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Darth Moros’ newest version of her headpiece is holding up great and I am super pleased with it. It was raining during our most recent shoot and i was splashing around in a river and everything was great! I am so happy. I would love to be able to reproduce this for people!

Photos by CourteX Studios

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Hi, I was planning on making an Ahsoka Tano costume and while the outfit itself should be pretty easy I was wondering if you had any tips on making her headpiece. It would be the one she has in the first season

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Courtney Leigh Creations has an amazing tutorial on how to make a headpiece like this on a budget. Check out her video here. Not everyone has access to a mold of their head or can afford the foam for the lekku. But it is a great place to start  and should help give you some ideas of how you want to form your own.