courtship of the son and moon

Noghri in the Original Trilogy

I’ve been re-reading the Thrawn Trilogy, and I had a few thoughts.  Knowing what we now know about Vader, there’s no way he wouldn’t have used the Noghri in his attempt to get Luke.  Come on!  He knows they’ll be able to tell if Luke Skywalker is actually Luke Skywalker.  He knows they’re loyal to him, and they’ll want to help him find his son. 

So, now I have this ridiculously silly idea in my head of a group of Noghri commandos with orders to find Luke Skywalker, and bring him to Darth Vader- alive and as unharmed as possible. Do they know Luke is Vader’s son? Maybe they’re not told it, but as soon as they smell him, they’ll know.  That means their absolute priority is getting the Son of Vader to Vader.  Of course, Luke foils so many plots, and doesn’t even realize it. 

And then… Leia and Han. They had only marked Leia and Han as friends of Luke, until one of them gets close enough to Leia to realize exactly who she is.  So their mission expands- bring both rebellious children back to Vader.  Except Han keeps getting in the way.  Most of them are frustrated with him, but they see how he and Leia are acting- and they mostly think it’s a courtship.  Plus, he is obviously willing to do anything to protect Leia.

So the mission ends with Vader being presented with his son, unknown daughter, and potential son-in-law, all of them drugged up to their eyebrows.  (Speaking of eyebrows, if he had any, his would be raised incredulously.)

Now he just has to convince them to join him.  (And maybe he should look into “losing” Solo on some moon filled with carnivorous plants. No, his daughter wouldn’t like that. She might protest, but Vader could tell she loved Solo.)

Of course, this ends with the Emperor dead, and Leia and Vader arguing over how the galaxy could be run. (Luke’s managed to find popcorn. Han is just glad Leia is arguing with someone who isn’t him for once.)

Dinner - Phillip x reader

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Silence. Complete and utter silence.

Tonight was the night where Philip and you were having dinner with our dads….all together. It had been going great…..if by great you mean both of them staring each other down and sulking in their chairs. 

You had enough of this awkward silence. You gave Philip a look and he spoke up,

“Father, Mr. Burr, how are you tonight?” He gave a polite smile, gripping your hand under the table. Mr. Hamilton had mumbled something quietly, but your father had raised his eyes to you, staring into your soul.

“Y/N, how long has this been going on? Why am I only finding this out now?”

You hesitated, before just deciding to tell them both. You had no idea what Phillip had said, but he better brace himself for a big storm if he hasn’t.

“Father, I love Philip. I can’t imagine living without him by my side. I couldn’t tell you because I knew you would be mad. That is the same reason Philip had.”  You tried explaining, Mr. Hamilton sat up a bit, dropping his eyes on Philip.

“How long?” He had repeated through gritted teeth. Philip tensed up and you ran circles with your thumb over his hand in an attempt to calm him down. Poor Phillip, he never wanted his father to get mad. Mr. Hamilton took a sip of his drink, still eyeing his son.

“Three months” Philip spoke, his voice breaking slightly. Father stared at you in shock while Mr. Hamilton choked on his drink, slamming his fist on the table.

“THREE MONTHS?!?” They both asked in unison. You nodded. There was another long pause of silence until Mr. Hamilton spoke up,

“And you feel the same, son?” Philip didn’t have to look at you to nod.

“I love her more than the moon and the sun. I need her, she is beautiful, she is everything I want in life. She is talented, kind, funny, so considerate and amazing and I am so sorry I did not get your consent for courtship, but I love her, sir.” He took your hand and kissed it. You smiled at him and gave him a quick hug. You heard your father sigh and Mr. Hamilton speaks up,

“Philip, As much as I would rather you have someone different, I can see how much you both care about each other. You have my blessing, son. “

You smiled and mouthed a thank you to him, he nodded. You turned to your father.

“Y/N, I only want you to be safe and happy. I am ok with it as long as you are, and Philip?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Don’t fuck this up.”

“I would never dream of it, sir.”