courtneys revenge


Scott from tdroti:

geez man what happened to you?

Scott from tdas:

well you see, what had happened was there was this gal named courtney and she was a cti who i asked her to be my boyfriend I MEAN if i could be her girlfriend I MEAN if we could go out but she was dating this goth girl who had a hot looking goth twin while this mal mike dude kept being snakey and—

Scott from tdroti:

Jesus Scott you became so pathetic and a tool what happened to you and most importantly what happened to–

Scott from tdas:


*both run away from fang

Alaska’s Birthday

Adore, Alaska, April, Bianca, Courtney, Milk, Pearl, Violet, Sharon and Willam.

“Okay everyone, sit down in a circle and let’s play truth or dare” Alaska says and the tipsy girls get together, almost all of them holding a cup and laughing. Violet sits and holds Pearl’s hand, helping her to sit down and not fall. Bianca sits between Adore and Courtney, Willam next to Sharon followed by April and Milk. And Alaska, closing the circle. “I go first, where’s the bottle?”

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