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Behind the Scenes at The Princess Collection Photo Shoot: Part Three

Sierra Boggess (on why she loves Ariel): “That is an independent woman, she is somebody who feels like she was born in the wrong place, in the wrong…even, body, which is why I think so many people relate to her, and she represents somebody that you can achieve anything that you want to, if there’s a desire inside of you and that’s in your heart, then you can go out there and you can change your world into being the kind of world that you want it to be.”

“As a fellow Disney princess I feel really honored to be a part of it (the #GGG). I find it really like a metaphor for life that these are princess chokers around our necks, which is where our voices are and so she (Courtney) has literally bedazzled our voices, and we, especially as women in this day and age right now, need that so much!”

We hope you guys have enjoyed these BTS peeks! And, don’t forget, The Spring Fling Mini Collection will be out this Wednesday, March 29th! 


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