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LiS Before the Storm - Cast Predictions

So far we know that Chloe and Rachel will definitely be in the Prequel. We have also seen Frank and David, but who is else going to be in the new game?

As far as we know the game is set 3 years before the events in LiS, which means that Max lives in Seattle and won’t be in the game in person. However I firmly believe that she will get some kind of shout out. Maybe someone mentioning her name or we will see something that reminds us of her or is foreshadowing her story.

We already saw David and Chloe so Joyce won’t be far away and maybe we get to see some more memories of William then just the accident. Frank is (normally) never without Pompidou. However he wasn’t with him in the Mill so chances are that Frank hasn’t saved him from the illegal dog fighting ring yet (hurry up, man!).  Thanks to Chloe we know that Victoria is already known as the queen of b*tches in Arcadia Bay and where Victoria is, Courtney and Taylor are not far.

If you pause the game footage at 19:05 you can see a blond male person running into Chloe and with the letter in the Mill chances are high that this is Nathan. I really hope that he is there and that we may even get a glimpse of his sister Kristine.

In the trailer we see that Chloe is still attending Blackwell Academy. So we will have a dome sort of reunion with Principal Wells, Mrs. Grant and Samuel. Maybe we can also meet some other Blackwell staff like Samuels wife, Max’s (possible depressed) English teacher Mrs. Hoida or the school nurse An-Marie Barenchi. However as told in the SquareEnix live stream Jefferson won’t be back. Same goes for poor Kate. But beside some new student some old will return as well. So maybe we will see more of Dana, Juliet, Brooke, Daniel, Alyssa, Warren, Stella, Evan, Luke, Trevor, Zachary, Logan, Hayden and Sarah. At the beginning of the trailer we see a skateboard. Chances are that Chloe and Justin are friends in the game and that we get to go skating with him.

If we go downtown we will no doubt pay a visit to the Two Whales Diner and be able to talk to the Police Cops, the Truckers and other customers. Maybe even the Homeless Lady or the Fisher outside?

As of other minor character maybe we see another book by Dr. Bill, get to meet Nathans therapist Dr. Jacoby or watch the Weatherman again.

If you remember the red folders with the name of the dark room victims and took a look at the room plan in the dormitories in Max’s nightmare you were able to read one name on both plates: Kelly. She was one of Jefferson’s victims and also lived in the dormitories in room 217 when Rachel attended Blackwell. Maybe we will met her as her room is opposite of Rachel’s. Another interesting character is Megan. She was Chloe’s friend in the alternative timeline and her name can also be found on the folders. It would be cool if we would get to see more of her. The rest of the dark room victims could also be new students at Blackwell  (Alexis, Ashley, Beverly, Brittany, Carol-Ann, Deanna, Kelly, Lucy, Lula, Lynn, Suzie and Tyra).

In the Mill we already got to meet Skeevy Guy and his Blue Hat Friend and they don’t look like they would forget the spilled beer anytime soon. So we will probably see them again.

And don’t forget the Raven! I got a feeling that he will be the new Blue Bird

Insanity - Nathan Prescott x Reader(1/?)

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Fandom- Life is Strange 

Characters- Nathan Prescott, Warren Graham, Kate Marsh, Max Caulfield, Chloe Price, Mark Jefferson, Victoria Chase, Taylor Christensen, Courtney Wagner, Hayden Jones, Daniel DaCosta, Brooke Scott, David Madsen (And probably more later on)


InSaNiTy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” - Albert Einstein. 

You are Warren’s twin sister and are also a student at Blackwell Academy. You’re caught between two sides- family or love. 

Words- 1052 words 

Warnings- Drugs. Alcohol. Abuse. Sexual themes. This is a Life is Strange oneshot and we all know how messed up that game is so. 


This may have multiple parts in the future, but I’m not sure right now :3 

Set in Episode 1 - Chrysalis 

The sun blazed in through your dorm window. You groaned as the light burned your eyes. You’d spent the previous night binge watching your favourite tv show and you had only gotten about 4 hours sleep before your alarm began blaring and the light was burning your eyes. You got up quickly and grabbed your things for a shower. You spent awhile in the dorm floor bathroom, showering, then brushing your teeth and making sure you looked fresh and ready for another chaotic day at Black-hell. 

“Morning nerd!” You heard behind you and you spun round to see the queen bee. 

Victoria Chase. 

And her two minions, Courtney and Taylor. 

“Whatever, bitch,” You say and she rolls her arms. 

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Life is Strange: Pairings Dancing

Requested by anonymous –

Pricefield (Chloe x Max):

Grahamfield (Warren x Max):

Marshfield (Kate x Max):

Amberprice (Rachel x Chloe):

Chasefield (Victoria x Max):

Grahamscott (Warren x Nathan):

(They don’t even dance together, they’re just idiots.)

Caulscott (Max x Nathan):

Marshprice (Kate x Chloe):

External image

Chaseprice (Victoria x Chloe):

Amberfield (Rachel x Max):

Grahamscott (Warren x Brooke, not Nathan):

Warson (Dana x Juliet):

Wagsen (Courtney x Taylor):

If there’s something you’d like to request, my ask box is always open c:

3. Eww, Gypsy Sport

Okay, I don’t pretend to know a lot about fashion, but I feel pretty confident in saying that Gypsy Sport is the ugliest brand we’ve ever seen on Top Model. What the hell is this trash they’re calling clothing? When even Kellyanne Conway’s patriotic outfit is less ridiculous than Tatiana’s, we’ve got a problem.

It may look inexpensive, but this stuff ain’t cheap, either. I suspect it’s a brand that exists so that wealthy people can say, “I’m so rich that I can afford to blow money on clothes that are this hideous.” L-O-L @ excess!

Cody wear an unbelievably dowdy hat, not that you’d even notice with your eyes being drawn to Cody’s fringe-covered bust line. The fringe on these outfits looks even worse than the fringe dresses made of human hair!

(Remember: the judges liked this photo.)

Courtney looks like she purchased an oversized tank from a children’s science museum.

In watching the girls commercials, Law takes some to task for serving “back-to-school commercial” rather than high fashion. Uh, what kind of vibe are they expected to offer in these outfits? Eccentric child whose parents let her pick out her own clothing at least is a somewhat believable narrative. Are we supposed to believe Paige is a grown woman dressed like this?

For goodness sakes, she has a ripcord dangling from her butt.

Meanwhile, Marissa is the first person who actually puts the SPORT in Gypsy Sport. She could pass for a tennis player… that has to immediately leave the court to get to her part-time job as a french maid.

Speaking of French, CoryAnne’s top is really reminiscent of a French flag, right? Wait, even more strongly she resembles one of those old clown dolls. (But I suppose all models have doll doppelgängers.) I guess that makes her a French clown. Or would that just be considered a mime? I’m sure she’d be okay with that, since then she wouldn’t have to talk to people she’s too cute to waste her time on.

Not all of the looks are bad. Binta has possibly never looked better… because they draped fringe over her face. Despite doing horribly at the choreography, the panel probably had no choice but to keep Binta this week because they had no way to judge her facial expressions under that.

Then there’s India who the judges didn’t initially think could pull off “Gypsy Sport girl.” Can anyone pull off these looks, though? I’d probably have more confidence in her as a model if they didn’t ultimately find her so believable as a free-spirited hobo.

The only compliment I can pay to Gypsy Sport is that it bills itself as a unisex brand, which is super cool. Here are some men wearing the same items we saw the ANTM ladies wear:

While it’s true that Gypsy Sport looks equally bad on both genders, I’m not sure that’s what unisex clothing should aspire to.

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 7


 Arcadia baes doing the harlem shake. A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!