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3. Celebrity Impersonations

Periodically, ANTM plans photoshoots that require the models to impersonate celebrities and the results are usually funny: Cycle 2’s celebs on magazine covers, Cycle 12’s Carmen Miranda thing, Cycle 17’s reality stars on the back of a motorcycle, Cycle 18’s historical figures from the UK and US, and Cycle 12’s Elvis Presley/Marilyn Monroe imitations.

The most amusing are Cycle 17’s Michael Jackson shoot and Cycle 7’s celebrity couples:

11 years later, and that’s our president and first lady, y’all! President Melrose sounds pretty damn good right about now, huh?

As for this cycle, the show decides that the best way for the models to learn how to be bosses is for them to embody other bosses. For whatever reason, the folks at ANTM seem to think that the definition of a “boss” is limited to singers. All seven of the chosen celebrity bosses are singers.

Okay, make that six singers and one megalomaniac who occasionally fancies herself a singer. Shake ya body body!

The twins get assigned Tina Turner and Grace Jones. Jones is the perfect role for Tash, because at the beginning of the cycle they intentionally gave her a Grace Jones-esque makeover to better fit her brand. Except that they gave the role of Jones to Cody while Tash gets Turner instead. Yeah, this show makes no fucking sense.

Courtney must be feeling good dressed as Madonna - and knowing that her days of dancing challenges are behind her - because she’s talking a lot shit during this shoot via the confessional. She calls out Tatiana for posing like it’s her senior prom, which, ha, is kind of true, and also says that Paige must be annoying Drew because she’s not giving a lot of variety in her facial expressions.

YEAH, WELL, YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE, COURTNEY - too bad you couldn’t recognize it the fourth time you complained to him. 

Multiple times throughout the day, Drew and Stacey are careful to tell the models that they are supposed to be “inspired” by the celebrities they’re embodying rather than “impersonating” them. They want to see the models’ own personalities and boss-ness shine through the people they’re portraying. That’s easier said than done, obviously, because if you really want the models to shine as their own entities, why the fuck are you having them imitate other people to do that?

That’s why the more the models ignore Drew and Stacey’s advice, the better off they are. OF COURSE the judges want to see photos that reflect the celebrities they’re dressed as. Courtney gets instructed to act more risqué like Madonna would, Cody is told to to embrace some of the weirder body positions that Grace Jones would serve, and CoryAnne is chided for not bringing the confidence and fierceness of Beyonce.

Everyone knows that if you want to hire someone with talent and personality like Beyonce, you’ve just got to hire Beyonce Cherish.

At any rate, I sure don’t hear anyone on the crew saying “Watch out, Beyonce” to CoryAnne. #Justice4Cherish

The real proof that the judges actually always wanted an impersonation rather than a inspiration is in which photos they like the best. Tash does a straight up Vegas sendup of Tina Turner complete with the dance moves and the judges love it. It really is a great photo - so great that it doesn’t even need to “tie” with India’s. India’s face is stunning (per usual) and she ought to win this show, but if that’s the only criteria, India should have won best photo every week so far.

Still, neither Tash nor India hold a candle to the best celebrity impersonation on ANTM: Rita Ora. Rita, despite all evidence to the contrary, has somehow managed to convince people that she is a celebrity. How does she do it? What a boss!

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Aussie, Jai Courtney …

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