the signs as things my five year old leo cousin has said
  • aries:*ripping styrofoam container* oh oh jeez i broke it
  • taurus:i'm not gonna walk around the track on a blazing hot august day
  • gemini:what up buttercup
  • cancer:*drawing 6's on the 5's line* *gets called out on it* no it's okay it's a spanish 5
  • leo:*got punished and had to run the track* i want to thank my teacher for that amazing workout
  • virgo:*taking shower* my hairs so squishy, my hairs so squishy
  • libra:when i grow up i want to be a cheerleader and hold girls up and drink beer
  • scorpio:*singing shake it off all the way for a 5 hour ride*
  • sagittarius:*"girlfriend" breaks up with him* I'M FREEEEEEEEE
  • capricorn:*what does a cow say?* *screaming* MOOOOOO MOOOOO MOOOO MOOOO
  • aquarius:hey hi what's up, love ya bye
  • pisces:the pouty fish says bwub bwub bwub