was surprised to find Nico still at his side, shivering through his thin sweater. Nico grabbed Will’s shirt and turned him to face him. 

“Don’t let go,” he said, his teeth chattering. 

“I’ve got you,” Will said, pulling Nico closer. Nico settled his head on Will’s shoulder, breathing in deeply and letting out a happy sigh. Will was only partially aware of his hands combing Nico’s hair. This was the best possible moment for it. 


"Hmm?” Nico says sleepily. 

“I like you.” Finally, the words where off his chest. He felt free, like he reached the top of the highest mountain. 

“I like you to, Will.” Nico says, sounding confused. 

 "No, Nico. Like, like, like you.“ 

 "Oh….” Nico says. For a second, Will wonders if that was the best decision. Then, Nico turns his beautiful face to Will so he’s looking up at him. 

 "I do too,“ he says, hugging Will even tighter. Will felt his insides squirm as he rested the side of his head on top of Nico’s. He likes me. 

 On the other side of the woods, Nico and Alex where having an interesting conversation. 

 "You seem really comfortable with that boy,” Nico says. 

 "Yeah. He’s really great underneath that snarky exterior he puts on.“ 

 "You like teasing him?" 

 "Oh all the time. He’s just so easy to make fun of and he’s always getting so flustered. It’s a miracle he hasn’t found out…." 


 "Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I like him. I like him a lot." 

 "And you don’t think he likes you?" 

 "I know he likes me." 

 "Then why don’t you ask him out?" 

 "I don’t know. Because he’s scared? Because the last thing we need is distractions when my father is still out there, plotting Ragnarok?" 

 "But that doesn’t mean you should let that stop you from achieving your happiness." 

 "But what if he doesn’t want to be with me?" 

 "I don’t understand your reasoning…." 

 "Being with me is confusing. My father is the evilest person there is, sometimes I just randomly take out my anger on people who don’t deserve it, and on top of it all, I’m genderfluid. Why would anyone want to be with someone who doesn’t even know what gender they want to be?” Alex says, collapsing on the ground with her head in her hands. 

 "I’m a mess.“ Nico crouched down to her, moving her hands away from her eyes. 

 "Alex… I’ve heard all of these wonderful things from you and Annabeth about how nice Magnus is. If he really did all of these things to help his friends, then I don’t think he’ll blow you off because of all of these things that make you, you. Before he fell in love with you, he knew everything that went into just being friends with you. Plus, if he breaks your heart just call me and I’ll raise a skeleton army for you." 

 "Aww Nico.” Alex felt tears start to stream down her face. She ran her fingers through her hair, took a shaky breath, and hugged Nico. 

 "Thank you. Thank you so much.“ She breaths. 

 "How about we get back to our boyfriends?" 

 "He isn’t my boyfriend." 

 "Not yet,” Nico says with a smirk. Alex rolls her eyes and they stand up, walking back to the tree together. When they saw Will and Magnus again, Alex walked straight up to him, her face set determinedly. Magnus backed himself up against the tree and winced. 

 "Magnus Chase,“ she booms. Magnus was practically trembling. Will and Nico shared a knowing smile. 

 In the end. Alex was not as patient as Will and Nico who still haven’t had their first kiss even though they’ve been dating for three years. She did not want to take Magnus gently into her arms and whisper "I love you,” until he finally believed her. No, she wanted him to know right now, and she wanted him, right now. 

 That’s why, instead of taking out her garrote as Magnus expected, she pressed her hands to his chest and dragged him towards her, guiding him to her lips. Magnus let out a startled cry, but then melted onto Alex, feeling the fireworks bursting between them. His hands dangled at his sides and Alex grabbed his hands, forcefully putting them on her waist. Magnus was practically swooning, the only thing holding him up was his back pressed against the tree. 

Alex whispered her thanks to all of the gods, Norse, Greek, and Roman alike, and felt like finally something was finally going right in her life. As quietly as possible, Nico and Will slipped away, leaving the two of them to sort out their feelings alone. Nico put his head on Will’s shoulder as he wrapped his arm around Nico’s waist. 

 "You know I love you, right?“ Nico asks. 

 "Of course, Neeks. I never had a doubt in my mind." 

 "Then why haven’t we kissed?” Will stopped in his tracks.

 "I-I-I didn’t think you’d want to.“  

"Gods, you’re as stupid as that Magnus guy." 

 "C-c-c-can I kiss you?" 

 "Your a dork,” Nico says as he pulls Will’s face towards his, pressing his lips to his. This was the confirmation. This was the confirmation that they belonged together as Nico felt Will radiate sunshine beneath his fingertips. Nico pulled away just enough so he could whisper against Will’s lips, “But you’re my dork.”


Things I want from season two of Supergirl:

  • Superboy because they introduced Project Cadmus
  • Miss Martian because we have Martian Manhunter
  • Supermartian because I’m trash

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-so I think we’ve discussed alex taking after lex in her hs years, very suave, gets a lot of attention from guys/girls/nb pals
-jake is a freshie when she’s a junior bc they’re two years apart
-first day he walks in w a swarm of cousins and alex has her arm swung around his shoulder while she’s chatting w linctavia’s spawn (who now has a name but you’ll have to wait to see it)
-and this kid is immediately swarmed by ppl tryna get all buddy buddy w him to impress alex or lexa
-jake’s p artsy and probs super into photography and photo editing
-he signs up for yearbook club literally as soon as he can
-he takes pictures for all of alex’s games
-they go to the skate park on weekends and just dick around and have a blast
-alex is the more rebellious of the two, doing all sorts of things the delinquents did (and now hypocritically tell her not to do)
-jake is relatively mellow
-except one day alex is blazin w some pals and stumbles across her baby bro in a shady alley and he just tosses her a can of spray paint and grins
-so much graffiti
-alex helps jake w his math homework
-he rattles off history facts (courtesy of their dorky history professor uncle who only he pays attention to) to help alex pass apush
-they totally have a secret handshake
-idk what his sexuality is but I like to think of the griffin woods kids as baby bis
-alex does the whole intimidation shindig w his first bf/gf
-jake’s a late bloomer so he’s still awkward and short and gangly in hs but his mom taught him how to throw a punch and the first person to make alex cry ends up with a broken nose
-they go on sibling outings all the time
-jake takes artsy photos and is an aesthetic hoe on instagram and alex is just like “here’s another ab pic enjoy”
-they’re 👏🏼 so 👏🏼 competitive 👏🏼
-literally with anything and everything
-“why do you look so miserable”
-“alex bet me i couldn’t drink a gallon of milk faster than her”
-“…you’re both lactose intolerant”
-“i had to prove her wrong mom”
-they’re just dorks together all the time like the best brother-sister duo at game night (also the scariest)
-jake cries when alex graduates
-alex sobs when she leaves for college bc wtf her best friend isn’t a hallway away anymore
-they just
-love each other
-s o m u c h

On Set (Asa Butterfield imagine | Asa x Reader) [1325 words]

Quick summary: You offer to take your cousin’s place on set for The Space Between Us as Asa’s wardrobe stylist.

Note: it’s kind of suggestive at the end. I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with this. There will probably be a part two to clear this up.

It wasn’t uncommon for you to cover for your cousin, Alex, at her work when she was sick this time of year, you were off school and usually moped around the house anyway. But, it wasn’t like she had an interesting job as a wardrobe stylist. She would often call you after work to complain about the bratty actors that she worked with and the snobbish directors that didn’t always agree with her choices.

Today was one of those days that you were filling in for her. She caught the flu over the weekend, and she had just started a position at the movie set for The Space Between Us. You, being a somewhat experienced younger cousin took it on. What could go wrong?

Getting off the bus at your stop, you walked down to the set. You were immediately stopped and searched at security, but you were prepared for it. You flashed the security guards your pass and they let you through. Walking through the sets, you couldn’t help but gawk at the massive sets that they had. There were green screens galore and multimillion dollar equipment that you never would be able to use in your lifetime. That was what you wanted to do, to be behind the camera and watch the action unfold.

“Y/n!” You heard your name being called from the other side of set.

Looking over, you could see Alex’s friend, Emma, waving you over. You had worked with her before when Alex was sick, and you two were close.

She caught you in a quick hug when you got to her. “I’m so glad that you made it!”

You smiled, as you let go of each other.

“I’m glad to be on set again,” you said, still smiling.

“Come on, I’ll show you to your room,” Emma said, turning into a long hallway.

Walking down the hallway, you couldn’t help but feel intimidated around the many important people that passed her. She could’ve sworn that she had seen Joey Graceffa at some point.

Getting to a room near the end of the hall, you read the name on the door. Asa Butterfield. Your heart jumped in realisation; you remembered him from Ender’s Game. You had to admit, he was cute then, but you hadn’t seen him in anything recent, so you had no idea what he looked like now.

“This is you,” Emma said, smiling. “Try not to get too intimidated.”

You let out a laugh, giving her a gentle shove.

Opening the door to the room, it was quite dark and it seemed like no one had been there for a bit of time. Turning on the lights, you squinted as your eyes adjusted to the light.

Dropping your stuff on the nearby couch, you knew that time was of the essence as shooting was supposed to begin at around 10 today. Checking the time, it was 9:27. You quickly read over the summary of the character, before sorting through the clothes on the racks. Gardner seemed like the kind of guy that would wear a zip up hoodie, a t-shirt, and jeans. Modern suburban boy next door. You wouldn’t call yourself very fashion forward, but you knew what looked good and what didn’t. You picked out a quick set of clothes, hanging it on a hook beside the racks.

It was quiet in the room until you heard your phone buzz in your back pocket. Pulling it out, you saw that Emma had sent you something. It was a picture of her in front of a pile of muffins. They have muffins! Come get one! The message read.

You pondered the thought. You hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, and you didn’t know if you’d be eating until the late afternoon. Walking out the door, you made your way down to the mess hall, where there were piles of food galore. You had never seen so much food before. Walking over to the muffins, you grabbed one, the warmth immediately warming up your cold hand.

“Y/n!” you heard your name being called. It was Emma again. She waved you over to the table she was sitting at that happened to have many other people at it, extras by the looks of it.

“Hey Em,” I said, shyly sitting down in the empty seat next to her. You held a conversation with her for a while as you picked at the muffin. When you were done, you excused yourself from the conversation to throw away your wrapper and get back to your room. You looked behind you for a moment, seeing Emma engaging in conversation with some of the others at the table.

You wished that you could be that social adept.

Walking back to your room, you noticed a text from Alex. 

How’s the first day? ~ Alex

Going good :), you replied

Did you meet Asa yet? ~ Alex

No, you replied back.

:( ~ Alex

You opened the door to the dressing room to a half-naked boy in the middle of the room.

“Sorry!” you exclaimed, quickly closing the door. You could feel the heat rushing to your face from embarrassment as you leaned against the door.

“You can come in,” you heard him say with a chuckle.

You sighed, hoping the day would end much sooner. Opening the door, he was in the pair of jeans that you had hung up.

“Sorry about that,” you said quietly as you shut the door behind you.

“Don’t worry about it, happens all the time,” he said, smiling at you.

You gave him a small smile back, maybe today wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

“Do you know how to put this belt on?” he asked, holding up a long and complicated looking belt in his hand.

“I… ugh. Yes?” you said, unsure of your answer.

“Can you help me put it on?”

“Uh, sure,” you said, taking the belt from his hand.

“So, you’re Alex’s cousin, y/n, right?”

You nodded as you examined the belt in your hands.

“That’s a nice name,” he said. “Alex talks a lot about you.”

“Does she now?” you said. “I hope it’s good stuff.”


You smiled up at him; he was over half an inch taller than you. You quickly got to your knees, your face levelled with the belt loops, it would make it easier to fix the clasp. As you threaded the belt through the loops, Asa went silent.

“Are you okay?” you said, looking up at him. He seemed more talkative before, was it something you did?

It took him a second to realise that you were talking to him. “Oh! Yeah, I’m alright,” he said, quickly. He seemed off.

You nodded, looking back to the belt. The clasp was the difficult part. It required a bit of pulling and fitting together to make it close. As you tried to close it, the belt unexpectedly slipped from your hand, causing your hand to falter, gently grazing Asa’s crotch. You could feel the heat raise in your face as you tried your best to compose yourself and quickly get the belt on. It worked on the second try and you quickly stood back up.

“That should, uh, stay,” you said, your hands on your hips.

“Thanks,” he said, gently flustered.

“Actors to set!” the loud announcement echoed through the studio.

“That’s your cue,” you said.

“Yup. I’ll see you later,” he said, turning to leave. As he reached the door, he turned back around, waving to you. You shyly waved back.

As the door closed behind him, you let out the breath you didn’t know you had been holding. That was probably the most embarrassing thing you’d done in your life. You could tell he noticed it. Hopefully he’d forget about it after today’s filming. You looked at the time on your phone, just another 9 hours to go.

Hoped you liked this first part! thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you on the flip side! <3