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Young!Remus Lupin x Reader: Glasses

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Request: Loosely based on a request from @annaoben

Warnings: N/A

Y/N Y/L/N was a very bright witch.

She could outduel anyone, except for maybe Professor McGonagall, and all of her grades were top notch. She was a grand keeper for Ravenclaw house, and was always there to lend a helping hand or listening ear for anyone who needed it.

And Remus Lupin was absolutely bonkers for her.

The Marauders sat in the courtyard besides the fountain. Peter sighed lightly, tossing knuts into it, one right after the other. James sat combing his hair almost meticulously, murmuring under his breath a one-sided conversation to practice wooing Lily Evans, the girl he had been fawning over for years. Sirius rolled his eyes at James’ yammering and took a bite of sandwich, watching flocks of young women bustle by while giggling. But Remus didn’t care about Lily Evans or any other girl that frittered about, his eyes were locked on the beauty that was Y/N.

She had magnificent y/e/c eyes that shone with excitement whenever she’d talk to her friends. Her hair was silky and y/h/c, and smelled of rose petals. Her skin was smooth and perfect, and her laugh made his stomach feel like someone had poured bubbly champagne inside of him. Y/N was a marvel, and he had only spoken to her once or twice.

He was bitter that she probably didn’t know his name, but when she entered the courtyard to catch up with Marlene and Lily, his mood perked up at once. He pulled his arms into a crossed position, and bit his lip, watching her with adoration.

“What’s gotten into Moony?” Sirius asked.

“He’s right there, why don’t you ask him?” James snapped, looking into his fragment of mirror to check if he had food in his teeth.

“Prongs, look at ‘im.” Sirius said, exasperated. “He looks like someone’s knocked him over the head with a bloody brick!”

Peter craned his head around, and then nodded.

“O-oh. It’s Y/N.” He said, motioning to the girl who seemed to be telling Lily an exciting story. “He goes mad whenever she’s near.”

Remus started to snap out of his fantasy world. James snorted, and Sirius let out a full belly laugh.

“Bloody prat’s got himself wrapped up in this girl!” Sirius chortled.

James and Peter’s laughter followed suit.

“Oi, Moony, when I get Lily to go out with me, we can double date, eh?” James said, waggling one eyebrow suggestively.

Remus grew scarlet.

“Cut it out!” He said, irritated. “I do not have myself wrapped up in this girl! Besides, we’re going to be late for transfiguration.”

He sternly got up and began walking away.

“You’re only rushing so you hope you can get a spot next to ‘er!” Sirius called across the hall.

Remus’s blush intensified, and so did the laughs of the other Marauders.

He sat down near the back of the classroom, thinking that he could observe her peacefully from a distance. He didn’t want to seem creepy, but was too afraid to ask her if she was okay with him taking the seat beside her. Remus unpacked his quill and a pot of ink, and began writing down the notes that were on the classroom board. Gradually, the room filled, but when he looked up briefly, he found that Y/N wasn’t in her usual spot. Someone else had took it. In fact, she wasn’t there at all.

Concerned, he put his head down again and tried to shake the worry from his mind. Someone plopped down next to him, and his eyebrows pinched in a stern expression.

“Listen if you’re here to mock me, Sirius, I don’t-“

“Mock you?” A sweet voice replied, questioningly. “And don’t call me Sirius. It’s pronounced Y/N.”

Remus donned a horrified expression, and looked up from his paper with wide, brown eyes. Y/N was looking him right in the face, and she chuckled giddily. Her dainty hand covered her mouth and her long eyelashes nearly drove him crazy.

“I’m- I’m so sorry-“ Remus began, but Y/N cut him off again.

“It’s quite alright Remus, I’m sorry to be intruding on you – you looked awfully peaceful. It’s just, I was late, and so all of the other spots were filled. If you want, I can mov-“

It was Remus’s turn to interrupt.

“No, no, it’s absolutely fine. No problem. I’ll scoot my things over.” He said, trying his best to give her a charming smile but it came off as a weak half-grin.

She glowed back at him, her y/e/c eyes pinched with joy.

As the lesson progressed, Remus gradually felt himself relax. He didn’t dare look back at the other Marauders, just knowing that they were in fits with themselves at his proximity to his lady love. He did, however, steal a glance at Y/N every once in a while, and became a bit concerned. The further into the lesson they got, the less she raised her hand. She stopped taking notes, and even was squinting at Professor McGonagall. During a lull in the period, Remus leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“Are you alright?” Remus asked, his warm breath tickling Y/N’s ear.

“…Yes.” She replied, timidly.

A few moments went by, and Y/N put her quill down all together. She capped her pot of ink.

“Are you sure?” Remus asked once more. “You’re the brightest one in the class, usually you’re scratching furiously at your parchment while the rest of us are drooling.”

Y/N gave a small smile and didn’t reply for a small period of time. Her eyes cast downwards at her paper, and she folded her hands in her lap. Her face was strewn with worry lines.

“I… er.” She spoke quietly, like she didn’t want anyone to listen. “I… can’t see the board.”

Remus was taken aback.

“What?” He questioned, loudly.

McGonagall swung around from the chalkboard, an angry expression on her face.

“Mr. Lupin, would you kindly stop your side conversation with Miss. Y/L/N during my lesson?” She scolded. “Normally I’d expect this kind of behavior from Mr. Black or Mr. Potter, but you’ve taken me by surprise.”

James was outraged from the back of the classroom.

“I didn’t even DO anything this time and I’m still being barked at!” He said loudly, making wild gestures with his hands.

McGonagall snapped at him too, and he finally piped down. Remus was a bit pinkish.

“Well, I probably shouldn’t have gotten James a detention.” He whispered.

“He probably deserved it.” Y/N assured, shrugging.

Remus’s attention drew back to Y/N and what she had been saying before McGonagall intervened. If Remus had heard her correctly, she said that she couldn’t see the board, and THAT was impossible considering her grades were so neat that someone could eat breakfast off of them. She looked sheepish, and leaned in to whisper to him once more.

“I said… I said I can’t see the board.” Y/N admitted. “Usually I sit closer, because that’s as far as I can see.”

Remus was stunned.

“I need to wear glasses.” She said, letting out a sigh. “But I don’t like how I look in them. I think they make me look ugly, so I don’t wear them out. Only to study.”

Remus was taken aback. He looked Y/N over once or twice.

“Are you barking?” He asked, sharply.

“I know.” Y/N said, sadly. “It’s pathetic.”

Remus set his quill down and put one of his hands over hers.

“Y/N, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever been fortunate enough to lay eyes on. You’re an actual angel, and I bet that you look even more stunning in glasses. Besides, why strain yourself over something like this? Who cares what other people think of you, because there’s so many others who think that you’re brilliant.”

Her heart melted at his kind words. McGonagall dismissed the class, shouting out their homework assignment as they left the class. Remus motioned for the other Marauders to leave without him.

“Remus…” Y/N said, sweetly. Her face was drawn in an emotional but very pleased smile.

“I really do, Y/N.” He insisted, his melted chocolate eyes locking with hers. “Always have.”

She blushed, looking down. Biting her lip, Y/N glanced up at him once more.

“Remus?” She asked.

“Yes?” He replied, his heart in his throat, making him feel as if he was choking.

“Would you like to go out sometime?” She questioned, shyly. “Like a date?”

If it were appropriate or acceptable, he would have jumped on top of the desk and done a happy dance.

“I’d love to!” He replied, with a bit too much enthusiasm.

Y/N gathered her things into her bag, and leaned in to whisper in Remus’s ear.

“I think you’re brilliant too.” She said, and planted a kiss on his cheek before sashaying from the room.

The look on his face was priceless, and James and Sirius wouldn’t let him live it down for months, but he didn’t care.

Because he was just graced by an angel. 

I once made friends with a spider. No, really. Right after my brain surgeries, I was pretty out of it. Really out of it. I used to sit in this walled off courtyard with a little fountain and junipers pruned like bonsai trees. I had no connection with any other person, not my doctors, therapists or even family. In one of the junipers was a spider with brilliant yellow on black markings. I watched her with interest and she watched me.

I sensed her almost machinelike consciousness. I did not anthropomorphize her in my mind. She wasn’t a cartoonlike critter. No. She was a whirring machine in an exoskeleton. She was a two-inch terminator. Yet, I sensed her awareness of me. She would adjust herself in her web so that her spider’s eyes, all ten of them, had a better view of me.

Then, one day, I was watching her and she me when a small brown bird darted down, plucked her from her web and flew off in an instant. So it goes.


asoiaf meme: [2/5] locations || Highgarden

Within the castle walls, greenery abounds, and the keeps are surrounded by gardens, arbors, pools, fountains, courtyards, and man-made waterfalls. Ivy covers the older buildings, and grapes and climbing roses snake up the sides of statuary, walls, and towers. Flowers bloom everywhere. The keep is a palace like few others, filled with statues, colonnades, and fountains. Highgarden’s tallest towers, round and slender, look down upon neighbors far more ancient, square and grim in appearance, the oldest of them dating from the Age of Heroes. The rest of the castle is of more recent construction, much of it built by King Mern VI after the destruction of the original structures by the Dornish during the reign of Garth Greybeard.
Delos, Greece's Holy Island

The Greeks love a good legend, and none more than the tale of how their sacred island of Delos came about. A popular version of the story goes back to 3,000 B.C., when the big buzz on Mt. Olympus was that Zeus, the god of gods, was about to become a proud daddy, thanks to his girlfriend Leto. The dad-to-be’s delight, however, wasn’t shared by Mrs. Zeus – who let it be known that anyone who allowed the shady lady to give birth on his turf would be turned into a frog.

But Zeus wasn’t the top god for nothing. He got his brother Poseidon, god of the sea, to simply push a new island out of the waters. And up came Delos, where the Greek superstar Apollo and his twin sister Artemis first saw the light of the bright Aegean sunshine.

Temples had to be built to mark that event, of course, and along with them homes, courtyards, fountains, sports arenas, theaters and even what amounts to shopping malls. Delos soon became the religious hot spot of the Aegean, a distinction it held for a thousand years.

[fic] got me hooked

Percy Jackson doesn’t go looking for trouble; trouble always comes looking for him. In which a Hufflepuff is trying his damnedest not to get expelled from the only school he’s ever liked, but he’s best friends with a Slytherin who has a penchant for rule-breaking, and he can’t say no to her pretty smile.

(AKA here’s a thank you fic for reaching 600 followers!! Have some PJO Hogwarts!AU. I actually have a more substantial Hogwarts!AU involving the Triwizard Tournament but that’s nowhere near done so you can have this ball of fluff for now)

Saying Percy Jackson is a troubled kid is an exaggeration and an understatement at the same time.

By the time he’s ten years old, he’s been through six different schools. In each school, he gets expelled for strange, inexplicable things that only happen when he’s around. In his last school, a girl who bullied one of his close friends actually got grabbed by the water from the courtyard fountain and pulled in. And somehow, the school thinks that’s his fault. 

Okay, yeah, it most likely was his fault; but in his defense, he had no idea that he’s a wizard, much less actually control his magic back then. 

Magic. When he gets his letter from McGonnagal and he finds out he’s half-wizard, of all things, the strange incidents start making sense. During that meeting, his mom comes clean about knowing about his absent father’s magical heritage and explains everything to him. She and McGonnagal discuss more things and Percy hears something like Statue of Secrets being said over and over again; but by the end, McGonnagal invites him to attend Hogwarts – a school for kids with magical abilities like him. And he’s never been more excited to go to a school. 

When September 1 comes around and Percy realizes just how bloody freaking awesome wizarding school is, he’s determined to not get kicked out of Hogwarts. And if that means avoiding anything that remotely smells like trouble, he’ll do it. 

That all changes in second year, when he becomes Defense Against the Dark Arts partners with a Slytherin named Annabeth Chase. 

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