OKAY, so I’ve been a Mitchell Davis fan for a hella long time, and like a year ago or something (could have been a year or over) he posted this video. It was a video made for himself, to not be sad. He was going on about how he himself should be motivated and its a video for him to go back and watch when he’s sad or needs to be inspired. He then tells his viewers to make a video response of making their own video like this! I remember seeing it and I loved it and I was going to make my own version because I loved the idea of it. I kind of forgot about that idea since I was busy at the time and I came across this idea a few weeks ago in my notebook that I write all my video ideas down in. I NEED TO FIND THAT VIDEO! I searched for it and I can’t seem to find it. Its not on livelavalive or mm. I haven’t checked Kyle’s channel but I highly doubt its on there. It was a really well edited video. Can someone help me find it? I’m scared it might have gotten deleted, so I’m hoping it wasn’t because its a great video. PLEASE HELP AND THANK YOU IF YOU DO!!!!

Also if anyone is interested, this is my youtube channel: