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Some of the actresses of colour suggested by my mutuals for Rey*, following the news that Devery Jacobs had been up for the role. Because Star Wars needs more women of colour in non-CGI speaking roles, stat.

* This casting is based on the assumption that Rey is not Han and Leia’s daughter.

Devery Jacobs
Jessica Sula
Lana Condor
Chloe Bennet
Yityish Titi Aynaw
Tara Emad
Sydney Park
Courtney Eaton
Hailee Steinfeld
Naomi Scott 


“Trust me now.” He pulled her close. “If trust was low, it’s because the world has given you no reason to trust. Let me change that.”
“You can’t change the world.” But she looked up into his eyes.
“Maybe not all of it,” he said. “There are parts of it we will never put right.” He slid his fingers down her wrist to her elbow. “I can’t promise you perfection. There is too much wrong. But there are also little things that will go right, and I can promise you those. There will be perfect sunsets. Perfect kittens.”
“Perfect sandwiches,” she put in.
“Perfect walks,” he told her. “Perfect arias at the opera.”
“Perfect bread.” 

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The TD Tumblr Final 10 - All Girl Appreciation Post!

I’m so happy that we got all girls for the final 10 for the fan-favorite competition! It kinda really shows that we have some fantastic girl characters in this show and we all wanted them to go far! Here’s for hopping for a girl finale in the next season of total drama!


“But we’re not trying to empty the Thames,” she told him. “Look at what we’re doing with the water we remove. It doesn’t go to waste. We’re using it to water our gardens, sprout by sprout. We’re growing bluebells and clovers where once there was a desert. All you see is the river, but I care about the roses.

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“They are not your property. You cannot own a human being! Sooner or later, someone pushes back!”

[ mad max: fury road fancast ]based on the original concept by killerville

rhona mitra as imperator furiosa | aaron fa’aoso as max rockatansky

keisha castle-hughes as the splendid angharad | sofia boutella as the dag

zoe kravitz as toast the knowing | courtney eaton as cheedo the fragile

jessica mauboy as capable | alfie enoch as nux