courtney wins

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Courtney act should of win s6 😭

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Miss Courtney should have only been top 4 with Bendelacreme taking her place and THAT’S the T!!!


- Duncan, Gwen, and Joe jamming to Nirvana

- Leshawna slaying 7/11 by Beyoncé

- Anne Maria banging her fists to Hollaback Girl

- Zoey not knowing any of the songs

- Dakota singing Born This Way with sunglasses on and the wind in her hair

- everyone forgetting Ezekiel is still there until American Idiot comes on because dude can’t stay still

- Lightning jamming to All I Do is Win




Chris McLean, explain the rules, greets the 22 fools

Cliff jump, chicken 3, homeschooled sexist has to leave

Big sleep, ear kiss, Eva’s out and real pissed

Noah’s done, didn’t play, made us wonder if he’s gay

Talent show, Justin’s gone, Trent sang Gwen a love song

In the woods, pee your pants, Katie, Sadie missed their chance

Hail, mimes, Celine Dion, jello, chickens, Tyler’s gone 

Cody matchmakes for a bra, Izzy’s running from the law


We didn’t start the drama

it was always blaring since the show’s been airing

We didn’t start the drama

You can point the blame solely on Chris McLean 

Beth won’t do what Heather asks, Cody’s in a body cast

Screaming Gopher’s doing worse, Beth released on them a curse

Trent is poisoned real bad, Sadie’s off and Katie’s glad

Duncan Courtney finally kiss, Harold sees Heather’s tits

Eat some stuff that’s sick and wrong, Eva’s back and then she’s gone

Heather’s kiss breaks some hearts, Gwen and Trent are torn apart

Bridgette gets sprayed by a skunk, Geoff evicted from his bunk

Bikes, Lindsay’s outta luck, Cartoon Network edits suck


Horror movies, making out, DJ’s chicken, there’s no doubt

Real killer on the loose, Gwen kicks his fat caboose

Heather gets shot in the rear, votes Izzy outta here

Duncan’s dog ran away, Geoff’s too nice, he cannot stay

Harold hides, Courtney pouts, Geoff and Bridgette making out

Right after the dock of shame, no one say LeShawna’s name

Goodbye Mr. Coconut, both the girls kick Duncan’s butt

Heather squirms, lost her hair, soon is booted outta there


Gwen and Owen recollect memories of 8 weeks in heck

Heather locked inside the can, Gwen and Trent hook up again

Have to run a crazy race, Owen wins most every place

Boys chuck Chris into the bay, Gwen wins in Norway

They all think they have to leave, Chris has more tricks up his sleeve

All get a 2nd chance to stuff more money down their pants


Million bucks, friendships made, Izzy changes her first name

Geoff and Bridgette share a face, shark swims up and eats the case

14 others still can play, other 8 that cannot stay

are Courtney, Cody, Noah, Sadie, Eva, Tyler, Zeke and Katie

Who will last and who will break? How much more can these kids take?

Will Courtney win her lawsuit? Who’s the first to get the boot?

Is Heather still the one we hate? Will Owen finally lose some weight?

Who will win? Is Noah gay? We’ll find out in TDA!


WHEW. it’s about time i shared this song with the world. my parody of ‘we didn’t start the fire’, summing up the whole TDI season. i wrote this years ago, before tda even aired, and i just now recorded it. please forgive my shitty voice and the shitty quality.

things i have learned while being sick (for 2 days)

- all stars is STILL shit

- i really love scott ?????

- scourtney actually could be worse but.

- courtney STILL deserves better

- zoey is a sweetheart who deserves a better character arc

- mike STILL makes me wanna die

- duncan is STILL. a shit and deserved to be arrested

- scott is a sweetie ???

- owen makes me cry???

- heather still deserves better

- aleheather makes me cry??

- all stars should be renamed to Shit Stars

- why isn’t ezekiel dead yet

- courtney better win season 8 or what’s the point of watching lol

y'all need to appreciate Izzy more
  • Harold: what do you think is the best solution to overpopulation?
  • Noah: pfffft education
  • Duncan: condoms lol
  • Heather: deporting the extra people to Mars
  • Courtney: what about laws that require every orphaned homeless kid to be adopted so that everyone have their own kids without producing more babies?
  • everyone: seems legit
  • everyone: nvm Courtney I think Izzy wins this one

i’m going to get shit for this but i dont care

what if in the final season of total drama courtney and duncan still hate each other, but they agree to be a team and they realize how much they miss each other and duncan apologies to courtney but courtney doesn’t believe his apology and so some how he purposefully loses so that courtney can continue on and then courtney wins and they get back together