Been in a MAJOR Voy kick, which is great since it gets me thinking a lot about secret side comic (not so secret since I talk about it all the time). It’s kinda a shame that her long standing relationship with Seranel won’t be part of the story, since they’re one of my favourite things. They’re equal parts adorable and supportive, and horribly messed up and WHOA PROBLEMS. In RP Voy has become a terrible demon, and Seranel is a vampire.

In ‘Little Sister’ Voy is much less extreme, just trying to become a witch to use magic as a means of transitioning. She can’t grow wings or do anything weird like that.

Voy is also all the excuse I ever need to draw dumbly pretty things, wings, dresses, couture, FAIRIES (ok I was watching ferngully), you name it.

Seranel is by shades-emoji