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Writer Appreciation Week

I’m sure that I’ve forgotten someone’s URL on here, but I tried to include as many as I could think of off the top of my head! Thank you all for putting in countless hours and tons of frustration in to your writing so that I, as well as many others, can enjoy your fantastic writing~ 

Most of these are NaLu authors but there are some Gruvia and Royai (FMA) thrown in as well.

absent-angel - Your writing is so emotional and it never fails to engage me! I especially enjoyed your story “Weeds” from a while back.

ambivia - Okay so “Quiet Moments in the Castle” is one of my favorite fics. I love how you characterized Jude! Your writing is always super cute and it flows really well~

brokenangelwings83 - Courtneyyy, I love your ideas for “The Last Night of Fire.” It’s very well written~

demoby -  Deems, you’re the sweetest! It was hard for me to pick a favorite bc all of your writing is great, but I especially liked “Would you write a song for me?”

dreamsofbooksandmonsters - Nicky, I’m so glad we’ve become good friends! I love your story for the NaLu week prompt “transformation”

emerald-leaves - one of my fav Royai writers! Your characterization of Roy is spot-on!

hakuu-ryuu - okay so I reread “Love is blind?” like 5 times (oops I’m obsessed) All of your writing is so engaging!

hannah-nobody - where to start with Hannah?! You’re an amazing friend and even better writer. Your ideas are super creative and you always let me run my ideas by you~ My fav story is “Stealing Spirits” because it’s so unique <3

immortalpromise - You are writing goals for sure! I love “Begin Again” and tbh you’re one of the reasons I started shipping Gruvia.

lonestorm - Ry <3 You’re one of the first authors I read for FT and I’m pretty sure I left you some embarrassing fangirly reviews on TKOF. Your writing constantly inspires me!

missyplatina - Chrissy! I am obsessed w your writing. “Virtual Flames” is my ultimate go-to NaLu fic reccomendation and I loved how “Texting Fire” ended. I can’t wait to see where “Quarantine” goes!

mslead - B, you need to send some of that special writing enhancing water you have down there to me up-state ;) your writing is amazing! It was hard to choose but “Dark Sun” has to be my fav~

nothingbutwordsstuff - Mira <3 somehow your writing manages to be on par with your cuteness (which should be impossible)! “To Whom He Speaks” is especially captivating!

phoenix-before-the-flame - they did a fic based on the cute comic that was going around a while back called “Smile For Me” which I def recommend you all go check out~

proudtobeaginger - Halieeee, you’re such an amazing writer! All of your stories captivate me from the beginning and leave me longing for the next update. You always encourage me and give me advice which is greatly appreciated <3

rivendell101 - Ahhh, I’m so intimidated by you xD Your writing is amazing and you always put new stuff out which is great for my shipper trash heart

sexuallyfrustratedjellal - Ella <3 you’re such a sweetie and your writing is super cute! Everyone go look at her writing right now!

smile-lifegoeson - okay so I was hooked by your “Gamer Chic” fic and all of your other stuff is fantastic, too!!

snogfairy - eeeep you’re definitely one of my fav NaLu authors ~ all of your writing is super but I especially love “Tails and Talons”

sophiethedragonslayer - soooo cute. you’re just the cutest. you and your writing <3

soprana-snap - ahh Chy <3 you’re one of the first people I talked to on tumblr when I first joined months ago. Your writing constantly amazes me and inspires me to be a better author

talesoftwofairies - okay your writing makes me cry :’) “Colored by Love” is the saddest/best thing I’ve read in a long time

the-snooty-snark-evaders - Your ideas are so creative and I love “The Dragon Prince” ~ thanks for being a good [clairvoyant] friend xD

theleesup - Your writing is so crazy good!?! Like you’re writing goals to the max. ”The Princess and the Pirates” is one of my all-time favs

toxineena - ahhhh I have no idea what to say?? your talent basically surpasses description and “Tip Your Waiter” was the hottest thing I’ve read in forever

wendyhamlet - “Matters of the Heart” was amazing and I always look forward to your AUs

wordsofawitheringwriter - I can’t narrow it down but your Disney Park AU and the AU w the animal shelter are my favs <3 you’re such a talented writer and your writing makes me extremely happy!

xkissthesky - you’re such a sweet person and your submission for NaLu week for the wander prompt was fantastic